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FLA Learning Centre

by Giuseppe Marinoni

Built after Giuseppe Marinoni’s design had won an international competition, the Learning Centre FLA (Lombardy Foundation for the Environment) at Seveso looks on the outside like a primary volume, divided...

Urban Landscape Strategies

by Giuseppe Marinoni

The projects illustrated here exemplify the way contemporary urban planning is moving in practice, and how it is precisely in the effective transformation of cities and landscapes that it is finding the theoretical...

Building Physics - Heat, Air and Moisture

by Hugo S. L. Hens

Bad experiences with construction quality, the energy crises of 1973 and 1979, complaints about "sick buildings", thermal, acoustical, visual and olfactory discomfort, the need for good air quality, the move...

The Icon Project

by Leslie Sklair

In the last quarter century, a new form of iconic architecture has appeared throughout the world's major cities. Typically designed by globe-trotting "starchitects" or by a few large transnational architectural...

Essays On Thermodynamics: Architecture and Beauty

by Inaki Abalos, Renata Snetkiewicz & Lluis Ortega

A compendium of essays and projects, that creates a projective document, able to set up new scenarios for the Architecture of the next decade.

Beyond Patronage: Reconsidering Models of Practice

by Joyce Hwang & Martha Bohm

Explores contemporary architectural practices and design agendas that are being shaped or enabled by new forms of 'patronage.'

The Sniper's Log: Architectural Chronicles of Generation-X

by Alejandro Zaera-Polo

The book is like a sniper's log, a register of events for the purpose of accumulating experience for future missions, be it academic or professional, trying to identify tendencies and to assess performances,...