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Overcoming Dyslexia

by Beve Hornsby

Dyslexia is a common diagnosable condition that is estimated to affect at least one child in ten. In its most usual form it is manifested as a difficulty in learning to read and write, but it is widely misunderstood...

The Emergence of Organizations and Markets

by John F. Padgett & Walter W. Powell

The social sciences have sophisticated models of choice and equilibrium but little understanding of the emergence of novelty. Where do new alternatives, new organizational forms, and new types of people come...

Biblical and Contemporary Views on Capital Punishment

by Nelson Chamberlin

The Rev. Nelson M. Chamberlin pastored 4 United Methodist Churches in 40 years and then was the Interim Executive Assistant for Bishop Woodie White in the Indiana Area. A recipient of the Indiana Governor's...

Oscar Wilde in America: The Interviews

by Oscar Wilde & Matthew Hofer

Oscar Wilde's grand U.S. tour, captured in dozens of newspaper interviews

Edible Wild Mushrooms of Illinois and Surrounding States: A Field-to-Kitchen Guide

by Joe McFarland & Gregory M. Mueller

This book should be required reading for all wild mushroom hunters in the Midwest, and especially beginners. McFarland and Mueller have come up with an entirely new format for getting the uninitiated involved...

Veterinary Notes For Dog Owners

by Trevor Turner & T Turner

Dogs are now arguably the most popular companion animals, and the general wellbeing of the family pet is of paramount importance to many people. Today far more veterinary surgeons are concerned with the welfare...

Rhetorics and Technologies: New Directions in Writing and Communication

by Stuart A. Selber & Carolyn A. Miller

Electric discussions of the interplay between technological innovation and communication

Mobile Communication: Bringing Us Together and Tearing Us Apart

by Rich Ling & Scott W. Campbell

“Although perspectives differ on whether the effects of mobile communication are beneficial, these essays make clear that this topic is worthy of investigation . . . Recommended.”
—R. Davis,...

Nietzsche on Language, Consciousness, and the Body

by Christian J. Emden

Nietzsche and the philosopy of language have been a well trafficked crossroads for a generation, but almost always as a checkpoint for post-modernism and its critics. This work takes a historical approach to...

The Education of Historians for the Twenty-first Century

by Thomas Bender & Philip M. Katz

In 1958, the American Historical Association began a study to determine the status and condition of history education in U.S. colleges and universities. Published in 1962 and addressing such issues as the supply...

The Medical Discoveries Of Edward Bach Physician

by Nora Weeks

In 1912 Edward Bach qualified as a medical doctor and embarked upon a career which not only had a profound effect on medical science, but brought to ordinary people the world over, a simple, safe and effective...

Freeing Charles: The Struggle to Free a Slave on the Eve of the Civil War

by Scott Christianson

Freeing Charles recounts the life and epic rescue of captured fugitive slave Charles Nalle of Culpeper, Virginia, who was forcibly liberated by Harriet Tubman and others in Troy, New York, on April 27, 1860....

Anglicans in Canada: Controversies and Identity in Historical Perspective

by Alan L. Hayes

From the first worship services onboard English ships during the sixteenth century to the contentious toughmindedness of early clergymen to current debates about sexuality, Alan L. Hayes provides a comprehensive...

Women in the South African Parliament: From Resistance to Governance

by Hannah Britton

Although the international press closely chronicled the dismantling of South Africa's apartheid policies, it paid little attention to the unique role women from a variety of political parties played in establishing...

From Yahweh to Yahoo!: The Religious Roots of the Secular Press

by Doug Underwood

Provides a fresh and surprising view of the religious impulses at work in the typical newsroom by delving into the largely unexamined parallels between religious and journalistic developments. Focusing on how...

White Slave Crusades: Race, Gender, and Anti-vice Activism, 1887-1917

by Brian Donovan

During the early twentieth century, individuals and organizations from across the political spectrum launched a sustained effort to eradicate forced prostitution, commonly known as "white slavery." White Slave...

Growing Up With Bach Flower Remedies

by Judy Howard

Bach Flower Remedies is a system of natural healing for the relief of negative attitudes and moods which not only hinder one's enjoyment of life, but are regarded as contributory factors in the cause of physical...

Thinking through Kierkegaard: Existential Identity in a Pluralistic World

by Peter J. Mehl

Thinking through Kierkegaard is a critical evaluation of Søren Kierkegaard's vision of the normatively human, of who we are and might aspire to become, and of what Mehl calls our existential identity. Through...

In the Black Window: New and Selected Poems

by Michael Van Walleghen

The title of Michael Van Walleghen's new collection evokes thematic preoccupations that have shadowed him throughout his long career. Appearing as a phrase in the poems themselves, In the Black Window more generally...

The Road to Seneca Falls: Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the First Woman's Rights Convention

by Judith Wellman

Feminists from 1848 to the present have rightly viewed the Seneca Falls convention as the birth of the women's rights movement in the United States and beyond. In The Road To Seneca Falls, Judith Wellman offers...