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Blixa Bargeld and Einst Rzende Neubauten: German Experimental Music: 'Evading Do-Re-Mi'

by Shryane

Jennifer Shryane provides a much-needed analysis of Einstürzende Neubauten's important place in popular/experimental music history. She illustrates their innovations with found- and self-constructed instrumentation,...

Civilized Violence: Subjectivity, Gender and Popular Cinema

by Hansen-Miller

Civilized Violence provides a social and historical explanation for the popular appeal of cinema violence. Drawing on a range of disciplines, Hansen-Miller explains how Modern society has concealed and denied...

Play It Again: Cover Songs in Popular Music

by Plasketes

The cover phenomenon in popular culture may be viewed as a postmodern manifestation in music as artists revisit, reinterpret and re-examine a significant cross section of musical styles, periods, genres, individual...

Popular Music and Television in Britain

by Inglis

Listening to popular music and watching television have become the two most common activities for postwar generations in Britain. From the experiences of programmes like Oh Boy! and Juke Box Jury, to the introduction...

Contemporary Music: Theoretical and Philosophical Perspectives

by Paddison & Deliège

This collection of essays and interviews addresses important theoretical, philosophical and creative issues in Western art music at the end of the twentieth- and the beginning of the twenty-first centuries....

As Heard on TV: Popular Music in Advertising

by Klein

Television commercials are now a standard environment through which we experience popular music. The use of popular music in advertising remains a practice that continues to prompt strong and varied responses...

Black Sabbath and the Rise of Heavy Metal Music

by L. Cope

The definition of 'heavy metal' is often a contentious issue and in this lively and accessible text Andrew Cope presents a refreshing re-evaluation of the rules that define heavy metal as a musical genre. Cope...

Wax Trash and Vinyl Treasures: Record Collecting as a Social Practice

by Shuker

This study examines the history of record collecting; profiles collectors and the collecting process; considers categories-especially music genres-and types of record collecting; and outlines and discusses the...

Other Voices: Hidden Histories of Liverpool's Popular Music Scenes, 1930s-1970s

by Brocken

At times it appears that a whole industry exists to perpetuate the myth of origin of the Beatles. Brocken argues that the music history of the Liverpool in which the Beatles grew and then departed is not fully...

Music and the Play of Power in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia

by Nooshin

This volume presents the first direct look at the complex relationship between music and power across a range of musical genres and countries. Discourses of power in the region centre on some of the most contested...

Keys to the Drama: Nine Perspectives on Sonata Forms

by Sly

Sonata form is fundamentally a dramatic structure that creates, manipulates, and ultimately satisfies expectation. It engages its audience by inviting prediction, association, and interpretation. That sonata...

Dark Side of the Tune: Popular Music and Violence

by Johnson & Cloonan

This book focuses on the 'dark side' of popular music by examining the ways in which popular music has been deployed in association with violence. Cloonan and Johnson address the physiological and cognitive...

How High Should Boys Sing?: Gender, Authenticity and Credibility in the Young Male Voice

by Ashley

'A boy sings...a beautiful thing' (, but is it? What kinds of boy, singing what kinds of music and to whom? Martin Ashley presents a unique consideration of boys' singing that shows the high...

We Are the Champions: The Politics of Sports and Popular Music: The Politics of Sports and Popular Music

by McLeod

Sports and popular music are synergistic agents in the construction of identity and community. Posing unique challenges to notions of mind - body dualities, nationalism, class, gender, and racial codes and sexual...

Popular Music and Human Rights: Volume II: World Music

by Peddie

Popular music has long understood that human rights, if attainable at all, involve a struggle without end. The right to imagine an individual will, the right to some form of self-determination and the right...

Popular Music and Human Rights: Volume I: British and American Music

by Peddie

Popular music has long understood that human rights, if attainable at all, involve a struggle without end. The right to imagine an individual will, the right to some form of self-determination and the right...

In Search of Song: The Life and Times of Lucy Broadwood

by de Val

Lucy Broadwood (1858-1929) is now best known as a pioneer of the folk song revival of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Dorothy de Val provides an indispensable account of Lucy's interactions...

Organizations: A Systems Approach

by Madura Ward-Steinman

This Festschrift honors the career of Charles P. Schmidt on the occasion of his retirement from the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. His main research focus has been the social-psychology of music...

Art as Music, Music as Poetry, Poetry as Art, from Whistler to Stravinsky and Beyond

by Dayan

An extraordinary fraternity of poets, painters and composers in Paris, between 1885 and 1945, built our modern notion of 'great art' on the principle that we must always think about the value of a work of art,...

Organizations: A Systems Approach

by Gritten & King

Building on the insights of the first volume on Music and Gesture (Gritten & King, Ashgate 2006), the chapters are structured in a broad narrative trajectory moving from theory to practice, embracing Western...