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E-learning for architecture

by Stefano Panunzi & Rosalba Belibani

Our research, even despite its apparent fragmentary appearance, firmly believes in the idea that information science tools and the On-Line System should be utilized in innumerable ways in the various independent...

FLA Learning Centre

by Giuseppe Marinoni

Built after Giuseppe Marinoni’s design had won an international competition, the Learning Centre FLA (Lombardy Foundation for the Environment) at Seveso looks on the outside like a primary volume, divided...

The Emily Dickinson Collection

by Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson was an American poet, born in Amherst, Massachusetts into a prominent family with strong ties to its community. After studying at the Amherst Academy for seven years in her youth, she briefly...

Street art conservation: beyond surfaces’ restoration

by Carlota Santabárbara

Despite the controversy, street art has now assumed the role of a relevant artistic form in modern society. Appearing in the United States during the 1960s, the street art has spread to Europe as an underground...

The Great Beguinage of Leuven: an early challenge for the Venice Charter

by Claudine Houbart

Commissioned by the University of Leuven (Belgium) and mainly carried on between 1962 and 1972, the renovation of the Great Beguinage(fig.1) under the exclusive supervision of Raymond M. Lemaire (1921-1997)...

The restoration and the anastylosis of the Macedonian tomb of Macridy Bey near Thessaloniki

by Venetia Málama, Maria Miza, Fani Athanassiou & Maria Sarantidou et al.

The two-chambered tomb of Macridy Bey (late 4th-early 3rd c. B.C.), known to the scholarly community since the early 20th century, is the most important tomb in the necropolis of Derveni1, a narrow, strategicallyimportant...

Earthquakes and Masonry: What can be learned from Nepal?

by Randolph Langenbach

On August 24th 2016 the earth had a busy day in terms of damage to architectural heritage. A quarter of the way around the globe but only 9 hours apart in real time, a shallow 6.2 earthquake struck near Norcia...

Guide for Architecture Students

by Kahina Ferreira

I made this book thinking of you, of how difficult the life of an architecture student is in all dimensions. Ive been there. In it you will find great hints and tips on what to expect from the course, what the...


by Angelo del Amore

This is a true-life inspirational story about a young South African girl, Angelo del Amore, who travelled to Milan two days before her twenty-third birthday for a holiday.

Little did she know her entire life...

Life Lessons

by Sharon Briggs

This book will pull the reader into the world, culture, and mentality of the author. It reaches into the mind of the reader to pull out the character flaws of many believers who may be sitting in judgment of...

Plumbing Licensing Study Guide

by Rex Miller & Mark R. Miller

This book is designed for use as both a text and study guide for those students taking the licensing test in plumbing. Because of the large number of residential dwellings under construction and planned for...

The Great Jewish Mystery

by Dalet Alan

Grab a highlighter and prepare your heart for The Great Jewish Mystery. The time has come to expose friends, family, and particularly our children to this mystery, which will eventually impact the world. The...

While You're Still Mine

by Kinda R. Manning

While You're Still MineA Mommy's Promise is a lyrical book about a mother's love for her child. This book emphasizes how little time we have with our children and how we should cherish that time. The author...

Perceptions of African American Women About Their Dietary Habits

by Christine Dial-Benton

Recent years have seen a tremendous growth in scientific knowledge of the relationship between diet and health. This increase in knowledge has informed dietary recommendations to promote health. It has also...

Inheritance Laws in an Islamic Society

by Papa Murphy

No Wills-No Discussions-No one can do anything. If you are the youngest in an Islamic family and no one talks about what happens when my father dies? what do I get? No one decides. It is already written.

The Trashman Is Rich

by Javonte' Jennings

This book is about how to make a living in America by paying pennies on the dollar on everything you do. I grew-up in Baltimore, Maryland. When I lived in Baltimore, I didn't realize the opportunities that was...

You Can Issue It, but Can You Take It When It Comes Back to You?

by Maya Sanders

Maya Sanders has had enough drama to last a lifetime. For too long has Maya withstood the slings and arrows of those close to herher aunts, uncles, and cousins; her daughters father; his mother; and any number...

Operating Your Own Architectural or Engineering Practice

by Walter J. Smith

Starting your own architecture or engineering firm may seem a bit daunting. In Operating Your Own Architectural or Engineering Practice, author Walter J. Smith presents a handbook to help you navigate that process...

Salvation and Spiritual Growth, Level 1

by Dr. June H. Lawrence

This text entitled Salvation and Spiritual Growth is a text book that can be used for:

A New Converts Classroom or self teaching

Church Bible Class or Bible School course

What makes Salvation and Spiritual...

Exclusive Rights

by Eugene Hertzberg

Bill Gates said, Intellectual property has the shelf life of a banana. No one can deny the fact that intellectual property and its creation, protection, and management, has become a major area of concern for...