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The Hunted

by Elmore Leonard

Al Rosen was doing just fine, hiding out in Israel -- until he decided to play Good Samaritan and rescue some elderly tourists from a hotel fire. Now his picture's been carried in the stateside press, and the...

Wood Finishing, Plain and Decorative - Methods, Materials, and Tools for Natural, Stained, Varnished, Waxed, Oiled, Enameled, and Painted Finishes - A

by F. N. Vanderwalker

Wood Finishing, Plain and Decorative - Methods, Materials, and Tools for Natural, Stained, Varnished, Waxed, Oiled, Enamelled, and Painted Finishes - Antiqued, Stippled, Streaked and Rough Glazed Finishes -...

Miss Tuxford's Modern Cookery for the Middle Classes

by H.H. Tuxford

Cook books for the middle classes were becoming the norm during the mid twentieth century, here is a classic of the type, full of delightful recipes designed to look, smell and taste fantastic but do all of...

Court Beauties of Old Whitehall

by W.R. H. Trowbridge

Trowbridge's object of this book has not been to paint finished portraits of beautiful women, but rather to popularise characters who helped to colour one of the most memorable periods of our history. From this...

Practical Rabbit Keeping - Rabbits for Pets and Profit

by G Townsend

Originally published in the 1920s. A detailed and informative book for anyone interested in keeping rabbits for either pleasure or profit. Contents Include: Housing and Selection of Stock Management and Feeding...

The Forms of Music

by Donald Francis Tovey

Sir Donald Francis Tovey was born in 1875, Donald Francis Tovey was a British musicologist and composer. He took classical honors with his B.A. at Oxford in 1898, and became a pianist of the first rank, though...

Companion Dog Training - A Practical Manual on Systematic Obedience; Dog Training in World and Picture

by Hans Tossutti

This book provides a comprehensive guide to the vast approved methods in the training of dogs. If the contents of this book are studied, word by word, lesson by lesson, in a gradual and successive progression...

Badminton for Beginners

by R. C. Tragett

Badminton is a great way to stay in shape and can be played socially or in amateur competition, this helpful guide will help any new players learn the rules that govern the game and the shots and tactics that...

The City of Dreadful Night

by James Thomson

The city of dreadful night is a poem of pessimism, which, neither widely read nor popular, has, however, a twofold value as a document of humanity and as an extraordinarily thorough and vivid representation...

The Nicklaus Way

by John Andrisani

Jack Nicklaus set a record for most career victories in major championships, capturing a total of eighteen between 1962 and 1986, including six Masters wins. In 1988 Golf Magazine named the "Golden Bear" Golfer...

Golf and the Spirit: Lessons for the Journey

by M. Scott Peck

Golf. It's the ultimate head game. And when nothing but the best advice will do, along comes M. Scott Peck, M.D., the celebrated psychiatrist and author of the best-selling self-help book of all time, The Road...

At Whatever Cost - The Story of the Dieppe Raid

by R.W. Thompson

The Dieppe Raid is perhaps the best known and the least known about of all the important actions of the Second World War. The complete facts were never made known to the public, and the scrappy bits and pieces...

The History of the Devil - The Horned God of the West - Magic and Worship

by R. Thompson

Originally published London 1929. A detailed history of the Devil in all his forms. Includes much content on magic, paganism and early Wicca practices. Contents Include: Early Belief. The Power of Magic. Magicians...

Democracy in America - Volume 2

by Alexis De Tocqueville

The history of democracy in America is a fascinating topic and this well written and thorough discussion about it is perfect for any fan of American history.

Ancient Libraries

by James Westfall Thompson

James Westfall Thompson was an American historian specializing in the history of medieval and early modern Europe, particularly of the Holy Roman Empire and France. Thompson's work on ancient libraries gives...

Narrow Fabric Weaving

by A. Thompson

One of the first books to cover specifically the production of narrow woven materials. This book serves as a textbook for students as a general introduction to smallwares technology. A comprehensive look at...

Dahlias, Gladioli and Begonias - The Amateur Gardener's Guide to Their Cultivation

by H. H. Thomas

This little volume provides everything you need to know about growing Dahlia's, Gladioli and Begonias in your garden. With Comprehensive knowledge on all the different varieties and how to feed, water and care...

Pruning Made Easy - How to Prune Rose Trees, Fruit Trees and Ornamental Trees and Shrubs

by H. H. Thomas

For anyone who has rose trees, fruit trees, ornamental trees or shrubs in their garden. This book will provide a guide to how to prune, whether is be cutting back or thinning out, what time of year to start...

Last Poems

by Edward Thomas

I never saw that land before, And now can never see it again Yet, as if by acquaintance hoar Endeared, by gladness and by pain, Great was the affection that I bore To the valley and the river small, The cattle,...

In Pursuit of Spring

by Edward Thomas

This book was Edward Thomas's only non-fiction prose novel. It contains a beautifully written account of Thomas's journey from London to the Quantock Hills - To Nether Stowey, Kilve, Crowcombe and West Bagborough,...