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The Watch Jobber's Handybook - A Practical Manual on Cleaning, Repairing and Adjusting: Embracing Information on the Tools, Materials Appliances and P

by Paul N. Hasluck

Contents Include: Early Time Measures and Modern Watches A Watch Movement and How to Take it Apart Examining, Cleaning and Putting Together Repairs and Adjustment Glossary of Terms, Tools, Materials, Parts and...

Watch Repair for Beginners: An Illustrated How-To Guide for the Beginner Watch Repairer

by Harold C. Kelly

First written by the definitive expert in 1957, Watch Repair for Beginners is the ideal book for anyone who wants to know how to fix their own watch. Learn what horology is; the basics of watch and clock repairing;...

Abbott's American Watchmaker: An Encyclopedia for the Horologist, Jeweler, Gold and Silversmith

by Henry G. Abbott

Back in all its original prestige Abbott’s American Watchmaker and Jeweler remains the ultimate resource for watchmaking and jewelry craftsmanship. No aspect of the trade goes uncovered in this distinctly...

Time to Change

by Luana Carcano & Carlo Ceppi

An insight into fine watchmaking that combines scientific rigor with industry expertise. Time to change is the first book to explore in depth the world of fine watchmaking from a 360? perspective. The book will...

Time and Clocks

by Sir Henry H. Cunynghame

When we read the works of Homer, or Virgil, or Plato, or turn to the later productions of Dante, of Shakespeare, of Milton, and the host of writers and poets who have done so much to instruct and amuse us, and...

Watches Adjustment and Repair - A Practical Handbook on Modern Watches

by F. J. Camm

This antiquarian book comprises a comprehensive and practical handbook on modern watches, with information on the history and development of watches, on cleaning them, repairing them, and much more. Written...

Clock Cleaning and Repairing

by Bernard E. Jones

This vintage text contains an accessible and novice-friendly guide to cleaning and repairing clocks. Complete with simple step-by-step instructions and a plethora of detailed, useful illustrations, this timeless...

Curiosities of the Mechanical Details in Watches

by Anon.

This antiquarian volume contains a short account of some of the curiosities of the mechanical details of watches, with supplementary information on their history, development, popularity, and much more besides....

Classic Styles of Grandfather Clocks

by Anon.

This vintage work comprises a detailed discussion on classic grandfather clocks, with information on long cases, dials, hands, corner pieces, and more. Written in clear, concise language and complete with detailed...

Wrist Watch Maintenance - Correcting Balances, Hairsprings and Pivots

by Anon.

This antiquarian book contains a comprehensive guide to fixing watches, with information on correcting balances, hairsprings and pivots. Written in clear, concise language and containing useful charts, tables,...

Everybody's Clocks - The Design and Working of Usual and Unusual Clocks Described in a Non-Technical Way For the Information of the User

by Arthur Tremayne

This antiquarian volume contains a treatise on the design and workings of usual and unusual clocks, described in a non-technical manner, suitable for either novice or expert. Containing a wealth of fascinating...

The Old Clockmakers Of Yorkshire

by N. Dinsdale

This early collection is thoroughly recommended for inclusion on the bookshelf of all horologists. Extensively illustrated with text and full page photographs, its chapters include discussions of: Clockmaking...

The Worshipful Company - A History of the Guild of London Clockmakers

by Anon.

This old work contains a detailed history of the Guild of London Clockmakers, with information on its conception, its early development, its evolution, popularity, and more. This text constitutes a definitive...

Quaint and Curious Clocks - Curiosities and Novelties of Horology

by Anon.

This antiquarian work contains a fascinating look at a variety of novel clocks and timepieces, with information on their history, manufacture, makers, and much more. Each piece is discussed in great detail and...

Maintaining and Repairing Mechanical Watches

by Mark W Wiles

This invaluable, practical book is written by a watch repairer with over twenty years' experience. It is aimed principally at the novice mechanical watch repairer, although those with more experience will also...

Wrist Watches Explained

by Michael Fraser

This book wants to be an introductory book to those who have always been wondered how their precious watches work but never dared to ask. In this technical but yet easy to understand work, wrist watches are...

Introductory Guide to Repairing Mechanical Clocks

by Scott Jeffery

This up-to-date, clearly written and beautifully illustrated book is targeted at the amateur repairer and at the absolute beginner with no experience, as well as at hobbyists who often dabble with, but have...


by Mick Watters

In The Clock Repairer's Manual, Mick Watters explains how to approach all aspects of clock repair, maintenance and cleaning with confidence. For anyone who has ever considered clock repair as a hobby or a profession,...

Clockmaking in England and Wales in the Twentieth Century

by John Glanville

Over a decade John Glanville and Bill Wolmuth undertook an important horological project for the British Museum. This involved establishing a representative collection, for the Museum, of twentieth-century domestic...

Clock Cases

by Nigel Barnes & Karoliina Ilmonen

This practical, informative and beautifully illustrated book will be essential reading for all those with a passion for mechanical clocks. It will be of particular interest to both amateurs and professionals...