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Bedpans and Bobby Socks: Five British Nurses on the American Road Trip of a Lifetime

by Barbara Fox

`In my dreams, I was always in some vast landscape on a long, straight road. Driving. Always driving.? Gwenda had always loved the open road, but her home town of Newcastle didn?t really offer the sort of adventure...

Black Watch: Liberating Europe and Catching Himmler ¿ My Extraordinary WW2 with the Highland Division

by Tom Renouf

As a 19-year old Black Watch conscript Tom Renouf?s war began with some of the most vicious fighting of the conflict - against Himmler?s fanatical `Hitler Youth? SS Division. It ended with the capture of Himmler...

Flinders: The Man Who Mapped Australia

by Rob Mundle

'Rob Mundle is a master of the maritime narrative' SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

Matthew Flinders was the first to circumnavigate and chart the treacherous Terra Australis coastline ? he is the man who put Australia...

Tea with Arwa: A Memoir of Family, Faith and Finding a Home in Australia

by Arwa ElMasri

Arwa El Masri is a child of many countries. She was born in Saudi Arabia, lived in America for a time, and yet, as the daughter of Palestinian migrants, Arwa did not have a country that she could call home....

Me of the Never Never: The Chaotic Life and Times of Fiona O'Loughlin

by Fiona O'Loughlin

`If I?d gone to a fortune teller when I was at school and been told I?d marry a guy who makes false teeth, move to Alice Springs, have five kids and become a standup comedian, well, I would have been surprised,...

The Architect of Kokoda: Bert Kienzle - The Man Who Made the Kokoda Track

by Robyn Kienzle

In my humble opinion, Bert Kienzle did more than any other single man to make Australian victory possible.' Peter FitzSimons, author of Kokoda

In 1942, when the Japanese had invaded Papua New Guinea and the Australian...

Where the Road Leads: An Australian Woman's Journey of Love and Determination

by Jean E. Calder

For almost three decades, Jean Calder has been working with children with disabilities in Lebanon, Egypt and the Gaza Strip. In 1981 Jean Calder left a comfortable life in Queensland and a respected academic...

War Behind the Wire: Australian Prisoners of War

by Michael Caulfield

Michael Caulfield presents accounts of Australian prisoners of war, capturing the Aussie spirit that manages to endure through all.

Sidney Cotton: The Last Plane Out of Berlin

by Jeffrey Watson

Born in Queensland, Sidney Cotton served as a pilot in World War I and over the next twenty years did everything from delivering mail in Newfoundland to entering the world of aerial reconnaissandce on behalf...

The Moonlight Stallion: And Other Yarns from the Australian Outback

by Brian Taylor

This book of bush tales vividly evokes an era now gone, when people struggled in isolation to tame the land and when camaraderie and mateship were everything.

Young Brian Taylor was a ringer on Queensland cattle...

The Brumby Mare: And Other Recollections of a Queensland Bushman

by Brian Taylor

The Brumby Mare is an engaging collection of reminiscences about traditional Queensland stockmen and bush workers in the 1950s and 1960s, before the days of motorbikes and helicopters.

BRIAN TAYLOR knows and...

Wishful Drinking

by Carrie Fisher

The bestselling author of Postcards from the Edge comes clean (well, sort of) in her first-ever memoir, adapted from her one-woman Broadway hit show. Fisher reveals what it was really like to grow up a product...

Losing Everything

by David Lozell Martin

In Losing Everything, his first book of nonfiction, acclaimed novelist David Lozell Martin tells his wildest, most outlandish story yet -- his own.

One evening in the mountainous forest of his isolated West...

Catherine the Great & Potemkin: The Imperial Love Affair

by Simon Sebag Montefiore

History's greatest love story, Catherine the Great and Potemkin is a sweeping epic of sex, love, power, conquest and extravagance on a magnificent Russian scale. Not only was their romance wildly passionate...

Gielgud's Letters

by Richard Mangan

'In this comprehensive volume, we see the actor in a range of roles: loving son, wicked gossip, star actor, indecisive director, anguished lover, brilliant anecdotist...This splendid book reveals an infinitely...

The Further Adventures of a London Call Girl

by Belle deJour

She lists like Hornby. She talks dirty like Amis. She has the misanthropy of Larkin and examines the finer points of sexual technique as she is adjusting the torque on a beloved but temperamental old E-type...It's...

The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl

by Belle deJour

Belle de Jour is the nom de plume of a high-class call girl working in London. This is her story.From the summer of 2003 to the autumn of 2004 Belle charted her day-to-day adventures on and off the field in...

Red One

by Kevin Ivison

This is the gripping true story of a young bomb disposal officer and his terrifying experiences in Iraq facing daily rocket attacks and terrorist bombs. When two of his colleagues are killed by a roadside bomb,...

Take Me with You: A Memoir

by Fr

Carlos Frías, an award-winning journalist and the American-born son of Cuban exiles, grew up hearing about his parents' homeland only in parables. Their Cuba, the one they left behind four decades ago, was...

Samuel Adams: A Life

by Ira Stoll

In this stirring biography, Samuel Adams joins the first tier of founding fathers, a rank he has long deserved. With eloquence equal to that of Thomas Jefferson and Tom Paine, and with a passionate love of God,...