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Guadalcanal Marine

by Kerry L. Lane

In Guadalcanal Marine, Kerry L. Lane recounts the dark reality of combat experienced by the men of the 1st Marine Division fighting on Guadalcanal and Cape Gloucester. With eighty gripping photographs and his...

Pilgrimage from Darkness: Nuremberg to Jerusalem

by David E. Feldman

Oskar Eder was born near Nuremberg in 1925. His youth was influenced by Germany's xenophobic patriotism and Nazi politics. Suffering teenage angst and falling under the sway of the Jungvolk, the younger branch...

Betty Garrett and Other Songs: A Life on Stage and Screen

by Betty Garrett & Ron Rapoport

"Betty Garrett's memoir is a tale of grace under pressure. It's a lovely, moving song of survival."-Studs Terkel

The Rain Tree

by Mirabel Osler

A beautifully written memoir from the bestselling author of A Gentle Plea for Chaos

Mass Casualties

by Michael Anthony

From the Introduction: "Look around," the drill sergeant said. "In a few years, or even a few months, several of you will be dead. Some of you will be severely wounded or so badly mutilated that your own mother...

Luck: What It Means and Why It Matters

by Ed Smith

To what extent do we control our own destiny? Can those who have risen to the top really say it was all down to them? Is lucky success somehow less deserving?

Goodbye Sarajevo: A True Story of Courage, Love and Survival

by Atka Reid & Hana Schofield

A moving and compelling true story about two sisters fighting for survival in Sarajevo during the Bosnian war

The Sun Hasn't Fallen from the Sky

by Alison Gangel

A vibrant and moving memoir of two sisters growing up in Glasgow

Meet the Beatles

by Steven D. Stark

The Beatles have profoundly touched the lives of millions. But have you ever wondered why? Why did they become the most powerful artists in history and one of the twentieth century's major symbols of cultural...

Femme Fatale: A New Biography of Mata Hari

by Pat Shipman

In 1917, the notorious Oriental dancer Mata Hari was arrested on the charge of espionage; less than one year later, she was tried and executed, charged with the deaths of at least 50,000 gallant French soldiers....

A Fine Romance: Jewish Songwriters, American Songs

by David Lehman

Part of the Jewish Encounter series

In A Fine Romance, David Lehman looks at the formation of the American songbook—the timeless numbers that became jazz standards, iconic love songs, and sound tracks to famous...

Just Me

by Sheila Hancock

The eagerly anticipated follow-up to The Two Of Us, this is a moving, honest and charming account of life after John

Love Me, Hate Me: Barry Bonds and the making of an Antiher

by Jeff Pearlman

No player in the history of baseball has left such an indelible mark on the game as San Francisco Giants outfielder Barry Bonds. In his twenty-year career, Bonds has amassed an unprecedented seven MVP awards,...

The Life of Benjamin Franklin, Volume 2: Printer and Publisher, 1730-1747

by J. A. Leo Lemay

Representing a lifetime of research, this seven-volume biography will give readers an unmatched resource for understanding Benjamin Franklin's character and place in American history. This second volume chronicles...

Just Frank: My Life as an Intrepid Inventor

by Franklin G. Reick

A lively autobiography by one of America's foremost inventors.

You Need Humour with a Tumour: Reflections on a Journey with Cancer

by Annmarie James-Thomas

A mothers story of strength and courage in the face of cervical cancer. This is a moving memoir of how Annmarie and her family deal with her diagnosis and live life to the full.

Mary Wickes: I Know I've Seen That Face Before

by Steve Taravella

Moviegoers know her as the housekeeper in White Christmas, the nurse in Now, Voyager, and the crotchety choir director in Sister Act. This book, filled with never-published behind-the-scenes stories from Broadway...

I Stooged to Conquer: The Autobiography of the Leader of the Three Stooges

by Moe Howard

Telling the full story of the head Stooge, this work reveals the life-long career of a legendary funnyman. Born into a working-class family in Brooklyn, Moe Howard transformed his real-life experiences of getting...

Greasy Rider: Two Dudes, One Fry-Oil-Powered Car, and a Cross-Country Search for a Greener Future

by Greg Melville

Is it possible to drive coast-to-coast without stopping at a single gas pump? Journalist Greg Melville is determined to try. With his college buddy Iggy riding shotgun, this green-thinking guy—who's in love...

Thirty Years a Slave - From Bondage to Freedom

by Louis Hughes

Originally published in 1897, this autobiography of Louis Hughes is a fascinating works of the period and still an interesting read today. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900's...