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by Jp. A. Calosse

A timeless theme that cannot be ignored, love has always fascinated artists. Painters, sculptors and even architects have drawn inspiration from and illustrated it. Ever new, love has led artists to create the...


by Klaus Carl

What do the thousands of images of bras and panties on perfectly sculpted bodies that we see spread across billboards and magazines say about our society? Many women indulge in lingerie to please men. Yet, since...

Kama Sutra

by E. Lamairesse & Vatsayana

Mega Square Kama Sutra pays homage to the magic of love and is a universal educational manual. This edition is tastefully illustrated with refined frescos and delicate prints.

Erotic Drawings

by Victoria Charles

From Michelangelo to Rubens, Degas and Picasso, erotic art has attracted many great masters, who created works that captivate the beholder like few others. In spite of, or maybe even because of, this attraction,...

The Origin of the World

by Jp. A. Calosse & Hans-Jürgen Döpp

Lacan, the last owner of Courbet's The Origin of the World, loved the painting so much that he couldn't even bring himself to look at it. Instead, he hid it behind a "safer" painting. The Chinese called it the...

Playboy Plus: Cara Mell

by Playboy

This xxx picture book is designed for anyone who is a fan of beautiful women and photography! Playboy Plus features only the sexiest and most sophisticated nude models in the industry. Playboy Plus is an...

Family Sandwich: Fucked by Daddy and Brother on Xmas Morning

by Jade Summers

I woke up on Christmas morning to a special present my daddy and brother had bought for me. It was a perfume that smelled wonderful and made me feel like I was floating. Before I knew it, I was sandwiched in...

Hypnotized to Fuck 20-Pack - Dogs, Gorillas, Horses, Daddies, Brothers and Groups of Men Hypnotizing Girls to Fuck Them

by Jade Summers

20 different stories of 20 different girls winding up in situations where they have no control over what they're doing. They're hypnotized by daddies, brothers, pets, zoo animals and groups of strangers to fuck,...

Drugged to Fuck 10-Pack - Husbands, Daddies, Brothers and Groups of Men Drugging Girls to Fuck Them (Incest Bestiality Taboo Daddy Daughter Brother Sister Gangbang Creampie Cum Dump All Holes Filled Punishment Breeding Drugged Sex)

by Jade Summers

Ten unsuspecting girls get themselves into situations where they are given drugs or alcohol and wind up being fucked by their daddies, brothers, husbands, groups of strangers and even a group of dogs!

This 10-pack...

A Man Has Needs

by Freakalique

Amanda secretly wants Alison's husband. When he returns Amanda's slow cooker, things slowly start cooking between the two of them.

Birthing The Musk Ox's Calf

by penelope liksit

In the Alaskan wilderness, I shall meet the great hairy, horned beast, and I shall have his calf.

Auctioned Off

by Freakalique

Alexa is kidnapped and auctioned off as a sex slave. When all seems lost, your hero appears!

Cuckold By Force

by Freakalique

Your wife has fantasies of fucking another man. After some steamy fantasy sex, she decides to go through with it. You're not consulted, so if you don't like it, then tough!

Birth of a Fiend

by Freakalique

After taking a Japanese weight-loss supplement, Adrienne grows a penis and feels compelled to use it on her friend Alessandra. After that, things start to get a little weird.

Be warned that the events in this...

A Bit Slutty

by Freakalique

You discover that a girl you're infatuated with is actually a bit of a slut, and you take full advantage. This all happens with the full encouragement of her friend, who happens to be my girlfriend.

To make things...

Tied Up Surprise

by Freakalique

The girl of your dreams is given to you as a present by your friends. The circumstances are a little suspicious (she seems quite annoyed to have been tied up naked to the bed) but you don't let that stop you!...


by Freakalique

You have a rare moment alone with your dream girl, but your wandering, lecherous gaze gets you into trouble!

A Huge Favor

by Freakalique

A guy can't satisfy his sexy girlfriend Aaliyah, so they ask his good friend Abe to help out...

Anal Daughters 4-Pack

by penelope liksit

Four specially selected tales from across my catalogue, for lovers of daddy and daughter back door action. This will overlap with some other bundles.

Fifty shades of my cock up my daughter’s ass

Daddy makes...

25,000 Years of Erotic Freedom

by Alan Moore

With each new technological advance, pornography has proliferated and degraded in quality. Today, porn is everywhere, but where is it art? 25,000 Years of Erotic Freedom surveys the history of pornography and...