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Because of Love: Now and Forever

by Janice Grow Hanson

The touching true story of how a mother’s love, faith, and determination saved the lives of her two physically challenged children.  Tonya and Cody are the only two known in the entire world diagnosed with...

The Game Changer: A Memoir of Disruptive Love

by Franklin Veaux & AV Flox

Franklin and Celeste's open marriage seemed perfectly safe-until the day Amber entered his life and showed them why the heart does not obey rules.

Mad, Bad and Dangerous: The Eccentricity of Tyrants

by Tom Ambrose

A penetrating and incisive study of the fanaticism and foibles of some of history's most illustrious namesFrom Assad to Nero, Gaddafi to Ivan The Terrible, this work attempts a thorough illumination of the...

All My Januaries: Pleasures of Life and Other Essays

by Barbara Blackman

'Somewhere in this world, in this lifetime, there is a place of simple things, of sitting beside a fire with friends, good company, quietly talking, no formidable decisions, no explanations, no threat, no guilt,...

Air War: Combat Crew

by Robert Stanek

The true story of the Air War and the Combat Crew. You'll never look at the skies over your head the same again. Originally released as Stormjammers, this new edition of the popular memoir for a new generation...

Run for Your Life: From Victim to Victor

by Denair Marie & L. David Harris

You’ll believe in miracles after reading this one!

With his bare hands and a soul-numbing smirk, he violently twisted Denair’s neck and slowly began choking her to death! Her mind raced, “What does he...

The Last Manchu: The Autobiography of Henry Pu Yi, Last Emperor of China

by Henry Pu Yi & Paul Kramer

In 1908 at the age of two, Henry Pu Yi ascended to become the last emperor of the centuries-old Manchu dynasty. After revolutionaries forced Pu Yi to abdicate in 1911, the young emperor lived for thirteen years...

12 Texas Aggie War Heroes: From World War I to Vietnam

by James R. Woodall & Thomas G. Darling

Following on the success of Texas Aggie Medals of Honor, James R. Woodall now returns with a new book that focuses on the military service by graduates of Texas A&M University from World War I to Vietnam. Of...

A Moveable Famine

by John Skoyles

This is the story of a boy from working class Queens who discovers poetry, an unlikely obsession that leads him from a Jesuit college's all male, sex-starved campus to the St. Mark's Poetry Project, and then...

Giving it all Away: The Doris Buffett Story

by Michael Zitz

When she was a toddler in Omaha, her parents called her Mary Sunshine.

Warren Buffett's big sister Doris has never lost that quality, despite personal problems that would have soured others on the world. The...

Knock Knock: A Life

by Suzanne McNear

This autobiographical novel establishes Suzanne McNear as a distinctive voice in American literature. Written with the same quirky, ironic sensibility that brought praise for her story collection, Drought, it...

Young, Sick, and Invisible: A Skeptic's Journey with Chronic Illness

by Ania Bula

Drawing on her own deeply personal experiences, Ania Bula explores what it is like to live with unseen chronic disabilities. She paints a vibrant picture of what it is like to be diagnosed with two life-long...

The Magnificent Life of Miss May Holman Australia's First Female Labor Parliamentarian

by Lekkie Hopkins

Throughout the 1930s May Holman was a household name and an inspiration to the women of her generation. She made history in 1925 when, at age thirty-one, she became Australia’s first female Labor parliamentarian,...

Movie Star or Missionary?: An Autobiography

by Dorine Hawkins Stewart

At thirteen, Dorine Hawkins Stewart wanted to be either a movie star or a missionary. Two years later, she knew for sure: God was calling her to be a missionary. But the road was by no means smooth for this...

The Last Real Gangster: The Final Truth About the Krays and the Underground World We Lived In

by Freddie Foreman & Tom Hardy

For more than 50 years, Freddie Foreman's name has commanded respect, and occasionally fear, from those who work to uphold the law—and those who operate just outside of it. With almost all of his compatriots—like...

Tricurious: Surviving the Deep End, Getting into Gear and Racing to Triathlon Success

by Laura Fountain & Katie King

Laura was a self-certified couch potato who, until a few years ago, could only run for a couple of minutes at a time, and couldn't swim. She has now completed several marathons and is a committed triathlete....

Stories from Suburban Road

by Thomas Arthur Hungerford

T.A.G. Hungerford’s highly acclaimed, bestselling autobiographical short stories recount his childhood in semi-rural suburbia in the 1920s and 1930s. Bird-nesting and school days, crabbing and swimming in...

The Reason I Run: How Two Men Transformed Tragedy into the Greatest Race of Their Lives

by Chris Spriggs

When 39-time marathon runner Andrew Spriggs was diagnosed with motor neurone disease he knew his running days were over. But a surprise message from his nephew Chris, offering to push him in his rickety wheelchair...

Metamorphosis: My Journey of Faith

by Madeline Medina-González

Metamorphosis: My Journey of Faith shares one woman’s spiritual journey using the analogy of the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly. As each stage in the caterpillar’s metamorphosis serves...

Still Grazing: The Musical Journey of Hugh Masekela

by Hugh Masikela

Hugh Masekela is a prodigiously talented giant of jazz and world music, and a pioneer in sharing the voice and spirit of South Africa with the rest of the world, but his globetrotting tale transcends music....