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Sitting Bull

by Robert M. Utley

The definitive, award-winning biography of the legendary chief and his dramatic role in the history of westward expansion

Reviled by the United States government as a troublemaker and a coward, revered by his...

Buckskin & Broadcloth: A Celebration of E. Pauline Johnson-Tekahionwake, 1861-1913

by Sheila M.F. Johnston

An exciting volume of anecdotes, letters, and poetry, illustrated with period photographs and new illustrations.

Moose to Moccasins: The Story of Ka Kita Wa Pa No Kwe

by Madeline Katt Theriault

Born in a tent on Bear Island, Lake Temagami, in 1908, Madeline Katt Theriault could recall an earlier independent and traditional First Nations lifestyle.

They Called Me Number One: Secrets and Survival at an Indian Residential School

by Bev Sellars

One woman's account of triumph over a childhood spent in an Indian residential school.

Chief Joseph

by Candy Moulton

Chief Joseph (1840-1904) became a legend due to his heroic efforts to keep his people in their homeland in Oregon's Wallowa Valley despite a treaty that ordered them onto a reservation in Idaho. In 1877, when...

American Warrior

by Gary O'Neal & David Fisher

The epic story of one of America's greatest soldiers, Ranger Hall of Fame member Gary O'Neal, who served his country for forty years

Chief Warrant Officer Gary O'Neal is no ordinary soldier. For nearly forty...

Rising Wolf the White Blackfoot

by James Willard Schultz

"One of the greatest pleasures of my long life on the plains was my intimate friendship with Hugh Monroe, or Rising Wolf, whose tale of his first experiences upon the Saskatchewan-Missouri River plains is set...

Sinopah the Indian Boy

by James Willard Schultz & E. Boyd Smith

"This is the Story of Sinopah, a Blackfoot Indian boy; he who afterward became the great chief Pitamakan, or, as we say, the Running Eagle. I knew Pitamakan well; also, his white friend and partner in many adventures,...

The War-Trail Fort

by James Willard Schultz & George Varian

"Adventures of Thomas Fox and Pitamakan" AUTHOR described the life and adventures of his two close friends Thomas Fox and the great chief Pitamakan (Running Eagle). In this book Schultz colors their joint adventures...

True Life Stories: The Greatest Native American Memoirs & Biographies

by Geronimo, John Stevens Cabot Abbott, Black Hawk & Charles M. Scanlan et al.

This collection presents the incredible life stories of the legendary Native Americans such as: Geronimo, Charles Eastman, Black Hawk, King Philip, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse. Contents: Charles Eastman: Indian...

In Spite Of! . . . but Because Of!

by Kerry Meadows

In 1954, in West Shawmut, Alabama, it was a kinder, gentler, and more peaceful time in life and society. Gas was twenty-two cents a gallon. This is a community memoir chronicling, detailing, and reflecting upon...

Lakota Intelligentsia

by Dr. Wynne DuBray

Between the traditions and teachings of her upbringing and the hope for a better a life for herself and for her family, a Native American Sioux woman embarks on a journey that takes her from the idyllic Great...

The Alaskan Haul Road

by Bennie Burk

It all began in the late sixties, I started core sampling at Finger Mountain for the Alaskan pipeline. Driving in such extreme conditions, -110 below with the wind chill factor, sometimes there was ice fog so...

The Color of Dusk

by Phyllis Demarecaux

Phyllis Demarecauxs story began during the Great Depression in rural Montana, where her parents struggled to raise five children in the years leading up to the Second World War. She lost touch with her mothers...

Street-Gang and Tribal-Warrior Autobiographies

by H. David Brumble

‘Street-Gang and Tribal-Warrior Autobiographies’ is a study of the autobiographies of tribal-warrior cultures in North America, the Amazon, the Orinoco Basin, the highlands of Luzon, the island of Alor—of...

The Life of Black Hawk

by Black Hawk

A controversial figure in his day, Black Hawk was the leader of the Sauk American Indian tribe in the early 1800s. The son of the tribeÂs medicine man, Black HawkÂs exploits as a warrior aided his rise to...

Life Among the Piutes: The First Autobiography of a Native American Woman

by Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins

This eBook edition of "Life Among the Piutes: The First Autobiography of a Native American Woman" has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Life Among the...

Bird Woman (Sacajawea) the Guide of Lewis and Clark (Illustrated)

by James Willard Schultz

Bird Woman is James Schultz’s biography of Sacajawea culled from the first-hand accounts of various elderly Native Americans who personally knew her. Schultz weaves together the key events in Sacajawea’s...

Life Among the Piutes

by Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins

Life Among the Paiutes is considered the "first known autobiography written by a Native American woman." This is both an autobiographic memoir and history of the Paiute people during their first forty years...

Cherokee Voices

by Vicki Rozema

From the time they established formal ties with Great Britain in 1730, the Cherokees had a rocky relationship with whites. They found grounds for dispute over trade practices, territorial control, and the complicated...