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Winslow Homer: 111 Masterpieces

by Ann Kannings

Winslow Homer was an American landscape painter, draftsman, etcher and printmaker, best known for his marine themes. He is regarded as one of the leading American painters in 19th-century and a greatest figure...

Raphael: 135 Masterpieces

by Ann Kannings

Raffaello Sanzio (or Santi, Raphael ) along with his elder contemporaries Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarroti characterized the High Renaissance in Italy. Raffaello was admired persona, celebrated,...

Pissarro: 155 Masterpieces

by Ann Kannings

Camille Pissarro was French artist, the only painter to show in all eight of the Impressionist exhibitions between 1874 and 1886, and he is frequently considered as the "father" of the Impressionist movement....

Titian: 130 Masterpieces

by Ann Kannings

Tiziano Vecellio was the greatest artist of the Venetian School, recognized as immense genius in his own time and his reputation as one of the giants of art has never been sincerely questioned. Lomazzo described...

Toulouse-Lautrec: 141 Masterpieces

by Ann Kannings

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec is best notorious as a storyteller of the night life of late 19th century Paris. He used to frequent the nightclubs and cafés of Montmartre, befriending the dancers and prostitutes,...

John Constable: 110 Masterpieces

by Ann Kannings

John Constable rejected the formal or "picturesque" rendering of nature; instead, he tried to capture informally the effects of changing light and the patterns of clouds moving across the country sky. He loved...

Paul Gauguin: 123 Masterpieces

by Ann Kannings

Eugene-Henri-Paul Gauguin was French avant-garde painter, sculptor, and printmaker. His style cultivated from Impressionism in the direction of a personal variety of Symbolism, which sought within the tradition...

Bouguereau: 135 Masterpieces

by Ann Kannings

William Adolphe Bouguereau was a follower of classical art and had no wish for everything like novelty or the avant-garde. His sense of idealism was his guiding principle, regarding the ugly as worthless for...

Rubens: 170 Masterpieces

by Ann Kannings

Peter Paul Rubens was the most resourceful and significant Baroque artist in northern Europe in the 17th century. Highly gifted and internationally oriented, the Flemish artist received commissions from almost...

Edgar Degas: 134 Masterpieces

by Ann Kannings

This Art Book contains 134 annotated reproductions of Edgar Degas paintings and drawings with date and interesting facts page below. Edgar Degas appears never to have settled himself to the brand of "Impressionist,"...

John Sargent: 184 Masterpieces

by Ann Kannings

John Singer Sargent was an American painter, considered the leading portrait artist of his generation for his depicting of Edwardian era luxury. During his livelihood, he created approximately 900 oil paintings,...

Leonardo da Vinci Paintings and Drawings

by Daniel Coenn

Leonardo, like his contemporary Christopher Columbus, possessed an insatiable curiosity and desire for discovery of unknown worlds. Only observation, says many times Leonardo, is the key to knowledge and understanding....

Mercy Mutamiri's Photo Book.

by Mercy Mutamiri

This is an epub that has been especially made with Mercy Mutamiri's photos bearing you and me in mind.

Image Composition - Create Better Photos!

by Markus Kapferer

Learn how to create better photos with deliberate image composition, regardless of the technical equipment you use. This book will show which methods can be consciously used to direct the way photos are viewed...

Long Exposure Photography - Photography Compact

by Markus Kapferer

Learn how to create dynamic, photographic artworks. Dive into the exciting world of long exposure photography and create stunning photographic artworks. The author puts many useful tips in a nutshell and created...

Stillness of Space and Line 2

by William Welton

The Stillness of Space and Line was inspired by The Mustard Seed Garden Manual of Painting. Although it was inspired by the classic manual of oriental painting, this book does not teach how to paint or draw....

Berlin - A Photographic Experience

by The Intentionalinstant

BERL1N - A Photographic Experience, is the exploration of Berlin, Germany by Australian photographer 'theintentionalinstant'. A photo book in eBook format, containing 102 photographs (with annotations, explanations...

Finding Chords to Match the Notes in Your Melody: A Manual for Songwriters and Musicians

by Bruce Osborn

An easy-to-use guide to finding just the right chords to use with any melody. If you have ever composed a melody and then been at a loss as to which basic chords to play along with it . . . if you have ever...

The Letter-Press Printer: A Complete Guide To The Art Of Printing

by Joseph Gould

The Letter-Press Printer: A Complete Guide To The Art Of Printing. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We...

Fresco Painting - Modern Methods And Techniques For Painting In Fresco And Secco

by Olle Nordmark

Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern...