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Hot Spots and Hot Seats: An Experience of Practice  in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

by John Bradley

John Bradley takes us on his journey from the Hot Spots of the bombing of second world war to the Hot Seat as Chairman of a Health Trust in Lancashire. The journey is not always smooth. There is confrontation...

One Man's Tortuous Foray Into Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: One Story During the Evolution of Maxillofacial Surgery from Hospital Dentistry

by Laurence Oldham

Laurence Oldham describes his training as a dentist soon after the second world war and his practice in the Royal Air force during national Service. The tedium of General Dental Practice and frustration of an...

Dropout Sourdough: Memoirs of a Working Class Adventurer

by Martin Wandersee

Martin Wandersee writes his first booklet of his adverturous life. He left school and as an individualist and hard work traveled the world, living and working with no job longer than 6 months. This story is...


by Risa Bear

At the age of fifty-six, Risa sets out to find herself, having lived until that moment as someone else entirely. By the author of Starvation Ridge.

Abigail Adams: A Writing Life

by Edith B. Gelles

In this book, Edith B. Gelles asserts that Abigail Adams' vivid, insightful letters are "the best account that exists from the pre to the post-Revolutionary period in America of a woman's life and world." Adams'...

Pope John Paul II

by Tad Szulc

Pope John Paul II is one of the pivotal figures of this century, the spiritual head of more than one billion believers and a world statesman of immense stature and influence. Yet, at the age of seventy-six and...

Going Somewhere: A Bicycle Journey Across America

by Brian Benson

Brian has a million vague life plans but zero sense of direction. So when he meets Rachel, a self-possessed woman who daydreams of bicycling across the States, he decides to follow her wherever she'll take him....

A Long Way Home: A Memoir

by Saroo Brierley

The miraculous and triumphant story of a young man who rediscovers not only his childhood life and home...but an identity long-since left behind.

At only five years old, Saroo Brierley got lost on a train in...

Richard Burton: Prince of Players

by Michael Munn

'After reading this affectionately candid biography, it is hard not to echo Olivier's response on hearing of Burton's death: "He was so young, so young"' Daily Mail

A man of contradictions, Richard Burton's life...

Cubs Forever: Memories from the Men Who Lived Them

by Bob Vorwald & Stephen Green

Cubs Forever celebrates the 60-year romance between the team, the superstation, and the fans. It brings to life some of the great games and moments in the team's history, such as Ernie Banks' 500th home run,...

Gretzky's Tears: Hockey, America, and the Day Everything Changed

by Stephen Brunt

From his standout youth, where he honed his skills on a backyard rink, to his unlikely jump to the pros at the age of 17, this biography chronicles Wayne Gretzky’s ascension to the greatest hockey player of...

Rockin' Steady: A Guide to Basketball & Cool

by Ira Berkow, Walt Frazier & Bill Russell

For millions of basketball fans in the 1970s, Walt “Clyde” Frazier defined the word cool. An iconic piece of basketball history and sports journalism, this meticulously documented account tells the story...

The Constant Rider Omnibus: Stories from the Public Transportation Front

by Kate Lopresti

Collected in book form are Constant Rider zine issues 1–7 which detail author Kate Lopresti's personal history as a patron of public transport. Anecdotes and accounts, from humor to hard times, are included...

They Shall Not Have Me: The Capture, Forced Labor, and Escape of a French Prisoner in World War II

by Jean Helion, Deborah Rosenthal & Jacqueline Helion

A daring story of imprisonment and escape under the Nazi regime and a moving and engrossing symbol of resilience and integrity.

The French painter Jean Hélion’s unique and deeply moving account of his experiences...

Stranger at the Gates: A Summer in Mississippi

by Tracy Sugarman, Charles McLaurin & Fannie Lou Hamer

During the summer of 1964, over one thousand people, including many college students went to Mississippi as part of a state wide effort to register African-American voters and to establish teaching centers that...

Life Writing: A Writers' and Artists' Companion

by Sally Cline & Carole Angier

Life Writing: A Writers' & Artists' Companion is an essential guide to writing biography, autobiography and memoir.

PART 1 explores the history and forms of life writing and the challenges and potential pitfalls...

From Penny Loafers to Prada Pumps! Reflections of Love, Laughter & Life - This Woman's Perspective on Friendships and Relationships

by Bernadette Holder

I have come to realize, life is full of lessons learned. While we are all very different, we are in most ways the same. All of our experiences help us to grow and to shape our lives. We all have stories, and...

Stand with Cathy: A Young Couple's Battle with Cancer

by Olen Rambow

Cathy Rambow moved to the United States with her husband Olen in July of 2009. She was studying to become a nurse. But after less than a year of classes, at the age of just 27, she was diagnosed with breast...

Rooftops & Shoestrings

by Kay Henkel

When arriving in Rio, the position and the company had collapsed. Without any knowledge of the Portuguese language, no personal or business connections or prospects for employment, we were immediately destitute....

Nine Lives of William Shakespeare

by Graham Holderness

Who was Shakespeare and how did he live? Combining fact, tradition and imagination, Shakespeare's many lives are told in 9 possible ways. We know relatively little about Shakespeare's life, and yet it continues...