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Employement Of Special Forces: Challenges and Opportunities for the Future

by Col Y Yadav

Special Forces and Special Operations offer an option for providing an asymmetric response across the entire spectrum of conflict. An asymmetric response does not automatically imply a physical attack; in most...

A Pocketful of History: Four Hundred Years of America--One State Quarter at a Time

by Jim Noles

A fascinating look at the fifty state quarters and what they tell us about a changing America

Grind a Blade the R.J. Martin Way: Knife Sharpening Techniques & Tips

by Joe Kertzman

Author R.J. Martin, whose knives are some of the most popular and sought-after in the industry, instructs on flat- and double-hollow-grinding knife blades. Martin been featured in BLADE® Magazine with increasing...

Traditional Tomahawk Making Secrets

by Joe Kertzman

Learn how Native Americans and early blade smiths fashioned the fierce and fantastic tomahawk. There are fewer cool edged weapons on the planet, says author Joe Szilaski, a regular contributor to BLADE® Magazine...

Building Art Knife Bolsters

by Joe Kertzman

Take it from one meticulous knifemaker, the bolsters of an art knife are the centerpieces. John Lewis Jensen takes it easy on novice makers and enthusiasts by concentrating solely on the bolsters of his fancy...

Dedicated to the Study of Sword Making: A Modern Bladesmith Fashions Swords Like a Master

by Joe Kertzman

Let author Don Fogg help you build of one of the big blades, the lengthy lopper - the sword! His step-by-step sword-making process resonates well with enthusiasts who can't get enough of the romance, history,...

His Forge Burns Hot for Mosaic Damascus: Knife Patterns & Techniques: Damascus Pattern Making & Techniques. Learn How to Make Mosaic Damascus Patterns

by Joe Kertzman

American Bladesmith Society master smith Rick Dunkerley lights the mosaic-damascus fire, recommending steels and explaining the forge welding process, as well as steel stacking, pattern making, finishing and...

Making a Modern Tactical Folder: Tips on How to Make a Folding Knife: Learn How to Make a Folding Knife with Allen Elishewitz. Knife Making Tips, Supp

by Joe Kertzman

There are many ways to make a knife, so Allen Elishewitz gives step-by-step instructions on building his style of high-tech folders that can be followed using simple or large industrial-type machines.

Samurai Weapons: Tools of the Warrior

by Don Cunningham

Weapons, particularly bladed ones such as swords, are enjoying a renaissance of interest from every source, from collectors to laypeople. The samurai, a glorified figure in Japan and the West, employed a variety...

Avid Editing: A Guide for Beginning and Intermediate Users

by Sam Kauffmann

Geared toward novice Avid editors, this book provides step-by-step instructions for hundreds of editing tasks and concepts within the Avid software applications. The chapters guide you through an editing project,...

A Guide Book of Morgan Silver Dollars

by Q. David Bowers & Leroy Van Allen

Americans love to collect the big Morgan silver dollar! No other coin conjures up so much of the romance and history of the United States. In this third edition of his bestselling book, noted numismatic historian...

Intermedialities: Philosophy, Arts, Politics

by Henk Oosterling & Ewa Plonowska Ziarek

As an alternative to universalism and particularism, Intermedialities: Philosophy, Arts, Politics proposes 'intermedialities' as a new model of social relations and intercultural dialogue. The concept of 'intermedialities'...

Artificial Hells: Participatory Art and the Politics of Spectatorship

by Claire Bishop

Since the 1990s, critics and curators have broadly accepted the notion that participatory art is the ultimate political art: that by encouraging an audience to take part an artist can promote new emancipatory...

US Army Special Forces 1952-84

by Gordon Rottman & Ronald Volstad

From its very inception the United States Army Special Forces has been enmeshed in controversy, its mission misunderstood to varying degrees, and its very existence opposed by some of the Army hierarchy. Nevertheless...

First Special Service Force 1942-44

by Bret Werner & Michael Welply

This is a concise history of the unique integrated commando-style brigade of US and Canadian volunteers formed in 1942. Hand picked, and trained in airborne, amphibious, mountain and winter warfare, demolitions...

US Marine Infantry Combat Uniforms and Equipment 2000-12

by Kenneth Ewald & J. Eward

The US Marine Corps has been a key part of the US presence in a host of combat zones in the first years of the 21st century, from Iraq to Afghanistan. With a front-line strength of over 200,000 active-duty personnel,...

Confederate Currency

by Pierre Fricke

With the outbreak of the U. S. Civil War in 1861, the Confederate States of America began issuing its own paper money. Over the years, seven different series of currency were issued. Counterfeiting became a...


by Graham Robson

Sir William Lyons enjoyed a seemingly unstoppable rise to fame and fortune in the motor industry, and the Jaguar brand which he introduced became world-famous. Yet it did not happen overnight. In the 1920s he...

How to Cheat in Maya 20xx: Tools and Techniques for Character Animation

by Eric Luhta & Kenny Roy

All professional animators know a handful of secrets that give them an edge in a production environment. "How to Cheat in Maya" puts these secrets in your hands! Learn time and energy saving techniques tested...

Producing Flash Cs3 Video: Techniques for Video Pros and Web Designers

by John Skidgel

* Best practices for production, encoding, and integration

* Build custom video players for web and mobile use

* Apply transparency and effects with After Effects

Design and develop video applications with Flash...