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The Art of Three-Dimensional Design

by Louis Wolchonok

Profusely illustrated guide shows how basic shapes and surfaces — plane, prismatic, cylindric, conical, spherical, more — can be adapted and combined to create hundreds of new designs. Over 100 illustrations....

Painting Your Way Out of a Corner: The Art of Getting Unstuck

by Barbara Diane Barry

In the tradition of The Artist's Way, an exciting program that introduces painting as a jumping-off point for realizing one's full creative potential in all areas of life.

Based on author Barbara Diane Barry's...

Cartooning, Caricature and Animation Made Easy

by Chuck Thorndike

This treasury of illustrated step-by-step instructions is rich in the period style of the 1920s and '30s. It features practical advice on depicting faces, motion, anatomy, caricatures, animated features, and...

Animal Drawing and Anatomy

by Edwin Noble

Written and illustrated by a distinguished artist and art instructor, this volume features valuable insights into reproducing accurate images of horses, cows, dogs, sheep, birds, and wild animals. 233 drawings....

The Watson Drawing Book

by Ernest W. Watson & Aldren A. Watson

Brims with information on drawing techniques, media, and artistic examples. Technical information and tips on perspective, measure and form analysis, rendering light, shade, and shadow, portrait drawing, figure...

Theory and Practice of Perspective

by G. A. Storey

Authoritative guide helps artists at all levels achieve the accurate re-creation of natural perspective. Scores of concise, well-illustrated chapters explain how to reproduce shape, distance, and numerous other...

The Painter's Methods and Materials

by A. P. Laurie

Techniques for painting on wood panels, paper, walls, and canvas, plus use of watercolors, balsams, resins, turpentine, varnishes, waxes, sizings, and oils. Cleaning and preservation of pictures. 48 full-page...

The Art and Technique of Pen Drawing

by G. Montague Ellwood

Excellent reference describes line technique; drawing the figure, face, and hands; humorous illustration; pen drawing for advertisers; landscape and architectural illustration. Drawings by Dürer, Holbein, Doré,...

Figure Drawing: A Complete Guide

by Richard G. Hatton

This practical guide approaches figure drawing from the draftsman's perspective. Full of tips and tricks that students appreciate, it features 377 illustrations that cover all aspects of the human form.

The Art of Painting and Drawing Animals

by Fredric Sweney

Practical guide makes it easier for beginners as well as advanced artists to paint everything from dogs, cats, and deer to birds, sheep, and goats. 236 black-and-white illustrations, 26 in color.

Oil Landscapes Step by Step

by Wendon Blake

Beautifully illustrated full-color guide features step-by-step development of seven landscape paintings by George Cherepov; also, expert advice on basic techniques, brushes and paints, composition, lighting,...

Composition: The Anatomy of Picture Making

by Harry Sternberg

This clear, concise introduction exposes the compositional devices that underlie successful artworks. Its many examples reduce pictures to their basic formal elements, offering an approachable treatment of an...

A Treatise on Painting

by Leonardo Da Vinci & John Francis Rigaud

The principal repository of da Vinci's practical thoughts on the technique of drawing and painting. Precise instructions on drawing the human, techniques of rendering motion, perspective, composition, the expression...

On Divers Arts

by Theophilus, John G. Hawthorne & C. S. Smith

Earliest (12th century) treatise on arts written by practicing artist. Pigments, glass blowing, stained glass, gold and silver work, more. 34 illustrations.

Basic Drawing

by Louis Priscilla

Beginning with perspective, this commonsense manual progresses to the figure in movement, light and shade, anatomy, drapery, composition, trees and landscape, and outdoor sketching. Black-and-white illustrations...

A Handbook of Anatomy for Art Students

by Arthur Thomson

Skeletal structure, muscles, heads, special features. Exhaustive text, anatomical figures, undraped photos. Male and female. 337 illustrations.

Pattern Design

by Archibald H. Christie

Classic shows how to construct hundreds of patterns from all periods and styles. 60 plates. 359 figures.

Animal Painting and Anatomy

by W. Frank Calderon

Useful information on important anatomical features, directions on how to handle subjects, and how to express their forms and postures. 224 illustrations.

Painting Materials: A Short Encyclopedia

by R. J. Gettens & G. L. Stout

Thorough, exhaustive coverage of materials, media, tools of painting through ages; based on historical and laboratory studies. A standard reference for painters, students, curators, and conservators. 34 illustrations....

Abstraction in Art and Nature

by Nathan Cabot Hale

Stimulating, thought-provoking guide to finding rich sources of creative abstraction in lines of growth and structure, water and liquid forms, weather patterns, earth colors, many other natural elements. Over...