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Anne of Green Gables Collection

by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Don't Miss a Moment with Anne Shirley in this Anne of Green Gables Bundle This bundle includes: o Anne of Green Gables o Anne of Avonlea o Anne of the Island o Anne's House of Dreams o Rainbow Valley o Rilla...

Using The Boss As A Sex Toy: Lesbian BDSM Erotica

by Kelly Sanders

A group of frustrated female office workers become more and more annoyed with their boss, who constantly forces them to do overtime and even gropes them for her own amusement. When she forces them to work on...

Jewish Wisdom

by Joseph Telushkin

  • When, if ever, should lying be permitted?
  • If you've damaged a person's reputation unfairly, can the damage be undone?
  • Is a person who sells weapons responsible for how those weapons are used?
  • if the fetus is not...

  • Earth Strike

    Star Carrier #1

    by Ian Douglas

    In the vein of the hit television show Battlestar Galactica comes Earth Strike—the first book in the action-packed Star Carrier science fiction series by Ian Douglas, author of the popular Inheritance, Heritage,...

    The Scandal

    by Nicola Marsh

    Had me from the first page and didn't let go until the last.” ?????, Goodreads reviewer

    “Literally takes your breath away.” ?????, Goodreads reviewer

    This book has it all!!!!!!!!!!!” ?????, Goodreads...

    The Nine Tailors

    by Dorothy L. Sayers

    It was a corpse, disfigured and unrecognisable. The sexton found it, and appropriately it was in the churchyard. The Nine Tailors is one of Dorothy Sayers' finest books of detection, featuring her internationally...

    The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club

    by Dorothy L. Sayers

    90-year-old General Fendman was definitely dead, but no one knew exactly when he had died - and the time of death was the determining factor in a half-million-pound inheritance. Lord Peter Wimsey would need...

    Children of the Lens

    by Edward E. Smith

    It was beginning to look as if no one could prevent the destruction of the Universe. For a strange intelligence was directing the destruction of all civilization from the icy depths of space. Kim Kinnison of...

    Follow Me To Ground

    by Sue Rainsford

    ‘Sick is sick is sick. It’s got to go somewhere.’

    Ada, a girl who hasn’t gone quite to plan, and Father live a quiet life together, in a clearing in the woods outside of town. They spend their years...

    All about devils

    by Moses Hull

    An Inquiry as to Whether Modern Spiritualism and other great reforms come from his Satanic Majesty and His Subordinates in the Kingdom of Darkness.


    by Sebastian Faulks & Rachel Wagstaff

    While staying as the guest of a factory owner in pre-First World War France, Stephen Wraysford embarks on a passionate affair with Isabelle, the wife of his host. The affair changes them both for ever. A few...

    A People's History of the United States

    by Howard Zinn

    "A wonderful, splendid book—a book that should be ready by every American, student or otherwise, who wants to understand his country, its true history, and its hope for the future." —Howard Fast

    The classic...

    The Daniel Plan

    by Rick Warren, Dr. Daniel Amen & Dr. Mark Hyman


    The Daniel Plan is far more than a diet plan. It is an appetizing approach to achieving a healthy lifestyle by optimizing the five key essentials of faith, food, fitness, focus, and...

    Mein Kampf: My Struggle

    by Adolf Hitler & GP Editors

    Adolf Hitler wrote this book when he was in prison for his political activities. During that time, Germany had been weakened by the Treaty of Versailles, and France had seized several parts of Germany. France...

    NASB, The MacArthur Study Bible, eBook

    by John F. MacArthur


    A classic resource, The MacArthur Study Bible is perfect for serious study. Dr. John MacArthur has collected his pastoral and scholarly work of more than 35 years to create the most comprehensive study Bible...

    The Call Of The Wild

    by Jack London

    Buck is a domesticated dog living with his loving family on a ranch in California when he is stolen away and sold off into the brutish life of an Alaskan sled dog. In order to survive, Buck must withstand cruel...

    How to Be a 3% Man, Winning the Heart of the Woman of Your Dreams

    by Corey Wayne

    Dear Friend, This book teaches you the hidden secrets to completely understand women. It covers both the dating world and long term relationships. You will learn how to meet and date the type of women you've...


    NASA Trilogy #2

    by Stephen Baxter

    Humankind's greatest--and last--adventure!

    Possible signs of organic life have been found on Titan, Saturn's largest moon. A group of visionaries led by NASA's Paula Benacerraf plan a daring one-way mission...

    The Correlation Between Trauma and Addiction

    by Johanna O'Flaherty

    Trauma and addiction frequently go together, and when they do they form complex, difficult to treat co-occurring disorders.

    The Lemongrass Project

    by Janet Richardson

    Recently divorced, Julia Carter plans to sell her house on Sydney's north shore and start a new life in the city. But when her grandmother dies, she reluctantly agrees to move to Northport on the north coast...