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Lulu on the Bridge

by Paul Auster

The insider's guide and perfect companion to the film starring Harvey Keitel, Mira Sorvino, and Vanessa Redgrave. Stunning and surreal, Lulu on the Bridge is a romantic mystery with a lot on its mind. It is...

Tainted Glory in Handel's Messiah: The Unsettling History of the World's Most Beloved Choral Work

by Michael Marissen

Every Easter, audiences across the globe thrill to performances of Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus,” but they would probably be appalled to learn the full extent of the oratorio’s anti-Judaic message. In...

Tate Introductions: Matisse

by Juliette Rizzi

Henri Matisse is a leading figure of modern art and one of the most significant colourists of all time. In a career spanning over half a century, Matisse made a large body of work encompassing drawing, painting,...

Career Suicide: Ten Years as a Free Range Artist

by Alistair Gentry

Career Suicide is about the realities of working in the contemporary art world for most professional artists, the thousands of unfashionable, little-known and underpaid ones who have to do all manner of unfashionable,...

Cemeteries Are Not Forever  : Lyczakow

by Dariusz Gudowicz

Cemeteries Are Not Forever - Lyczakow features 42 original photographs from travel photographer and journalist Dariusz Gudowicz. Photographs of this magical place called the Lyczakow Cemetery were taken during...

Photo Editing: How to Edit Photos, & Become an Expert Photo Editor in Digital Photography - Secrets to Cool Photo Effects, Online Pho

by Malibu Publishing, Robert Lancaster

In today's world of digital photography, some photo editing is necessary on nearly every picture. Digital cameras have to "guess" at the proper color, contrast, and shading of the pictures they take, and proper...

Magic Tricks Revealed: A How to Learn Magic Book With Easy Magic Tricks, Easy Card Tricks, Coin Tricks, Street Magic and Other Cool Magic Tricks - Be

by Malibu Publishing, David Beck

Magic Tricks Revealed: A How to Learn Magic Book With Easy Magic Tricks, Easy Card Tricks, Coin Tricks, Street Magic and Other Cool Magic Tricks - Be a Magic Geek With This Crash Course In Magic School Magic...

The Ultimate Guitar Coach

by Aaron Wisewell

One of the first things you are going to want to do is get familiar with your guitar, guitar part names, and accessory names. Let's begin with the bridge. This is where your stings will be changed. There are...

The Skateboarding Art

by Tait Colberg

More than a celebration of skateboard graphics or photography and videos, more than a personal memoir of one life on four wheels, this book argues that riding a skateboard is an art form of the same kind and...

Ultimate Training of Photography Tips, Tricks & Special Effects.

by Stanlay Selvin

This book is for people with visual imagination. If you're a scientist or engineer looking for some fast 1-dimensional formulae that will let you pop out great photos without having to stop and think long and...

Origami for Children's Day and Kid

by Marc Griff

Every project in the book can really move! Origami in Action presents 40 actions origami models that are as animated as they are exquisite. Each project is complete with clear step-by-step diagrams, instructions,...

Shadow People - Forever Watching

by Miss Christie Nortje

Did you see that dark, fleeting shape out of the corner of your eye? Perhaps you caught a glimpse of a strange dark entity. What are they: dark ghosts, beings from some other time or dimension? Whatever they...

Beautiful Girls Kissing

by Mark Carroll & Elexonic Com

Watch 60 pictures with beautiful girls kissing. "Kissing is passion and romance and what keeps people together," says Michael Cane, author of The Art of Kissing. Enjoy!

Awesome Adventures of an Immigrant

by Art Zegelaar

The author is a new-comer to New Zealand. In the footsteps of Abel Tasman the author might have thought New Zealand to be a Dutch Colony! Life in the far North soon revealed characteristics that proved myopic...

Soul Showcase Private Collection Images New Orleans and London 1980s Plus

by Clive Richardson

An opportunity to see a private collection of 100 pages of photographs of soul, R&B and gospel singers and musicians taken by the author from the press gallery at New Orleans Jazzfest in the 1980s and back-stage...

Whitestripe's Tale: Book One Lost and Found

by Tom Roth

On the world of Katera, a young boy will struggle against injustice towards his people. Faced with either slavery or death at the hands of their oppressors, Follow Whitestripe and his band of freinds as they...

The Ballet Coach

by Aaron Wisewell

"The Ballet Coach" presenting the technique and art of ballet. Knowing how to use these tools successfully requires more than being a devotee of the technique; it also requires the mastering of various skills....

Posters of the Great War

by Frederick Hadley & Martin Pegler

Until the arrival of radio and television, and despite the influence of newspapers, posters were the major medium for mass communication. During the Great War all the belligerent nations produced an extraordinary...

How to Play Guitar: Guitar Basics On Guitar Chords, Guitar Scales, Guitar Licks, Guitar Tricks, and Guitar Theory for Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar

by Malibu Publishing, Steve Colburne

Are you considering learning to play guitar? There are different methods you can employ in learning guitar, as well as advantages to being a guitar player. Please note that this ebook is not a complete guide...

Happy Birthday.

by Mercy Mutamiri

This is an epub with a birthday message and is suitable for children of 2-14 years.