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Treasury of Bible Illustrations: Old and New Testaments

by Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld

Reproduced from a rare volume, 179 imaginative illustrations depict 105 episodes from the Old Testament and 74 scenes from the New Testament, each on a separate page, with chapter, verse, and King James text....

Turn-of-the-Century Viennese Patterns and Designs

by Koloman Moser

Stunning sourcebook of 60 full-page, royalty-free designs — 30 full color and 30 black-and-white — depict ferns, flowers, berries, human figures, masks, exotic dancers, and a host of other subjects.

700 Victorian Ornamental Designs

by F. Knight

This lavish collection contains elaborate wall murals with trompe-l'oeil effects; idealized damsels in rustic settings; and many other florid motifs. Floral, animal, and other designs appear in many sizes and...

286 Full-Color Animal Illustrations: From Jardine's "Naturalist's Library"

by Sir William Jardine

A spectacular range of wildlife appears in this fine collection of painstakingly accurate 19th-century drawings. Both artists and animal lovers will treasure these splendid illustrations of mammals, birds, fish,...

Art Nouveau Floral Patterns and Stencil Designs in Full Color

by M. P. Verneuil

Here are 120 images of graceful garden flowers — foxglove, hollyhocks, columbine, lilies, among others, and 39 stencil designs of blossoming trees, reeds, mushrooms, oak leaves, peacocks, and more.

Ornamental Ironwork: Over 670 Illustrations

by A. Durenne

Finely detailed decorative ironwork designs for balconies, gates, window grilles, staircases, doorways, and other architectural features provide royalty-free material for graphic artists, designers, and craftworkers....

Heraldic Designs for Artists and Craftspeople

by J. M. Bergling

Over 1,400 heraldic designs depicting shields, coats-of-arms, seals, logos, flags, insignia, scrolls, mottoes, and many other motifs will add a touch of medieval flair or aristocratic ambience to almost any...

Moroccan Silk Designs in Full Color

by Lucien Vogel

From a rare French portfolio: 59 exquisite motifs — mainly florals and foliates — incorporating Romanesque, Byzantine, Persian, Far Eastern, traditional Moroccan motifs. Royalty-free.

Handbook of Historic Ornament

by Ernst Rettelbusch

Over 1,200 ornamental and decorative designs from five millennia — including examples from Assyrian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Nordic, Chinese, Japanese, and other cultures and from European Renaissance, Baroque,...

Treasury of Historic Folk Ornament in Full Color

by Helmuth Theodor Bossert

Over 700 attractive designs, spanning a broad range of historical periods and cultures, include examples of decorative artwork derived from textiles, pottery, clothing, masks, tapestries, and other original...

Medieval Ornament: 950 Illustrations

by Karl Alexander von Heideloff

Pictorial archive of precisely detailed engravings of architectural elements — doors, windows, moldings, statuary, decorative stonework, columns, pedestals, rosettes and more — mostly from German Gothic...

Heck's Pictorial Archive of Nature and Science: With Over 5,500 Illustrations

by J. G. Heck

5,500 illustrations from the 19th century include star maps, animals, plants, minerals, fossils, geological formations, human anatomy, and much more.

Medieval Russian Ornament in Full Color: From Illuminated Manuscripts

by Moscow Museum of Art

Over 1,000 motifs reprinted from a rare book of design first published in France in 1870. Ornate Cyrillic and Greek letters, corners, borders, page heads, and more as they appeared in illuminated Russian manuscripts....

Heraldic Crests: A Pictorial Archive of 4,424 Designs for Artists and Craftspeople

by James Fairbairn

Rich selection of royalty-free motifs from famous British reference. Striking, varied designs include lions, tigers, wreaths, falcons, rosettes, human figures, mythical creatures, crowns, and much more.

Patterns and Designs from the Twenties in Full Color

by Ad. & M. P. Verneuil

Reprinted from a rare portfolio of abstract design published in Paris in the 1920s: 87 designs that reflect the emergence of the Art Deco aesthetic, in a variety of useful shapes and sizes. Royalty-free.

Art Nouveau Animal Designs and Patterns: 60 Plates in Full Color

by M. P. Verneuil

Magnificent collection includes not only appealing shapes of graceful swans, peacocks, and dolphins but also those creatures seldom associated with beauty and ornamentation: bats, mice, lizards, insects, and...

Scottish Tartans in Full Color

by James Grant

The tartans of 72 Highland clans, each presented in a full-page, full-color, large-format illustration. With a new introduction to tartans by noted authority J. Charles Thompson.

Heraldry: A Pictorial Archive for Artists and Designers

by Arthur Charles Fox-Davies

Royalty-free treasury of 393 full-color, 654 black-and-white illustrations: heraldic arms, windows, lions, eagles, dragons, shields, crests, etc. Add medieval romance to any graphic project.

2,286 Traditional Stencil Designs

by H. Roessing

Masterfully executed designs in reproductions of two rare catalogs: ornamental borders, corners and frames with intricate floral and foliated patterns, architectural ornaments and design elements, religious...

Victorian Sourcebook of Medieval Decoration: With 166 Full-Color Designs

by W. & G. Audsley

Meticulously reproduced motifs from rare 1882 edition. Diaper patterns, moldings, bands and borders, floral and foliate designs, illuminated initials, much more. Royalty-free. Introduction. Notes.