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Entrepreneur Success Recipe: Key ingredients that separate the Millionaires from the Strugglers

by Colin Sprake

Entrepreneur Success Recipe was developed because of the sheer number of entrepreneurs that fail. Author Colin Sprake, having worked with 1,000s of them, saw the key ingredients that they were missing and knew...

Handbook of Key Global Financial Markets, Institutions, and Infrastructure

by Gerard Caprio

Understanding twenty-first century global financial integration requires a two-part background.  The Handbook of Key Global Financial Markets, Institutions, and Infrastructure begins its description of how...

The Refractive Thinker©: Ethics, Leadership, and Globalization

by Neysa T., Dr. Sensenig, Sheila, Dr. Embry & Karleen, Dr. Yapp

The Refractive Thinker© Series meets the publishing needs of doctoral scholars while sharing the expense and promotion. The goal is to help scholars meet university peer reviewed standards while providing an...

The Wisdom and Teachings of Stephen R. Covey

by Stephen R. Covey

Stephen R. Covey passed away in July 2012, leaving behind an unmatched legacy with his teachings about leadership, time management, effectiveness, success, and even love and family. A multimillion-copy bestselling...

Negotiating Skills in a Day for Dummies

by Donaldson

Get the know-how to successfully negotiate to get what you want-in a day!

Negotiation Skills In A Day For Dummies offers expert guidance on executing the essential skills of successfully and diplomatically negotiating...

Effective Time Management In a Day For Dummies

by Dirk Zeller

Get the know-how to manage your time effectively-in a day!

Effective Time Management In a Day For Dummies helps you to effectively set up a time management system to regain control of your days and responsibilities....

Giving a Presentation in a Day for Dummies

by Marty Brounstein & Malcolm Kushner

Get the know-how to give a knockout presentation-in a day!

Giving a Presentation In a Day For Dummies gives you a quick and easy rundown of the key points of presenting to an audience, including defining a purpose,...

Managerial Economics: A Mathematical Approach

by M. J. Alhabeeb & L. J. Moffitt

Uncertainty is present in every managerial decision, and Managerial Economics: A Mathematical Approach effectively demonstrates the application of higher-level statistical tools to inform and clarify the logic...

Social Media in the Public Sector Field Guide: Designing and Implementing Strategies and Policies

by Ines Mergel & Bill Greeves

Stocked with real-life examples and case studies, this book explores myriad social media tools and provides step-by-step guidance on how to implement them based on mission, goals, and strategy. Written in a...

Financial Statement Fraud: Strategies for Detection and Investigation

by Gerard M. Zack

Valuable guidance for staying one step ahead of financial statement fraud

Financial statement fraud is one of the most costly types of fraud and can have a direct financial impact on businesses and individuals,...

Practical Financial Modelling: A guide to current practice

by Jonathan Swan

This second edition of Practical Financial Modelling is vital tool for all finance and management professionals whose work involves the production and development of complex spreadsheets and financial models....

What Would a Wise Woman Do?: Questions to Ask Along the Way

by Laura Steward Atchison

Whether stuck on autopilot or totally off course, What Would a Wise Woman Do? provides a roadmap for today's woman back to a more authentic and joyful life.  Laura Atchison had it all-a great career, ambitious...

STOCK MARKET RULES 4/E: The 50 Most Widely Held Investment Axioms Explained, Examined, and Exposed

by Michael Sheimo


The go-to stock-investing guide for more than a decade, Stock Market Rules gives you the knowledge and clarity you need to invest like the wizards of...

Taiichi Ohnos Workplace Management : Special 100th Birthday Edition

by Taiichi Ohno


Businesses worldwide are successfully implementing the Toyota Production System to speed up processes, reduce waste, improve quality, and cut costs. While there...

Investment Cycles

by Charles D.,Dahlquist, Julie Kirkpatrick & Julie R. Dahlquist

This Element is an excerpt from Technical Analysis: The Complete Resource for Financial Market Technicians, Second Edition (9780137059447) by Charles D. Kirkpatrick and Julie Dahlquist. Available in print and...

How Technical Analysis Investors Use Trends

by Charles D. Kirkpatrick & Julie R. Dahlquist

This Element is an excerpt from Technical Analysis: The Complete Resource for Financial Market Technicians, Second Edition (9780137059447) by Charles D. Kirkpatrick III, CMT, and Julie Dahlquist, Ph.D., CMT....

Selling Continuously: Paid to Think

by David Goldsmith

You sell all day every day … to your board members, front-line staff, vendors, lenders, public, customers, colleagues, significant others, and more in order to realize the types of successes your organization...

Innovating Everywhere: Paid to Think

by David Goldsmith

Although it’s become a popular buzz word, “innovation” isn’t something the majority of leaders understand well enough to utilize to the advantage of their organizations. Learn what innovation is and how...

Empowering Others: Paid to Think

by David Goldsmith

The reality is you can’t do everything on your own; you need other people to achieve results. Without realizing it, most leaders are the cause of underperformance and low productivity within their organizations...

Leading the Charge: Paid to Think

by David Goldsmith

What lessons can be learned from historical leaders’ successes? How has management actually hindered the modern-day leader? Do you know how your personal aspirations and concerns are sabotaging your professional...