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The Holy City Bible

by Editions Ctad

A full Catholic Bible containing the Old and New Testament.

The Word of God.

It is well structured for good read on your Kindle. You can navigate by chapter.

Longer in contact with the Word of God your creator...

Holy Bible, GOD'S WORD Translation (GW)

by Baker Publishing Group

God's Word Translation (GW) accurately translates the meaning of the original texts into clear, everyday language.

GW Apocrypha Ebook: The Deuterocanonical Books of the Old Testament

by Baker Group

The "hidden" books of the Old Testament Apocrypha offer insights into Jewish history, beliefs, and religious practices immediately prior to the birth of Jesus.

Enter the Kingdom of Heaven NOW! - The Gospel of the Holy Spirit

by A Son of God

This is probably the most Powerful book ever written besides the New Testament.

This book will get you filled with the Holy Spirit. This is how you enter the Kingdom of Heaven NOW, while you are still on this...

GW Names of God Bible

by Ann Spangler

Bestselling author of Praying the Names of God draws readers into deeper intimacy with God through a Bible that recaptures the richness of God's character with special features exploring his Hebrew names.

GOD'S WORD for Boys ebook

by Larry Richards & Baker Publishing Group

With study materials and devotions, God's Word for Boys helps pre-teens ages 8 to 12 understand and apply Scripture truths to their lives and become men of character.

Rejected of Men: A Story of To-day

by Howard Pyle

This is the story of the scribes, pharisees, priests, and Levites, and of certain Romans. It is intended as a phase of that divine history already told to the world, but now told from another stand-point and...

Answers to Prayer

by George Müller

Mr. Brooks, in this compilation, has endeavored to select those incidents and practical remarks from Mr. Müller's Narratives, that show in an unmistakeable way, both to believers and unbelievers, the secret...

A Spoonful of Sugar: Your Daily Dose of Laughter

by Emily Ann Alexander

This 365 day Biblical devotional applies hysterical real life stories from the life of Author Emily Alexander to the Word of God. Her prayer is that every reader will come away with numerous belly laughs and...

India Ablaze with a Revelation of the Lamb

by Sandy Davis Kirk

It is time for a fresh revelation of the Lamb to thunder over India. Sandy Davis Kirk heard the Lord say while worshipping in my revival church in America. Why is this revelation so vitally important for India?...

Daily Light on The Daily Path

by Samuel Bagster

Christian daily devotional scripture reading that consists of brief groupings of scripture passages which speak to prominent Biblical themes for each day of the year. It appends no commentary, but simply allows...

The Removal of Restraint

by Sam Soleyn

Since the revelation of the removal of restraint was given in late 2012, there has been an acceleration of the evidence of the loss of restraint. Obvious examples such as powerful government agencies invidiously...

The Bible on the Key Issues of Life

by Nick Hawkes

questions asked about life and faith. Issues covered include: guidance; suffering; healing; getting a job; sex; the environment; and the resurrection. It is a reference book designed for personal use and as...

GW Pray the Scriptures Bible

by Kevin Johnson

This first-of-its-kind Bible combines the full text of God's Word Translation (GW) with more than 4,500 prayers to pray alongside the Scriptures that inspired them.

Simply Jesus: His Life and Teachings in Historical Order

by Baker Publishing Group

This meaningful book offers a chronological account of the life of Jesus that provides an overview of his life and character.

Incidental Psychotherapy within Christian Relationships: Mental Health Benefits from Therapeutic Alliances Built on the Caring Love of Christians

by E. Rae Harcum

This book points out the close similarity between the loving connections of Christians and therapeutic relationships between psychotherapists and clients. It discusses the nature of psychotherapy, the nature...

The Poems of Jesus Christ

by Willis Barnstone

The words of Jesus Christ are restored to their original poetic form ?in this extraordinary volume. Jesus Christ, whose teachings have been on the lips of millions for two millennia, is revealed here as one...

Sons of the Wind


When Arnaud got an odd letter from a stranger who claimed he was his father, he couldn’t imagine it would lead him so far away. Far away from home, of course, but from himself too, from his inherent human...

God Talker

by Justine Marie Nettleton

God Talker God demonstrated the power of the spoken word by speaking all creation into existence. Jesus testifies that His words are spirit and life. Likewise, our words have power. When we speak words contrary...

How to Learn the Bible the Best Way to Study the Bible

by Simon Kennard

Bible is most bought book of all times. However, it is the most under utilized book as well. The challenge is there for everyone who buys as to how to read it and learn from it easily. You will need have an...