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by Marlin Marynick

In November 1970, Charles Manson was sentenced to death for the horrifying and cold-blooded murders of seven people near Los Angeles. His sentence was later reduced to life imprisonment after California abolished...

It Took a Village

by Rubin Scott & Alma Buenavista

By: Alma Buenvista

Oakland Public School Teacher

With so much to say about Rubin Scott's book, It Takes a Village, if I had to choose one word to encapsulate the essence I would say: inspiring. Rubin Scott unpacks...

The Ballad of Jacob Peck

by Debra Komar

On a frigid February evening in 1805, Amos Babcock brutally murdered Mercy Hall. Believing that he was being instructed by God, Babcock stabbed and disembowelled his own sister, before dumping her lifeless body...

Phantom Justice

by Young Koo

Stirring memoir combines prison diaries.

This book provides a unique glimpse into what justice of Indiana was like, and describes harrowing experience with Indiana Justice and Judicial Systems.

When the Husband is the Suspect

by F. Lee Bailey & Jean Rabe

From the bestselling author of The Defense Never Rests, a look at the modern spate of spousal homicides.

This book provides an overview of several of the most famous homicidal husband cases of recent years, including:...

Jonathan, Wild

by Henry Fielding

The Life and Death of Jonathan Wild, the Great – novel, 1743, ironic treatment of Jonathan Wild, the most notorious underworld figure of the time.

Mein Kampf

by Adolf Hitler

IT HAS TURNED OUT FORTUNATE FOR ME TODAY THAT DESTINY APPOINTED BRAUNAU-on-the-Inn to be my birthplace. For that little town is situated just on the frontier between those two States the reunion of which seems,...

Memoirs Of A Booklegger

by Jack Kahane

Kahane, father of Olympia Press founder Maurice Girodias, recalls his life and his incredible publishing run in Paris from '31-39.

Whores, Queers and Others

by Philip Barrows

Classic of gay literature, and a 10-year chronicle of life split between post-war Paris, Italy, and New York. This seminal title, helping to transition society from the days when Glory Hole meant a lucky mining...

Philosopher of Evil

by Walter Drummond

Man or Monster? What drove this 18th Century nobleman to pen the works that made the name de Sade forever infamous? His life was a sorry record of imprisonment for the terrible deeds he perpetrated. But what...

I'm For Hire

by Marie Therese

Originally published in an expurgated version by Sartre in 1947, I'm for Hire is the first-person account of a Paris prostitute who works both sides of the conflict between France and Germany, also taking her...

Must We Burn de Sade?

by Simone de Beauvoir

Simone de Beauvoir's essay was originally published in French as Faut-il brûler Sade? in Les Temps Modernes, December, 1951 and January, 1952. This work led to a renewed interest in the notorious author.


by Liliana Angela Angeleri

Joseph Mayno of Spinetta (suburb of Alexandria, Italy), the bandit of Marengo, is a thief who has made a name for itself in the first half of the nineteenth century. He gave a hard time to the French authorities,...

Guy Fawkes, his life

by Thomas Lathbury

"...London was all in commotion as the day dawned: the streets were thronged with spectators, all eagerly inquiring what had taken place during the night. It was soon ascertained, that a conspiracy had been...

Anatomy of a Ponzi: Ponzi Schemes Past and Present

by Colleen Cross

Most of the all-time 10 biggest Ponzi schemes collapsed during the 2008 financial crisis. Today's financial markets are even more volatile, exactly the right conditions for a Ponzi scheme to collapse. Unwitting...

The Bastard of Fort Stikine: The Hudson's Bay Company and the Murder of John McLoughlin, Jr.

by Debra Komar

Is it possible to reach back in time and solve an unsolved murder, more than 170 years after it was committed? Just after midnight on April 21, 1842, John McLoughlin, Jr. - the chief trader for the Hudson's...