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Images of Lust: Sexual Carvings on Medieval Churches

by James Jerman & Anthony Weir

Sexually explicit sculptures may be found on a number of medieval churches in France and Spain. This fascinating study examines the origins and purposes of these sculptures, viewing them not as magical fertility...

The Idea of Building: Thought and Action in the Design and Production of Buildings

by Steven Groak

This book is unique in its attempt to explore the many ways we have of thinking about buildings. In particular it raises questions about the kinds of knowledge we have and will need in designing, making and...

Understanding Architecture Through Drawing

by Brian Edwards

This introduction to design and graphic techniques will help the designer increase his or her understanding of buildings and places through drawing.

Marketing for Architects and Engineers: A New Approach

by Brian Richardson

Professional services marketing is a relatively new form of marketing that has been recogonized only since the late 1980s. Most of the attempts to write about marketing for professional services have been a...

Sustainable Housing: Principles and Practice

by Brian Edwards & David Turrent

Written by experts, Sustainable Housing brings new perspectives on residential sustainability, using case studies of latest practice. This book is based upon the 'Housing and Sustainability' conference at the...

Michael Mann: Crime Auteur

by Steven Rybin

In Michael Mann: Crime Auteur, Steven Rybin looks at the television programs and films that Michael Mann has stamped with his personal signature. This book closely examines the themes and techniques used in...

Shapely Bodies: The Image of Porcelain in Eighteenth-Century France

by Christine A. Jones

French artisans began trials to reproduce fine Chinese porcelain in the 1660s. That challenge proved impossible, but inspired radical forms of experimentation. Potters invented artificial alternatives to Chinese...

Julien-David Leroy and the Making of Architectural History

by Christopher Drew Armstrong

This book examines the career and publications of the French architect Julien-David Leroy (1724-1803) and his impact on architectural theory and pedagogy.

Despite not leaving any built work, Leroy is a major...

Live Architecture: Venues, Stages and Arenas for Popular Music

by Robert Kronenburg

Live Architecture explores the physical form of popular music performance space from 1960 to the present day.

This book quantifies the factors that determine what makes a venue successful focusing on both famous...

Perspective, Projections and Design: Technologies of Architectural Representation

by Mario Carpo & Frédérique Lemerle

This book discusses various aspects of image-making technologies, geometrical knowledge, and tools for architectural design, focusing in particular on two historical periods marked by comparable patterns of...

To the Actor: On the Technique of Acting

by Michael Chekhov & Mala Powers

A perfect handbook for professional and amateur actors and directors. Chekhov's simple and practical exercises are an absolute must for any theatre practitioner.

The Matter of Images: Essays on Representations

The Roman Remains of Northern and Eastern France: A Guidebook

by James Bromwich

This book provides a thorough, area by area companion to the region's wealth of monuments, excavations and artefacts, from Paris and Boulogne-sur-Mer to Strasbourg and Lyon. Over ninety sites are treated in...

Differencing the Canon: Feminism and the Writing of Art's Histories

by Griselda Pollock

In this major book, renowned art historian Griselda Pollock makes a compelling intervention into a debate at the very centre of feminist art history: should the traditional canon of the Old Masters be rejected,...

The Emptiness of the Image: Psychoanalysis and Sexual Differences

by Parveen Adams

Demonstrates that psychoanalytic theory retains an overwhelming explanatory strength in relation to questions of sexual difference and representation and shows how the issue of desire changes the way we can...

Cultures of Consumption

by Frank Mort

Examines the construction of images of masculinity and the effect they have on identity, sexuality and sexual politics. Influences from black and white culture are explored as well as the ironies of class, colour...

Weimar Cinema and After: Germany's Historical Imaginary

by Thomas Elsaesser

Offers a fresh perspective on this most 'national' of national cinemas, re-evaluating the arguments which view genres and movements as typically German contributions to twentieth century visual culture.

Performing Blackness: Enactments of African-American Modernism

by Kimberley W. Benston

Performing Blackness offers a challenging interpretation of black cultural expression since the Black Arts Movement of the 1960s, exploring drama, music, poetry, sermons, and criticism.

Design History: A Students' Handbook

by Dr Hazel Conway & Hazel Conway

Introductory text which guides the student of design history through the delights and difficulties of the subject, highlighting various approaches to study.

Outlooks: Lesbian and Gay Sexualities and Visual Cultures

by Peter Horne & Reina Lewis

A comprehensive exploration of what constitutes a lesbian and gay artist and what differentiates them from their audience.