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The Truth About Telephone Scams

by Steve Weisman

This Element is an excerpt from The Truth About Avoiding Scams (9780132333856) by Steve Weisman. Available in print and digital formats.


How to recognize telephone scams, prevent them, and stop them if you’re...

101 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Sell Faster

by Barbara Jane Hall

101 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Sell Faster recommends a variety of techniques to emphasize the strong points of a house and minimize its weaknesses.

Handbook of the Economics of Finance: Asset Pricing

by George M. Constantinides, Milton Harris & Rene M. Stulz

The 12 articles in this second of two parts condense recent advances on investment vehicles, performance measurement and evaluation, and risk management into a coherent springboard for future research.  Written...

Energy Optimization in Process Systems and Fuel Cells

by Stanislaw Sieniutycz & Jacek Jezowski

Energy Optimization in Process Systems and Fuel Cells, Second Edition covers the optimization and integration of energy systems, with a particular focus on fuel cell technology. With rising energy prices, imminent...

Wiley CIA Exam Review 2013 Focus Notes: Part 1, Internal Audit Basics

by S. Rao Vallabhaneni

Reinforce, review, recap-anywhere you like.

Study for the three parts of the CIA Exam no matter where you are with each of the three Focus Notes volumes. With updated content for 2013 exam changes, Wiley CIA...

The Irrational Bundle

by Dr. Dan Ariely

Dan Ariely's three New York Times bestselling books on his groundbreaking behavioral economics research, Predictably Irrational, The Upside of Irrationality, and The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty, are now...

The Economic Consequences of the Peace

by John Maynard Keynes

The Economic Consequences of the Peace (1919) both written and published by John Maynard Keynes. Keynes attended the Versailles Conference as a delegate of the British Treasury and argued for a much more generous...

Minimum Wages, Pay Equity, and Comparative Industrial Relations

by Damian Grimshaw

With growing concern about the conditions facing low wage workers and new challenges to traditional forms of labor market protection, this book offers a timely analysis of the purpose and effectiveness of minimum...

Public-Private Partnerships in the USA: Lessons to be Learned for the United Kingdom

by Tony Wall

Broadly, a Public-Private Partnership (or PPP) is any collaboration between the public and private sector, but research in the UK has tended to focus on those that have been used for major infrastructure projects,...

Eco-Innovation and Sustainability Management

by Bart Bossink

Sustainability is a phenomenon that must be pursued in a complex system of interrelated elements of business, society, and ecology. It is important to gain an understanding of these elements, the interplay between...

The Science For Conservators Series: Volume 3: Adhesives and Coatings

by Conservation Unit Museums and Galleries

For more than ten years, the Science for Conservators Series have been the key basic texts for conservators throughout the world. Scientific concepts are basic ot the conservation of artefacts of every type,...

Agricultural Transformation in a Global History Perspective

by Ellen Hillbom & Patrick Svensson

History teaches us that agricultural growth and development is necessary for achieving overall better living conditions in all societies. Although this process may seem homogenous when looked at from the outside,...

Introductory Regression Analysis: with Computer Application for Business and Economics

by Allen Webster

Regression analysis is arguably the single most powerful and widely applicable tool in any effective examination of common business issues. Every day, decision-makers face problems that require constructive...

Sport Brands

by Patrick Bouchet, Dieter Hillairet & Guillaume Bodet

Sport brands are a central element of modern sport business and a ubiquitous component of contemporary global culture. This groundbreaking book offers a complete analysis of the topic of sport brands from both...

Investing in Water for a Green Economy: Services, Infrastructure, Policies and Management

by Mike Young & Christine Esau

In the context of the economies of the world becoming greener, this book provides a global and interdisciplinary overview of the condition of the world's water resources and the infrastructure used to manage...

There's Never Been A KING                          Without LAND: Why You MUST Invest in Main Street

by Michael E. Brown

This book is designed to demonstrate to every investor who reads it that they MUST include real estate as an essential part of their investment portfolio. The reader will be assured as to why this is an essential...

Does electronic commerce as a new distribution channel cause disintermediation or reintermediation or both?

by Tomislaw Dalic

Seminar paper from the year 2001 in the subject Business economics - Marketing, Corporate Communication, CRM, Market Research, Social Media, grade: very good, Maastricht University (Faculty of Economic and Business...

The History  of  Political  Violence - Is  Capital Punishment Sometimes Acceptable?: Is Capital Punishment Sometimes Acceptable?

by Verena Kettenhofen & Robert Mihelli

Seminar paper from the year 2003 in the subject Business economics - Economic and Social History, grade: 1,7 (A-), RWTH Aachen University (Economic and Social History), course: The History of Political Violence,...

Industrial Hygiene Simplified: A  Guide to Anticipation, Recognition, Evaluation, and Control of Workplace Hazards

by Frank R. Spellman

Other books on industrial hygiene focus more on classroom use than on practical application and are too large and cumbersome to use on the job. Author Frank Spellman, a certified safety professional and certified...

So You're the Safety Director!: An Introduction to Loss Control and Safety Management

by Michael V. Manning

This time-proven favorite provides new safety managers with both the guidelines and the tools they need to understand their responsibilities and establish an effective safety program. So You're the Safety Director...