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Becoming and Being

by Author John O'Loughlin

This project is quite unusual in that it combines, in separate parts, autobiographical sketches of the author with biographical sketches of some of the writers who have influenced him most, including Jean-Paul...

Beyond the Pale

by Author John O'Loughlin

This project came about as a result of disillusionment with the ephemeral or redundant nature of much autobiographical writing, which can be alarmingly quick to date, and consequently instead of one timescale...

My Soul On Ice

by Author John O'Loughlin

A combined autobiographical and philosophical project dating from 2009-10 by John O'Loughlin, whose autobiographical reminiscences are tinged by philosophical considerations and whose philosophy,characterized...

Portraits - Power and Glory Vis-a-Vis Form and Contentment

by Author John O'Loughlin

In this compilation of over thirty biographical sketches, including Hitler, Stalin, de Gaulle, Ben-Gurian, de Valera, Franco, Dali, Aldous Huxley, James Joyce, Norman Mailer, Ezra Pound, Carl Jung, and W.B Yeats,...

Down Among the Dead Men: A Year in the Life of a Mortuary Technician

by Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams is young and attractive, she has close family ties as well as a busy social life - but she is far from usual. She is a mortuary technician and her job involves dealing with those things in...

Price of Fame: The Honorable Clare Boothe Luce

by Sylvia Jukes Morris

“I hope I shall have ambition until the day I die,” Clare Boothe Luce told her biographer Sylvia Jukes Morris. Price of Fame, the concluding volume of the life of an exceptionally brilliant polymath, chronicles...

Memoirs for Love and Profit - Make Memories Last Forever!

by Mary Wallman

I wrote my book to help you do this for your own family members. This can be a source of income if you offer it as a service to other people. When you produce a great memoir it gives you great satisfaction and...

The Unexpected Best Friend

by Miriam Martinez

The most magical thing in the world is having a best friend. A best friend is someone who listens to you, no matter how crazy it is. Its someone who pushes you to the limit of your abilities. A best is someone...

Legacy of Guilt

by Carol Zanetti

"Belongs in the top rank of beautifully crafted memoirs." - Robert Jagoda, The Ghost of My Father. "Tears open the heart and allows us to walk through the fire." - Hank Whittemore, Emmy Award-winning writer,...

How Many Layers Until Myself?

by Guy Gustafson

The continuous shredding of the layers of myself torn away due to the passing of several loved ones in my life as I remain in my condition.

The Way to the West: And the Lives of Three Early Americans, Boone-Crockett-Carson (Illustrated)

by Emerson Hough

"I ask you to look at this splendid tool, the American ax, not more an implement of labor than an instrument of civilization. If you can not use it, you are not American. If you do not understand it, you can...

The Life of Francis Thompson (Illustrated)

by Everard Meynell

"Mr. Francis Thompson is a young poet of considerable parts, whose present danger lies in the possibility of his spoiling. Having recently put forth to the world a book of poems, modest enough in bulk, he was...

The Education of Henry Adams (Illustrated)

by Henry Adams

"A boy who began his education in these surroundings, with physical strength inferior to that of his brothers, and with a certain delicacy of mind and bone, ought rightly to have felt at home in the eighteenth...

Queen Victoria (Illustrated)

by Lytton Strachey

"Within two years of Albert's death a violent disturbance in foreign politics put Victoria's faithfulness to a crucial test. The fearful Schleswig-Holstein dispute, which had been smouldering for more than a...

Our Standard-Bearer: Or, the Life of General Ulysses S. Grant (Illustrated)

by Oliver Optic

"The people acknowledged the greatness of Grant's military genius, the tremendous power of his will, and the unflinching earnestness of his patriotism. Then, while salvos of artillery throughout the loyal land...

Emperor's Hymn Beginner Piano Sheet Music

by Franz Joseph Haydn

National Anthem of Germany for Beginner Piano by Franz Joseph Haydn A SilverTonalities Arrangement! Easy Note Style Sheet Music Letter Names of Notes embedded in each Notehead!

All the Shades of Shane - Blissful Misery

by S.K. Ballinger

Just when you think your life is on track and you are doing well for yourself, think again. Don't ever be blinded by things that come into your life. In this book you will find true stories, some including foul...

Life and Adventures of "Billy" Dixon (Illustrated)

by Frederick Samuel Barde & Billy Dixon

"When I was twelve years old my father died, and with my sister I went to live with my uncle, Thomas Dixon, who lived in Ray County, Missouri. In those days travel was difficult, and Missouri seemed a long way...


by Jeremiah Saint

Life is a cancer we mistake as beauty, this is the decomposing of prose encompassing feelings many thought long dead or resolute. "Never suspect the absolute to that which is not, unless you are awfully unambiguous."...

My Nine Year Hike With the Marines

by Bill Archer

One young boy's journey to manhood from a dysfunctional family to a ready-made military family, with sadness, sorrow and the things we learn.