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Mary King: The Autobiography

by Mary King

A no-holds-barred story of what it takes to reach the top, and stay there, in the world's most dangerous sport - three day eventing.

At the age of forty-seven Mary King won a Team Bronze at the Beijing Olympics....

Wogan's Twelve: A Sharp Eye And A Witty Word To Mark The Passing Year

by Terry Wogan

What is it like to live the life of Sir Terry Wogan KBE? WOGAN'S TWELVE puts you in the passenger seat as Terry journeys through a helter-skelter year. From radio to TV studio, from hosting a charity event to...

What Will Be: The Autobiography

by William Fox-Pitt

The candid autobiography of one of the world's leading and most popular three-day eventers

William Fox-Pitt has been one of the most successful three-day event riders for many years. He began eventing at the...

This Is My Life: Eamonn Holmes: The Autobiography

by Eamonn Holmes

Eamonn Holmes is one of the most popular TV presenters in the UK. For twelve years he was the main anchor at GMTV drawing daily audiences of six million viewers. His humour, easy presenting style and ability...

Mustn't Grumble

by Terry Wogan

Written in a style familiar to his millions of listeners, rich with warmth and irony, MUSTN'T GRUMBLE is Terry's definitive autobiography. Not only does he introduce the reader to post-Emergency Ireland, his...

Fading Into The Limelight: The Autobiography

by Peter Sallis

The autobiography of Peter Sallis, the brilliant actor best known for his roles as the voice of Wallace and as Clegg in Last of the Summer Wine

For more than 30 years, Peter Sallis has played Clegg in 'Last of...

Early Days

by Miss Read

The enchanting childhood memoirs of bestselling author Miss Read. Miss Read's early days were spent with two remarkable grandmothers - one in Lewisham and one in Walton-on-the-Naze. EARLY DAYS is full of childhood...

Bobby Dazzler: My Story

by Bobby George

The autobiography of one of the most charismatic figures in darts history, who has so much more to tell...

When Bobby George first appeared on the darts scene, he immediately caught the eye: well built (he was...


by Sharon McGovern

The heartbreaking but hugely inspiring account of a little girl's survival through extreme abuse and her inspiring fight for justice ...

At the age of four years old Sharon McGovern knew that her new stepfather...


by Caspar Walsh

When Caspar Walsh was three years old his father became his primary carer. But Caspar's father wasn't classic dad material. He robbed banks, he dealt drugs and made his living from deception and violence. He...

A Spy Has No Friends: To Save His Country, He Became the Enemy

by Ronald Seth

From the beginning of his mission as a British agent against the Nazis, Ronald Seth was a hunted man. Shot at as he parachuted down to the Estonian coast, he suffered extremes of deprivation before being captured...

Look Back in Hunger

by Jo Brand

Jo Brand is one of Britain's funniest and best-loved comedians. With a sharp eye for the absurd and in her own unique voice she tells her story for the first time.

What possessed her to become a professional...

Tackling Life

by Jonny Wilkinson

Jonny Wilkinson's impact on global sport has been extraordinary. Yet Jonny has faced a battle all his life to achieve success and, crucially, happiness. A crippling fear of failure, the targets he set himself...


by Lorraine Kelly

National treasure Lorraine Kelly has been?great company for years: a sunny, vivacious and loveable presence in your home. Now it's possible to get to know her even better as, for the first time, she opens up...


by Jayne Sterne

When eight-year-old Jayne left bomb-torn Northern Ireland, her family stayed with relations and a distant relative began a campaign of abuse so horrifying that her world was shattered forever. When the family...

Suggs and the City: Journeys Through Disappearing London

by Suggs

Revelling in the off-beat and eccentric, Londoner Suggs takes us on a nostalgic adventure to explore the disappearing history of his extraordinary home town: from the sharp tailors of Saville Row to the sex...

I Forgive You Daddy

by Lizzie McGlynn

To the outside world, Lizzie McGlynn?s father was a model citizen. To little Lizzie he was a violent and depraved monster. For years, Lizzie was raped and beaten by her father, whilst her alcoholic mother stood...

Moan About Men: A Joyful Guide to the Things Men Do That Drive Women Mad

by Juliana Foster

What is it about men that drives women to distraction? Could it be the way they flick to the footie results while you're trying to watch your favourite television programme? Is it their dogged inability to admit...

Call Me When You Get To Heaven: Our Amazing True Story of Messages From the Other Side

by Jacky Newcomb & Madeline Richardson

In this fascinating and moving memoir, sisters Jacky and Madeline share the communications they have received from their beloved father, Ron, since he passed away in February 2008. Ron reaches out to them from...

Bit of a Blur

by Alex James

`I was the Fool-king of Soho and the number-one slag in the Groucho Club, the second drunkest member of the world?s drunkest band. This was no disaster, though. It was a dream coming true.? For Alex James, music...