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Focal Easy Guide to Flash MX 2004: For new users and professionals

by Birgitta Hosea

Confused by ActionScript? Want to get to grips with creating interactive graphics and animation in Flash quickly? Whether you are a new user or a professional illustrator, designer or animator experienced in...

Animation from Pencils to Pixels: Classical Techniques for the Digital Animator

by Tony White

Just add talent!

Award-winning animator Tony White brings you the ultimate book for digital animation. Here you will find the classic knowledge of many legendary techniques revealed, paired with information relevant...

3ds max 7 New Features and Production Workflow

by Discreet

Welcome to the Discreet® Official Training Courseware for 3ds max 7® software! Consider this book an all-access pass to the production and teaching experience of Discreet's training experts.

The lessons in...

Rendering with Mental Ray and 3ds Max

by Joep van der Steen & Ted Boardman

Create stunning renders of your 3ds Max models in mental ray with this concise guide. Learn all of the essential concepts such as indirect illumination, materials, render options, shaders, and lighting. Rendering...

3ds Max 9 Essentials: Autodesk Media and Entertainment Courseware

by Autodesk

Bring 3D film effects to the big screen. Generate realistic characters for a top-selling game. Create rich and complex design visualization. Autodesk® 3ds Max® 9 lets you maximize your productivity and tackle...

Stop Motion: Passion, Process and Performance

by Barry J C Purves

Be inspired by award-winning animator Barry Purves' honest insight into the creative process of making stop motion animations, using his own classic films to illustrate every step along the way. With Barry's...

An Essential Introduction to Maya Character Rigging with DVD

by Cheryl Cabrera

Discover the concepts and techniques required to rig engaging CG character models with Maya in this unique book and DVD package. The stunning color images show just what you can achieve, and the detailed step-by-step...

Professional Manga: Digital Storytelling with Manga Studio EX

by Steve Horton & Jeong Mo Yang

Combine high-end manga storytelling theory and advice with the tools for digital creation in Manga Studio, guided by expert professional manga-ka.

You'll discover manga storytelling techniques, from speed lines...

How to Make Animated Films: Tony White's Masterclass Course on the Traditional Principles of Animation

by Tony White & Kathryn Spencer

Sadly the days of the traditional studio apprenticeship in animation are long gone but this book enables the reader to find the next best thing, watching and observing a Master Animator at work. Become Tony...

Producing Games: From Business and Budgets to Creativity and Design

by D S. Cohen & Sergio A. Bustamante

Computer games are big business - tens of billions of dollars are spent annually by the worldwide video games market. The cost of producing video games has ballooned to beyond $20 million dollars in many cases,...

Animating with Blender: How to Create Short Animations from Start to Finish

by Roland Hess

Blender has become one of the most popular 3D and animation tools on the market, with over 2 million users, and it is free! Animating with Blender is the definitive resource for creating short animation projects...

Poly-Modeling with 3ds Max: Thinking Outside of the Box

by Todd Daniele

Polymodeling is a modeling technique used in 3d modeling. Unlike box modeling, or other forms of modeling where you start out with a basic form or primitive object that determines the mass of an object, artists...

How to Cheat in 3ds Max 2010: Get Spectacular Results Fast

by Michele Bousquet

**How to Cheat in 3ds Max - updated for latest rev of Max (under NDA)**

Need to get results with 3ds max fast? Why take months to learn every button in 3ds max when you can create great visuals with just a few...

Action Analysis for Animators

by Chris Webster

Action Analysis is one of the fundamental princples of animation that underpins all types of animation: 2d, 3d, computer animation, stop motion, etc. This is a fundamental skill that all animators need to create...

Animating with Stop Motion Pro

by Mark Sawicki

Animating with Stop Motion Pro is comprehensive, hands-on guide to achieving professional results with Stop Motion Pro 7.0 software. Gone are the days of stop motion guesswork and waiting to see the finalized...

Stop Motion: Craft Skills for Model Animation

by Susannah Shaw

To make great animation, you need to know how to control a whole world: how to make a character, how to make that character live and be happy or sad. You need to create four walls around them, a landscape, the...

Animating with Flash MX: Professional Creative Animation Techniques

by Alex Michael

If you are a professional animator and want to learn to use the Flash environment as a vehicle for your creative work then this is the book for you. It gets you up to speed fast with the basics of how to use...

3D for the Web: Interactive 3D animation using 3ds max, Flash and Director

by Carol MacGillivray & Anthony Head

Make sure you benefit from the explosion of new and exciting applications designed to let you create 3D animation for the web. See how you can use the power of 3ds max, Flash and Director to make your 3D fame...

Tony White's Animator's Notebook: Personal Observations on the Principles of Movement

by Tony White

Apprentice yourself to a master of classical animation techniques with this beautiful handbook of insider tips and techniques. Apply age-old techniques to create flawless animations, whether you're working with...

Photoshop 3D for Animators

by Rafiq Elmansy

Photoshop is not just for photographers anymore. Photoshop 3D for Animators is one of the only titles available that discusses 3D Photoshop techniques specifically for animators. Now with Adobe CS5, 3D Digital...