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The Watch Jobber's Handybook - A Practical Manual on Cleaning, Repairing and Adjusting: Embracing Information on the Tools, Materials Appliances and P

by Paul N. Hasluck

Contents Include: Early Time Measures and Modern Watches A Watch Movement and How to Take it Apart Examining, Cleaning and Putting Together Repairs and Adjustment Glossary of Terms, Tools, Materials, Parts and...

Wristwatch Annual 2014: The Catalog of Producers, Prices, Models, and Specifications

by Peter Braun

The definitive guide for the collector of mechanical wristwatches, with complete information—including prices—on over 1,400 models made by more than 130 international brands

The sixteenth edition of this watch-industry...

Watch Repair for Beginners: An Illustrated How-To Guide for the Beginner Watch Repairer

by Harold C. Kelly

First written by the definitive expert in 1957, Watch Repair for Beginners is the ideal book for anyone who wants to know how to fix their own watch. Learn what horology is; the basics of watch and clock repairing;...

Abbott's American Watchmaker: An Encyclopedia for the Horologist, Jeweler, Gold and Silversmith

by Henry G. Abbott

Back in all its original prestige Abbott’s American Watchmaker and Jeweler remains the ultimate resource for watchmaking and jewelry craftsmanship. No aspect of the trade goes uncovered in this distinctly...

Time to Change

by Luana Carcano & Carlo Ceppi

An insight into fine watchmaking that combines scientific rigor with industry expertise. Time to change is the first book to explore in depth the world of fine watchmaking from a 360? perspective. The book will...

A Man and His Watch: Iconic Watches and Stories from the Men Who Wore Them

by Matt Hranek

A covetable celebration of watches and the stories at the heart of men’s obsession with them.


Modern Methods in Horology

by Grant Hood

This vintage book contains a complete guide to contemporary methods and techniques employed in horology and clockmaking. It was originally designed for the edification of young watchmakers and contains a wealth...

Jeweled Bearings for Watches - A Full and Complete Description of the Manufacture, Gauging and Setting of Jeweled Bearings in Timekeeping Instruments

by Charles T. Higginbotham

This vintage book contains a detailed treatise on the use of jewelled bearings in watchmaking, with descriptions of manufacture, gauging, and setting. Jewelled bearings superceded brass and gold plugs which...

Watches  - The Paul M. Chamberlain Collection at the Art Institute of Chicago 1921

by Anon.

This vintage book contains a catalogue of watches in the Paul M. Chamberlain collection at the Art Institute of Chicago. Each item has an accurate illustration, working diagrams, and information pertaining to...

The Watchmakers's and jeweler's Hand-Book - A Concise yet Comprehensive Treatise on the "Secrets of the Trade" - A Work of Rare Practical Value to Wat

by C. Hopkins

This vintage book contains a reference book of recipes and processes commonly used by watchmakers, jewellers, silversmiths, etc. Although old, much of the information contained within this volume is timeless...

The Tower Clock and How to Make it - A Practical and Theoretical Treatise on the Construction of a Chiming Tower Clock, with Full Working Drawings Pho

by E. B. Ferson

This vintage book contains complete directions for making a chiming tower clock. With simple, clear instructions and complete working drawings, this volume will be of utility to those with an interest in making...

History of the American Clock Business for the Past Sixty Years and Life of Chauncey Jerome

by Chauncey Jerome

This vintage book contains a detailed history of the American clock business in the early to mid nineteenth century, with information on the development of manufacturing techniques, stylistic changes, important...

The American Watchmaker and Jeweler: A Full and Comprehensive Exposition of all the Latest and most Approved Secrets of the Trade Embracing Watch and

by J. Parish Stelle

This vintage book contains a complete guide to watchmaking, with information on watch and clock cleaning and repairing, tempering in all its grades, making tools, compounding metals, soldering, plating, and...

A Practical Course in Horology

by Harold C. Kelly

This vintage book contains a complete guide to horology. Horology is the science of measuring time and constructing timepieces. This volume contains information on all aspects ranging from basic principles to...

The Watch Adjuster's Manual - A Practical Guide for the Watch and Chronometer Adjuster in Making, Springing, Timing and Adjusting for Isochronism, Pos

by Charles Edgar Fritts

This vintage book contains a complete guide to making, adjusting, springing, timing and adjusting a variety of watches. With simple, clear instructions and many helpful diagrams, this book will be of considerable...

Bangerter's Inventions His Marvelous Time Clock

by Everett Lincoln King

This vintage book contains a detailed description of a clock allegedly powered by perpetual motion, complete with diagrams, explanations, and photographs. Although true perpetual motion is still considered impossible,...

Time Telling Through the Ages

by Harry C. Brearley

This vintage book contains a fascinating treatise on the history of clocks and timepieces. It contains a wealth of interesting historical information from the first sun dial to the pocket watch, and it is highly...

The Story of Edward Howard and the First American Watch

by George Lewis Dyer

This vintage book contains a brief biography of Edward Howard. Edward Howard was a pioneering maker of watches and clocks in America. Along with Charles Rice, Edward founded the E. Howard & Co. company that...

The Watchmakers' Lathe its use and Abuse - A Study of the Lathe in its Various Forms, Past and Present, its construction and Proper Uses. For the Stud

by Ward L. Goodrich

This vintage book contains a detailed treatise on the watchmaker's lathe, with information on its origins, development, construction, and uses. Written in simple, plain language and profusely illustrated, this...

Cross Country Reminiscences

by Fox Russell

This book, first published in 1887, contains a collection of anecdotes and reminisces of a late nineteenth-century fox hunter. Covering all aspects of the sport, this volume will be of considerable interest...