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by Tony Bradman

Tony Bradman’s retelling of Shakespeare’s Macbeth is a historical narrative with plenty of pace and drama. It’s a very dark story, with almost a horror movie feel, as Macbeth is corrupted by ambition and...

Julius Caesar

by Tony Bradman

Tony Bradman creates a thrilling narrative retelling of Shakespeare’s tragedy, Julius Caesar.

MarcusBrutus is a close friend of Julius Caesar, emperor of Rome. So how does he find himself involved in a tangled...

Don't Shoot the Albatross!: Nautical Myths and Superstitions

by Jonathan Eyers

Sailors are notoriously superstitious, and many of their

superstitions have entered the general public consciousness. Some are

amusing in their own right, others have fascinating origins, whilst for

many there...

Black's Dictionary of Physical Education and School Sport

by Gareth Williams & Sarah Pinder

A dictionary for university level students of Physical Education, School Sport and Sports Science, written by experts in the field. Over 100 entries covering all the key topics in this diverse subject area....

Behind the Boundary: Cricket at a Crossroads

by Graeme Wright

An honest and critical analysis of the state of English cricket during one of the most chaotic and shifting periods in the history of the game.

The Little Book of Nits

by Richard Jones & Justine Crow

It's not something easily owned up to, but every family in the country will have come into contact with head lice, either through embarrassing personal experience or by grizzly tales told by friends and relations....

101 Youth Netball Drills Age 7-11

by Anna Sheryn & Chris Sheryn

Designed specifically for players aged 7-11 this manual contains a

wide range of progressive practical drills to help young players

develop. Fun, educational and challenging, all drills are illustrated

and cover...

Life with Sir Alex: A Fan's Story of Ferguson's 25 Years at Manchester United

by Will Tidey

Sir Alex Ferguson celebrates 25 years in charge of Manchester United in November 2011. Life with Sir Alex tells the story of his managerial reign from the point of view of a supporter - through the ups and downs...

101 Youth Netball Drills Age 12-16

by Anna Sheryn & Chris Sheryn

Designed specifically for players aged 12-16, this manual contains

a wide range of progressive practical drills to help young players

develop. Fun, educational and challenging, all drills are illustrated

and cover...

The Complete Guide to Indoor Rowing

by Jim Flood & Charles Simpson

Indoor rowing machines (or ergometers) were once used only by outdoor rowers during their winter training. Over the last twenty years however the benefits of indoor rowing have attracted more and more users,...

Silent Spring Revisited

by Conor Mark Jameson

Fifty years after the publication of the seminal Silent Spring, Conor Mark Jameson reflects on Rachel Carson's legacy and asks the question - are we still silencing the spring?

The Total Gym Ball Workout: Trade Secrets of a Personal Trainer

by Steve Barrett

The ultimate 'one stop' guide to using this bestselling piece of equipment - not just in the gym but at home too. Practical and easily accessible, The Total Gym Ball Workout is perfect for the fitness enthusiast...

The Armchair Olympian: How Much Do You Know About Sport's Biggest Competition?

The Secret Olympian: The Inside Story of the Olympic Experience


The Secret Olympian exposes the truth of what goes on at the Olympic Games. Shocking, funny and slightly tongue in cheek, a former Olympian reveals the world of the Olympic athlete - and, behind the scenes,...

The Boy Who Cried Horse

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

1180 BC. Young Acheron is a liar. Everybody knows it. Troy is under siege and Acheron tells tales of Trojan bravery to entertain Prince Paris and the beautiful Helen at the palace. But when a stranger comes...

The Goose Guards

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

387 BC. Rome is under attack from the vicious Gauls and the barbarianarmy is now preparing to besiege the Temple of Juno on Capitol Hill,home of Brutus, a trainee priest. The temple’s inhabitants are offeredhelp...

The Prince, the Cook and the Cunning King

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

King Henry VII is already mean and he’s ruthless and very angry. When a young boy called Lambert Simnel announces that he, not Henry, should be the king of England. But he is no match for the powerful king....

Egyptian Tales: The Gold in the Grave: The Gold in the Grave

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

Tutankhamen has been buried in his rocky tomb. But there is a plot to rob the grave of its vast wealth as soon as possible after the funeral. A motley gang of villains have all the skills they need to undertake...

There's a Golden Sky: How Twenty Years of the Premier League Have Changed Football Forever

by Ian Ridley

The Premier League marks its 20th anniversary in 2011. Ian Ridley portrays how both the game itself and society's relationship with it have changed over those two decades. Seeking to discover if the soul of...

How to Get the Body You Want by Peony Pinker

by Jenny Alexander

It’s winter and the Pinkers are out of shape - so Dad decides to usethe wholefamily to test out his ideas for a new fit-in-four weeks diet book. Butafter a few weeks of earlymorning runs and cardboard flavoured...