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Totally Tubular '80s Toys

by Mark Bellomo

Filled with super rad toys and bodacious memories, Totally Tubular '80s Toys is a righteous ride back in time when Madonna ruled and Spinal Tap amplifiers went to 11. You'll find everything from He-Man to Cabbage...

Reggie the Robot Cricketer

by Anthea Japal

Second only to religion, cricket is the most inspirational entity in the Caribbean and the British Commonwealth. And second only to the University of the West Indies, the most integrating factor in the English...

Toys Remembered

by Madonna Dries Christensen

In this companion book to Dolls Remembered, men reminisce about the boyhood toys and games that still hold a place in memory.

The Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe 1982-1994

by Mark Bellomo

Introduced in the 1980s, the 3 3/4-inch G.I. Joe became an instant hit. Today, the first run of these action figures (1982 - 1994) has become one of the hottest collectibles in the toy-collecting hobby.

The Ultimate...


by Mark Bellomo

Transformers: Identification and Price Guide is the ultimate reference for all Generation One (G1) Transformers figures released from 1984 - 1990. Featuring more than 1,200 color photographs, this unparalleled...

Warman's PEZ Field Guide

by Shawn Peterson

The take-it-with-you collecting resource...

Warman's PEZ Field Guide

At last, a guide you can really carry along to flea markets, garage sales and shows containing hundreds of photos to make on-the-spot appraisals...

Warman's Hot Wheels Field Guide: Values and Identification

by Michael Zarnock

The take-it-with-you collecting resource...

At last, a guide you can really carry along to flea markets and garage sales, containing hundreds of illustrations and photos to make on-the-spot appraisals easy.


Hot Wheels  Forty Years

by Angelo Vanbogart

If you're a collector of the ultra-cool, sensationally sleek and super speedy Hot Wheels, you are in for a treat with Hot Wheels: Forty Years. This big, beautiful coffee table book tells the story of these miniature...

Warman's Star Wars Field Guide: Values and Identification

by Stuart Wells

Star Wars memorabilia and collecting will be hotter than ever with the newest movie release in May of 2005. Collectors will be wild for Warman's Star Wars Field Guide, with coverage of 300 of the most popular...

Warman's PEZ Field Guide: Values & Identification

by Shawn Peterson

Packed with prices for new and vintage dispensers, this one-of-a-kind PEZ guide provides collecting answers about dispensers including animals, cartoon characters, holiday-themed, sports, superheroes, and regular...

Hot Wheels Accessories: The Ultimate Guide

by Michael Zarnock

With one Hot Wheels sold every six seconds, these childhood favorites remain a hot ticket collectible, and a resource devoted to Hot Wheels accessories is a must-have for any fan of these sleek and speedy roadsters....

Funny Face!: An Amusing History of Potato Heads, Block Heads, and Magic Whiskers

by Rich

The spud everybody loves to play with is turning 50 years old! Mr. Potato Head has delighted generations of children and now everyone can have a detailed look at the exciting history of the toy potato that has...

Collecting Antique Marbles: Identification and Price Guide

by Paul Baumann

Marbles evoke memories of childhood and simpler times; perhaps this is why they are collected with such enthusiasm! Marble fans won't want to go without this fantastic reference, which has been the standard...

Hot Wheels Classic Redline Era: Hot Wheels - Birth of the Redline

by Angelo Von Bogart

Combining candy-colored paint jobs with muscle car attitudes and southern California coo, Hot Wheels cars changed the toy world forever in 1968. For the next 10 years as millions of kids discovered the joy of...

The Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe 1982-1994: Identification and Price Guide

by Mark Bellomo

This guide to the guts-and-glory of G.I. Joe identifies every figure with all its weapons and gear, every vehicle with all the easy-to-lose pieces and every accessory related to Hasbros stellar team of soldiers....

Warman's Matchbox Field Guide: Values & Identification

by Tom Larson

  • Matchbox cars are only second to Hot Wheels in popularity
  • Features unique index to help you locate fellow Matchbox collectors
  • Small package allows you access to information while you're on the got
For a collector...

Hot Wheels Spectraflame: The Essential Guide

by Edward Wershbale

Die-hard collectors of pocket-sized racers, fans of nostalgia, youngsters and the young at heart will revel in the candy-colored brilliance and muscle-car-fashioned attitude features in this pioneer book devoted...

Hot Wheels Variations: The Ultimate Guide

by Michael Zarnock

Keep a Close Eye on the Details

A variation between two similar cars, whether it's a different color enamel, a different wheel, interior, base, or window can mean the difference between a car worth $1 and one...