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And Off We Go

by Barbara Lapajne Predin

And Off We Go is a collection of stories lending wings to our curiosity and taking us through space and time! The first one introduces us to the Vikings, who taught their children how to coexist with the frozen...

101 Amazing Facts about the Wanted

by Jack Goldstein

Are you the world's biggest fan of The Wanted? Or do you want to find out everything there is to know about the world's greatest boy-band? If so, then this is the book for you! Contained within are 101 amazing...

10 Amazing Blackjack Tips

by Jack Goldstein

If you enjoy a game of Blackjack in the casino (or online), but want to improve your chances of winning, there's a great deal of information you'll need to know. In this short guide, author Jack Goldstein aims...

101 Amazing Facts About The Beatles

by Jack Goldstein

Are you the world's biggest Beatles fan? Do you know everything there is to know about the Fab Four? Then this is the book for you! In this easy-to-digest eBook are 101 facts about your favourite band - do you...

101 Amazing David Beckham Facts

by Jack Goldstein

Are you a fan of football legend David Beckham? Do you know everything there is to know about the world-famous free kick specialist and fashion icon? Then this is the book for you! In this easy-to-digest eBook...

Project Reaper: A Max Storm Novel

by MW Fletcher

What would a British Scientific Nobel prize winning Professor and the head of a South American Drugs Cartel have in common? Professor Winston Alexander Hooke is the head of the Advanced Genetic Biotechnology...

The Orchestra Murders: A Cynthia Masters Mystery

by Rena Fruchter

Superstar conductor Sir Gregory Langhorne and his globe-trotting, violin-soloist son Jonathan Langhorne are the best of friends-until a brutal murder shatters their lives and Jonathan becomes the prime suspect....

Let IT Go: The Memoirs of Dame Stephanie Shirley

by Dame Stephanie Shirley & Richard Askwith

Dame Stephanie Shirley is one of Britain's leading philanthropists and has donated most of her life to helping good causes, especially those close to her heart. This fascinating memoir charts Dame Stephanie's...

Piddy Piddoo: A Fiction Tale for Children

by Paul Kelly

This sweet and humorous tale about a dog called Piddy Piddoo will delight children of all ages. Follow Piddy's adventures as he meets other dogs, talks about his owner and gets himself into funny scrapes. Paul...

So Far Divided

by Paul Kelly

This heart-rending tale of Steph, a teaching assistant, follows her in love, life and work. With the emotional ups and downs of her own day-to-day living - and that of her family who aren't always there to help...

The Many Watsons

by Kieran McMullen

There is always a healthy interest in the actors who have played the role of the world's most famous detective, Sherlock Holmes. But Sir Arthur Conan Doyle also created the world's best known sidekick, Dr. John...

A Case of Witchcraft

by Joe Revill

A tale of witchcraft in the Northern Isles, in which some long-concealed secrets are revealed - concerning not only the Dark Arts but also the Great Detective himself.

And the Next Question is...: Powerful Questions For Sticky Moments

by Rachel Alexander

A very practical and easy to use book of 3,000+ powerful questions, forming part of every coach's / manager's toolkit; it enables you to easily find key questions in some of the most distinctive areas of coaching,...

Sherlock Holmes and The Case of The Edinburgh Haunting

by David Wilson

In March 1882, when John Watson is invited to Edinburgh to visit his cousin, the eminent Dr. Patrick Watson, he convinces Holmes to accompany him on what he believes will be a relaxing holiday. But where Sherlock...

Confidence Within

by Anne McGhee

If you are feeling lost, stuck or confused because you want more from life but are unsure how to go about it. If you're striving for success yet at the same time doubting you are deserving of it. If you've got...

Negotiation Mastery: Tools for the 21st Century Negotiator

by Simon Horton

Evil dolphins, the discovery of Viagra, the negotiating tactics of Genghis Khan, words of wisdom from Val Doonican's mum, how to set up your own cult and a love affair with a crocodile - just some of the stories...

Engaging Nlp for Tweens

by Judy Bartkowiak

This book fits neatly between NLP for Children and NLP for Teens, covering as it does that Tween 10-15yr age group which sees children develop into young adulthood. Children become independent, responsible and...

The 1895 Murder

by Dan Andriacco

Sebastian McCabe Book 3. Popular mystery writer Sebastian McCabe is about to conquer a new world with his Sherlock Holmes play 1895. On opening night, however, his Erin, Ohio theatrical debut as both playwright...

Inside Out: Nlp and Hypnosis for Weight Loss

by Louise Dorrian

Inside-Out Weight Loss focuses on changing relationships with food by 're-programming' behaviour. Understanding that control and choice around food is managed at an unconscious level Louise Dorrian gently guides...

Tape, I-C-E, and Sound Advice: Life Lessons from a Hall of Fame Athletic Trainer

by Rod Walters

Hall of Fame, Rod Walters, has enjoyed a wonderful career in sports. As a youth, he knew he wanted to be in the health care industry. During the summer of his ninth grade year, his parents scholarshipped him...