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Kokoda Wallaby: Stan Bisset: The Rugby International Who Became a Kokoda Hero

by Andrew James

The first full biography of the rugby legend and World War II hero.

Caught in the Crossfire: An Australian Peacekeeper Beyond the Front-Line

by Matina Jewell

This is a story of idealism and heroism; of romance and terrifying drama.

Booker T: From Prison to Promise: Life Before the Squared Circle

by Booker T Huffman & Andrew William Wright

A spirited tale of redemption from a seemingly insurmountable life of tragedy and crime, this first autobiography of professional wrestler and TV commentator Booker T. Huffman details his life before celebrity...

Common as Air: Revolution, Art, and Ownership

by Lewis Hyde

In 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his famous ‘I Have a Dream’ speech. Thirty years later his son registered the words ‘I Have a Dream’ as a trademark and successfully blocked attempts to reproduce...

Rachel Carson: Witness for Nature

by Linda Lear

Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, published in 1962, did more than any other single publication to alert the world to the hazards of environmental poisoning and to inspire a powerful social movement that would...

Lake Effect

by Rich Cohen

A New York Times Notable Book

Winner of the Great Lakes Book Award and the 21st Century Award from the Chicago Public Library

Raised in an affluent suburb on the North Shore of Chicago, Rich Cohen had a cluster...

The Toyboy Diaries

by Wendy Salisbury

Girls just want to have fun ... and so does Wendy Salisbury. It doesn't matter that she's a twice-divorced mother of two with grandchildren pending. She is still vivacious, sexy and glamorous, and far more likely...

Sunset on the Clyde: The Last Summers on the Water

by Duncan Graham

The 1950s were the heyday of the Clyde pleasure-steamer, when hordes of ordinary folk went 'doon the watter' to Dunoon, Largs and Millport to the strains of accordian and fiddle. Others went with suitcases to...

Journey into the Whirlwind

by Eugenia Ginzburg

Both witness to and victim of Stalin’s reign of terror, a courageous woman tells the story of her harrowing eighteen-year odyssey through Russia’s prisons and labor camps. Translated by Paul Stevenson and...

A Middle Eastern Affair

by Ellis Douek

"wherever I have found myself has seemed the proper place for me to be. I have never been an exile." When Ellis Douek was nine years old, his mother insisted that he take up embroidery – in case he decided...

Conversations with Isaiah Berlin

by Ramin Jahanbegloo

An illuminating and witty dialogue with one of the greatest intellectual figures of the twentieth century. Ramin Jahanbegloo's interview with Isaiah Berlin grew into a series of five conversations which offer...

In the Old Chief's Country

by Chris McIvor

“We pushed on well beyond the hour mark, neither of us wanting to remind the other of our agreement to return to the vehicle if we found nothing within that time. Surely beyond the next bend we would stumble...

The Kerracher Man

by Eric MacLeod

Back in the 70s when the world lived in smock tops and flares, Eric and Ruth MacLeod took themselves and their two small daughters off to an abandoned crofthouse in the remotest quarter of the West Highlands....

Fire: From ¿A Journal of Love¿ The Unexpurgated Diary of Anaïs Nin, 1934-1938

by Anais Nin

In this “erotically charged”(Publishers Weekly) diary that picks up where Incest left off, Nin chronicles a restless search for fulfillment that leads her to New York City-”that brilliant giant toy”...

The Real Warren Buffett: Managing Capital, Leading People

by James O'Loughlin

The Real Warren Buffett unveils the secret of how Warren Buffett led Berkshire Hathaway to staggering success. Zeroing in on his original management style and leadership approach, author James O’Loughlin exposes...

Jesse James: Last Rebel of the Civil War

by T.J. Stiles

In this brilliant biography T. J. Stiles offers a new understanding of the legendary outlaw Jesse James. Although he has often been portrayed as a Robin Hood of the old west, in this ground-breaking work Stiles...

Monk Eastman: The Gangster Who Became a War Hero

by Neil Hanson

An intimate biography as well as an epic history, Monk Eastman vividly recounts the life and times of old New York’s most infamous gangster-cum-soldier as he made his way from the sooty streets and dingy saloons...

People Who Say Goodbye: Memories of Childhood

by P. Y. Betts

Before the First World War, when Wandsworth was still a countrified suburb, P.Y. Betts grew up there, observing with absolute clarity the behaviour and conversation of the adults around her. She did not always...

The SPCK Introduction to Kierkegaard

by Peter Vardy

Søren Kierkegaard (1813-1855) was barely known in his own lifetime and his writings had little influence. Yet today, he is internationally accepted as one of the world’s greatest philosophical thinkers. Here,...

The SPCK Introduction to Bonhoeffer

by Keith Clements

Dietrich Bonhoeffer remains one of the twentieth century's most influential theologians and this is a short, accessible and engaging introduction to the man. Written by an internationally acclaimed Bonhoeffer...