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Charles Russell: 126 Paintings and Drawings

by Maria Tsaneva

Charles Marion Russell was an artist of the Wild American West. He created more than 2,000 paintings of cowboys, Indians. Recognized as 'the cowboy artist', Russell was also a storyteller. His works comprised...

Gericault: 101 Paintings and Drawings

by Maria Tsaneva

Jean-Louis André Théodore Géricault was an influential French painter and lithographer, known for "The Raft of the Medusa" and other paintings. Although he died young, he was one of the pioneers of the Romantic...

Prud'hon: 102 Paintings and Drawings

by Maria Tsaneva

Pierre-Paul Prud'hon was a French Romantic painter and draughtsman best known for his allegorical paintings and portraits. Prud'hon's artistic style contrasted starkly with the dominant version of Neoclassicism...

Vrubel: 116 Paintings and Drawings

by Maria Tsaneva

Mikhail Aleksandrovich Vrubel is as a rule observed among the Russian artists of the Symbolist movement. Indeed, he obviously stood isolated from modern art tendencies; therefore the source of his atypical way...

Perugino: 112 Frescoes and Paintings

by Maria Tsaneva

Pietro Perugino was an Italian Renaissance painter of the Umbrian school, who developed some of the qualities that found classic expression in the High Renaissance. We do not know about his initial training,...

Theodore Rousseau: 102 Painting and Drawings

by Maria Tsaneva

Théodore Rousseau was French landscape painter. His aims, style and development are characteristic of the Barbizon School, of which he was one of the major members. Like others in the group he suffered great...

Isaac Levitan: 126 Paintings and Drawings

by Maria Tsaneva

Isaac Levitan was a classical Russian landscape painter who advanced the genre of the "mood landscape". His extremely influential art heritage consists of more than a 1000 paintings, pastels, graphics, and illustrations....

Henri Rousseau: 112 Paintings

by Maria Tsaneva

Henri Rousseau was a French Post-Impressionist artist in Primitive manner. Ridiculed during his lifetime, he came to be recognized as a self-taught genius whose works are of high artistic quality. His best known...

Giotto: 85 Paintings and Frescoes

by Maria Tsaneva

Giotto di Bondone was Florentine painter and architect, already recognized by Dante as the leading artist of his day. His significance to the Renaissance can be gauged from the fact that not only the leaders...

Benjamin West: 102 Paintings

by Maria Tsaneva

Benjamin West was a British and American painter of historical pictures around the time of the American War of Independence, the president of the Royal Academy in London and the first American artist to achieve...

Jan Steen: 113 Paintings

by Maria Tsaneva

Jan Steen was a Dutch genre painter of the Dutch Golden Age 17th century. Psychological insight, sense of humor and abundance of color are marks of his art. Daily life was Jan Steen's main pictorial theme. Many...

Jan Matejko: 122 Paintings and Drawings

by Maria Tsaneva

Jan Matejko (1838 - 1893) was a Polish artist famous for paintings of remarkable historical Polish political and military events. His most famous works include oil on canvas paintings like Battle of Grunwald,...

George Stubbs: 102 Paintings and Drawings

by Maria Tsaneva

George Stubbs was marvelous English animal painter and anatomical draftsman, famous for his paintings of horses. Stubbs also painted a wide range of other animals, including the lion, tiger, giraffe, monkey,...

Eugene Boudin: 123 Paintings

by Maria Tsaneva

Eugène Louis Boudin was marine painter and one of the first French landscape artists to paint outdoors, expert in the rendering of all that goes upon the sea and along its shores. Although his art received...

Caspar David Friedrich: 111 Paintings and Drawings

by Maria Tsaneva

Caspar David Friedrich was a German Romantic landscape painter, generally considered the most important German artist of his time and one of the most original geniuses in the history of landscape painting. He...

Zurbaran: 87 Paintings

by Maria Tsaneva

Francisco de Zurbarán was a Spanish painter, known mainly for his religious paintings depicting monks, nuns, and martyrs, and for his still-lifes. Zurbarán gained the nickname "Spanish Caravaggio", owing to...

Caillebotte: 140 Paintings

by Maria Tsaneva

Gustave Caillebotte was a French Impressionist, though he painted in a more realistic style than many other Impressionists. In common with his precursors Millet and Courbet Caillebotte tried to paint reality...

Jacques Tissot: 140 Paintings and Drawings

by Maria Tsaneva

Jacques Tissot was born to a middle class family. He initially studied art at Beaux-Arts in Paris. He decided to move to London in 1871. Here Tissot started to paint highly finished pictures of London society....

Poussin: 111 Paintings and Drawings

by Maria Tsaneva

Nicolas Poussin was the foremost painter of the classical French Baroque. His paintings are characterized by clarity, logic, and order, and favours line over color. Until the 20th century he remained a major...

Gustave Moreau: 123 Paintings and Drawings

by Maria Tsaneva

Gustave Moreau was a French Symbolist artist whose most important accent was the depiction of biblical and mythological figures. As a painter, Moreau appealed to the imaginations of some Symbolist writers and...