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The Adventures of SuperJew™

by Harvey A Saltz & Carmen Carrillo

This is the beginning of a series of stories which, although dealing with religious matter, will be told in a light hearted and humorous fashion. One of its purposes is to be educational and enlightening for...

The Dream of an Idol

by Lloyd Cele

Lloyd Cele made a decision to trade a life and mindset of lack, for a life of focused and effective purpose. This is his story. A harsh yet soulful journey from a destitute and fatherless upbringing in the poverty-stricken...

Total Surrender

by Hiroko Ishimaru

As a temp worker in a bustling design office, Yuya fails to meet expectations on a daily basis; he has a tendency to daydream and forget important details all the time. Despite promising to look out for him,...

Tomorrow's Ulterior Motives

by Sakuya Fujii

Actor Makoto Aizawa's star has begun to rise, attracting the attention of Jounouchi-sensei's rival director, Taizou Oouchi. When offered a lead part in Oouchi-sensei's new musical, how can Aizawa turn it down?...

Today's Ulterior Motives

by Sakuya Fujii

Celebrated playwright and director Sanari Jounouchi loves the theatre and hot spring spas in near-equal degrees - when it comes to fueling his creative desires, one simply cannot exist without the other. Enter...

Sweet Regard

by Juji Fusa

Poor, miserable Kohei! His cherished little sister decides to run off and get married on the sly...and then a freak car accident takes her out of his life for good. As Kohei's heart struggles to mend in the...


by Toui Hasumi

Know what they say about identical twins, that there's always a good one and a bad one? Well, Ayumu and Atsushi seem to be proof of this. Atsushi is the perfect one - smart, kind, accomplished and loved by all,...

Sweet Admiration

by Yuuki Kousaka

Though Katsuya only spent one summer with brothers Kazuki and Shio, the impression that the beautiful Shio left was one that would last a lifetime. Truth be told, even after 12 years, Katsuya still can't get...

Yokan - Premonition: Noise vol.2

by Makoto Tateno

Akira is a lead vocalist of a popular band called CHARON. Hiroya Sunaga was a singer once before but he left the music scene to pursue acting career. But he realizes that his first love is music. He makes a...

The Lays of Marie de France

by David R. Slavitt

The twelve "lays" of Marie de France, the earliest known French woman poet, are here presented in sprightly English verse by translator David R. Slavitt. Traditional Breton folk tales were the raw material for...

Yokan - Premonition vol.1

by Makoto Tateno

Akira, lead vocalist of the popular band CHARON, desires to have a song written by the famous actor and talented lyricist Sunaga. Sunaga agrees, but demands Akira's body as payment! Akira is faced with a dilemma,...

A Metaphoric Mind: Selected Writings of Joseph Couture

by Ruth Couture & Virginia McGowan

Dr. Joseph Couture (1930-2007), known affectionately as "Dr. Joe," stood at the centre of some of the greatest political, social, and intellectual struggles of Aboriginal peoples in contemporary Canada. A profound...

Hira Singh: When India Came to Fight in Flanders

by Talbot Mundy

Along with the rest of his regiment, Sikh commander Ranjoor Singh is captured in the wake of a harrowing battle that unfolds in Flanders at the outset of World War I. The battlefield bravery of Singh and his...

Dorothy Dale's Great Secret

by Margaret Penrose

In this volume of the popular Dorothy Dale series, Dorothy and her beloved pal Tavia have completed their first term at a new boarding school. But instead of being able to enjoy her break with a carefree attitude,...

Dorothy Dale

by Margaret Penrose

Immerse yourself in a more innocent time in this enchanting tale about a sweet little girl named Dorothy. In spite of her guileless and kind demeanor, Dorothy often finds herself at the center of controversy...

Dorothy Dale's Queer Holidays

by Margaret Penrose

The Dorothy Dale series, published by the world-renowned Stratemeyer Syndicate under the pen name Margaret Penrose, was one of the first series marketed toward a young female audience. The series pairs strong...

Change in the Village

by George Sturt

Writer and tradesman George Sturt spent most of his life living and working in his ancestral village, Farnham, located in pastoral southeast England. With the advent of the twentieth century and its attendant...

Faces in the Fire: And Other Fancies

by Frank W. Boreham

Though Baptist preacher Frank W. Boreham was born and educated in England and first rose to prominence as a religious thinker there, he spent many of his later years working as a missionary in New Zealand, Tasmania,...

A Handful of Stars: Texts That Have Moved Great Minds

by Frank W. Boreham

Renowned Baptist preacher Frank W. Boreham was known for his unusual ability to spin moving religious lessons from the stuff of everyday life. In the unique collection A Handful of Stars, Boreham takes this...

Mushrooms on the Moor

by Frank W. Boreham

England-born preacher Frank W. Boreham became widely known as a Baptist thinker and evangelist over the course of his career in the church. He was lauded for his plainspoken and often humorous approach. This...