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Chemistry in Theatre: Insufficiency, Phallacy or Both

by Carl Djerassi

This book examines the questions “What can science do for the theatre?” and “What can the theatre do for science?” which raise challenges for both theatre professionals and scientists. Unusually, this...

Newton's Darkness: Two Dramatic Views

by Carl Djerassi & DAVID PINNER

”What purpose is served by showing that England's greatest natural philosopher is flawed … like other mortals?” asks one of the characters in Newton's Darkness. “We need unsullied heroes!” But what...

Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works Volume II

by Marc Weidenbaum

Extravagantly opaque, willfully vaporous - Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works Volume II, released by the estimable British label Warp Records in 1994, rejuvenated ambient music for the Internet Age that was...

Art as an Investment?: A Survey of Comparative Assets

by Melanie Gerlis

Aimed at collectors and investors, this user-friendly guide explains art's value as an asset through comparisons with more familiar investments, including property, shares and gold. It draws on extensive research...

All The Songs: The Story Behind Every Beatles Release

by Philippe Margotin, Jean-Michel Guesdon & Scott Freiman


Every album and every song ever released by the Beatles-from "Please Please Me" (U.S. 1963) to "The Long and Winding Road" (U.S. 1970)-is dissected, discussed, and...

Top Hits of 2013 Easy Piano Songbook

by Hal Leonard Corp.

(Easy Piano Songbook). The hottest hits of 2013 arranged for easy piano with lyrics! Includes: Blurred Lines * Call Me Maybe * Catch My Breath * Cruise * Daylight * Get Lucky * Gone, Gone, Gone * Heart Attack...

The Easy Christmas Songbook: Easy to Play on Piano or Guitar with Lyrics

by Hal Leonard Corp.

(Easy Piano Songbook). 70 easy-to-play arrangements of your favorite Christmas songs! Each song includes a beautifully simplified keyboard part, guitar chords, and lyrics. Also included is a guitar chord chart...

The Real Book - Volume V: C Edition

by Hal Leonard Corp.

(Fake Book). Since the 1970s, The Real Book has been the most popular book for gigging jazz musicians. Hal Leonard is proud to publish completely legal and legitimate editions of the original volumes as well...

Steve Vai - The Story of Light Songbook: Guitar Recorded Versions

by Steve Vai

(Guitar Recorded Versions). The Story of Light is the second installment in the Real Illusions planned trilogy, a "multi-layered melange based on the amplified mental exaggerations of a truth-seeking madman...

Joe Bonamassa - Driving Towards the Daylight Songbook: Play-It-Like-It-Is Guitar

The Lumineers Songbook: Guitar Recorded Versions

by The Lumineers

(Guitar Recorded Versions). This title features exact note-for-note guitar transcriptions to all 11 songs off the eponymous debut by the Denver folk-rock trio that's generated giant buzz! Includes the smash-hit...

Green Day - Dos! Songbook: Guitar Recorded Versions

by Green Day

(Guitar Recorded Versions). Notes and tab exact transcriptions for all 13 garage-rock tunes from this second installment in the Green Day trilogy. Features "Amy," a tribute to Ms. Winehouse, and: Ashley * Baby...

Green Day - Tre! Songbook: Guitar Recorded Versions

by Green Day

(Guitar Recorded Versions). We proudly present the matching songbook to the third and final installment in Green Day's trilogy of studio albums released from September to December 2012. Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong...

Fashion on Television: Identity and Celebrity Culture

by Helen Warner

Fashion on Television provides a comprehensive critical examination of the intersection between fashion, television and celebrity culture. The book brings together theoretical approaches to the symbolic force...

Korean Musical Drama: P'ansori and the Making of Tradition in Modernity

by Haekyung Um

P'ansori is the quintessential traditional Korean musical drama, in which epic tales are sung and narrated by a solo singer accompanied by a drummer. Drawing on her extensive research in Korea and its diasporas,...

The Ashgate Research Companion to Giorgio Vasari

by David J. Cast

The Ashgate Research Companion to Giorgio Vasari brings together the world's foremost experts on Vasari as well as up-and-coming scholars to provide, at the 500th anniversary of his birth, a comprehensive assessment...

Eighteenth-Century Thing Theory in a Global Context: From Consumerism to Celebrity Culture

by Ileana Baird & Christina Ionescu

Exploring Enlightenment attitudes toward things and their relation to human subjects, this collection offers a geographically wide-ranging perspective on what the eighteenth century looked like beyond British...

Nineteenth-Century American Women Write Religion: Lived Theologies and Literature

by Mary McCartin Wearn

Focusing primarily on non-canonical texts, this collection takes up the diversity of religious discourse in nineteenth-century women's literature and articulates how American women writers adopted the language...

Making New Zealand's Pop Renaissance: State, Markets, Musicians

by Michael Scott

Michael Scott argues that New Zealand's pop music renaissance of the early 2000s was supported by state policies. He shows how the state built market opportunities for popular musicians through public-private...

The Greening of Architecture: A Critical History and Survey of Contemporary Sustainable Architecture and Urban Design

by Phillip James Tabb & A. Senem Deviren

This accessible and engaging text is the first to offer a comprehensive critical history and analysis of the greening of architecture through accumulative reduction of negative environmental effects caused by...