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Curationism: How Curating Took Over the Art World and Everything Else

by David Balzer

Now that we 'curate' even lunch, what happens to the role of the connoisseur in contemporary culture?

The illustrator's survival guide - 2nd Edition

by Amélia Giroux-Gagné & Nicolas Trost

The illustrator?s survival guide - 2nd edition ?Since its inception in 1983, Illustration Québec (Québec Association of Illustrators) has developed numerous promotional tools for illustrators. It has also...

Recollections of a Picture Dealer

by Ambroise Vollard

Art merchant recounts selling the works of Cézanne; partying with Renoir, Forain, Degas, and Rodin; the studios of Manet, Matisse, Picasso, and Rousseau; encounters with Gertrude Stein, Zola, others. 33 illustrations....

2014 Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market

by Mary Burzlaff Bostic

Build a Successful Art Career!

2014 Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market is the must-have reference guide for any artist who wants to establish or expand a career in fine art, illustration or graphic design....

Arts & Numbers: A Financial Guide for Artists, Writers, Performers, and Other Members of the Creative Class

by Elaine Grogan Luttrull

The creative class—artists, actors, writers, musicians, freelancers, dancers, performers, and the like—are known for applying their passion for creative expression to everything they do. Perhaps the one thing...

Breakfast at Sotheby's

by Philip Hook

Two questions are key to experiencing a work of art in a museum or exhibition: 1.) Do I like it? 2.) Who's it by? You need quite a few more questions if you're in an auction room or dealer's gallery, however....

How to Build Your Creative Career

by Russell Nohelty

Are you sick of barely scraping by as a creative? 

How long have you been trying to build your career? How many hours have you spent banging your head against a wall? How much money have you sunk into ads and...

No More Starving Artists

by John Paul Fischbach

Your art is great: it's your business skills that suck!

Being an artist in business doesn't have to be so hard. No More Starving Artists is written by an artist for artists in language that de-mystifies business...

Crock Pot Recipes Cookbook

by Ashley Peterson

Inside this crock pot slow cooker cookbook, you will find 100+ easy to make, healthy and delicious dump meal recipes. These dump meal recipes will help save your time, energy and avail you the opportunity to...

31 Coffee Breaks to a Better Organization

by Cornell N. Wright

31 Coffee Breaks to a Better Organization, as the title indicates, is a series of conversations that provide ideas, stories and recommendations that could be used as guidelines to improve your organization. ...

Made in Brooklyn

by Amanda Wasielewski

Made in Brooklyn is a belated critique of the Maker Movement: from its origins in the nineteenth century to its impact on labor and its entanglement in the neoliberal economic model of the tech industry. Part...

Sharing Your Story

by Michelle Worthington

Sharing Your Story isn’t about simply selling a book as an alternate passive income stream. Finding a way to share your story by speaking from your own experience, implementing an organic book marketing plan...

Public Service Media Renewal

by Michal Glowacki & Alicja Jaskiernia

This book analyses the adaptivity of public service media (PSM) to the digital network age. The authors use specific case studies and research initiatives, involving a variety of methodological and theoretical...

What Every Entrepreneur Ought to Know About Business & Banking

by Lim Guan Chye

Aims to target would-be, new, or already business owners about business and banking based on the Sun Tzu Art of War. Part 1Know Yourself, Know your Business. Part 2Know your Environment, Adapt to the changes....

The Mourning News

by Tal Morse

A conventional wisdom in media studies is that "when it bleeds it leads". The media love violence and from the newsroom perspective, negative news is good news. Violent death often makes it to the headlines,...

Reporting Bad News

by Jackie Newton & Sallyanne Duncan

Reporting Bad News addresses a gap in the literature concerning death reporting and stories of personal tragedy. Much has been written about disasters and large-scale tragedies, but this research concentrates...

Global Dialectics in Intercultural Communication

by Jolanta A. Drzewiecka & Thomas K. Nakayama

This book is an edited collection of case studies of contemporary issues in culture and communication around the world. Framed around a dialectical approach to intercultural communication, this collection offers...

Digital Storytelling, Mediatized Stories

by Knut Lundby

Recent years have seen amateur personal stories, focusing on «me», flourish on social networking sites and in digital storytelling workshops. The resulting digital stories could be called «mediatized stories»....

Frugal Art: Creating Beautiful Art On A Budget For Home

by Dorothy James

Thinking about creating your own art at home? Don't want to purchase art pieces that don't connect with who you are as a person and what you want your home to look like?

Dorothy James points out some of the best...

Artist's Market 2018: How and Where to Sell Your Art

by Noel Rivera

A successful art career at your fingertips!

Do you want to establish or expand a career for yourself in fine art, illustration, or design? Artist's Market 2018 is the must-have reference guide you need. Thousands...