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The Principal's Edge

by Jack Mc Call

Filled with wisdom and inspiration to help you become a better school leader, this book shows you how to transform your school into a Learning Organization. It clarifies and expands the first nine domains of...

Balancing Local Control and State Responsibility for K-12 Education

by Neil D. Theobald & Betty Malen

This book examines the impact of state activism on local school autonomy in terms of both financial resources and policy initiatives.

Wikis for School Leaders: Using Technology to Improve Communication and Collaboration

by Stephanie Sandifer

Maximize the effectiveness of your professional activities through the use of wikis, and raise student achievement in turn! With strategies from online educator and technology expert Stephanie Sandifer, this...

99 Ways to Lead & Succeed: Strategies and Stories for School Leaders

by Howard Bultinck & Lynn Bush

Veteran educators Howard J. Bultinck and Lynn H. Bush draw from their own experiences as principals and teachers to offer school leaders 99 lessons they've learned on the job and in daily life. With this book,...

Leadership Connectors: Six Keys to Developing Relationship in Schools

by La Vern Burmeister & Phyllis Hensley

This book will help you connect with your faculty and staff and develop the relationships necessary for student success. With practical examples and specific strategies, it will help you thrive as an effective...

Teach Me, I Dare You!

by Judith Brough, Sherrell Bergmann & Larry Holt

This book provides practical tools for educators who work with disenchanted and disengaged youths. It offers clear, research-based, and explicit strategies for motivating, connecting, and intervening with these...

Write With Me: Partnering With Parents in Writing Instruction

by Lynda Sentz

In this book, teacher and author Lynda Wade Sentz presents innovative strategies for involving parents in their children's writing instruction. Elementary school teachers can use these strategies to expand writing...

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone Lessons for School Leaders

by Nelson Beaudoin

This book proves that great things can happen when school leaders refuse to settle for business-as-usual. You can achieve success for your schools and students if you steer clear of the familiar and the comfortable....

Handbook on Teacher Portfolios for Evaluation and Professional Development

by Pamela Tucker, James Stronge & Christopher Gareis

This research-based book provides details on how educators can dramatically increase student achievement. It offers numerous experience-based ideas and strategies which can be applied to any school or district.This...

How the Best Teachers Avoid the 20 Most Common Teaching Mistakes

by Elizabeth Breaux

For new teachers and veterans, mentors, instructional coaches, and staff developers, this book shows you how the best teachers avoid and correct the 20 most common teaching mistakes. Clear, direct, and passionate,...

Bravo Principal

by Sandra Harris

With true stories from real schools, this book demonstrates how to Build Relationships with Actions that Value Others. It shows you how you can become a BRAVO Principal. This book features real vignettes involving...

Motivating Others

by David P. Thompson

This book shows how principals can foster collegiality, provide mentorship, offer rewards, and otherwise create conditions so that teachers will be internally motivated.

Organizational Oversight: Planning and Scheduling for Effectiveness

by Peggy Stark, David A. Erlandson & Sharon Ward

Using many illustrations, this book takes time to describe a strategy for enhancing organizational trust and productive communication and to demonstrate how these can be used to plan and organize, both in maintaining...


by James Sweeney & Diana Bourisaw

With practical tools and strategies, this book assists readers in identifying their own thinking styles and shows how to overcome roadblocks to good judgment.

A Collection of Performance Tasks & Rubrics: Upper Elementary Mathematics

by Charlotte Danielson

This book provides a collection of performance tasks and scoring rubrics for a number of important topics in upper elementary school mathematics. Included are many samples of student work which clarify the tasks...

Information Collection

by Paula Short, Jnr, Kenneth Brinson & Rick Short

This book describes the various strategies and procedures for collecting, analyzing, and organizing information to improve education.


by Anita Pankake

This book shows school leaders how to put programs and change efforts into action; facilitate and coordinate tasks; monitor progress; and support those responsible for carrying out projects and plans.

Clash of Civilizations Over an Elevator in Piazza Vittorio

by Amara Lakhous & Ann Goldstein

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA.

The Paideia Classroom

by Laura Billings & Terry Roberts

With sample lesson plans, student assessment forms (with rubrics), and other practical materials, this book shows how the principles of the Paideia Program can result in student learning and understanding.

Transforming Schools into Community Learning Centers

by Stephen Parson

This book shows how schools can provide services to all members of the community, not just to children of school age. It also demonstrates how a school's instructional program and facilities can include community...