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Port Economics

by Wayne K. Talley

Port Economics is the study of the economic decisions (and their consequences) of the users and providers of port services. A port is an "engine" for economic development by providing employment, worker incomes,...

Rural Capitalists in Asia: A Comparative Analysis on India, Indonesia and Malaysia

by Mario Rutten

This is a comparative study of small capitalists and rural industrialists in three Asian countries. Studies on the entrepreneurial class in South Asia tend to focus on the structural aspects of entrepreneurial...

Successfully Doing Business/Marketing in Eastern Europe

by V H Kirpalani, Lechoslaw Garbarski & Erdener Kaynak

Successfully Doing Business/Marketing in Eastern Europe is a unique collection of instructive and detailed essays that will help readers to understand and navigate the complexities of the business world and...

Making Representations: Museums in the Post-Colonial Era

by Moira G. Simpson

Drawing upon material from Britain, Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand, Making Representations explores the ways in which museums and anthropologists are responding to pressures in the field...

Work and Life Integration: Organizational, Cultural, and Individual Perspectives

by Ellen Ernst Kossek & Susan J. Lambert

Work-family researchers have had much success in encouraging both organizations and individuals to recognize the importance of achieving greater balance in life. Work and Life Integration addresses the intersect...

Transformational Leadership

by Bernard M. Bass & Ronald E. Riggio

Transformational Leadership, Second Edition is intended for both the scholars and serious students of leadership. It is a comprehensive review of theorizing and empirical research that can serve as a reference...

Universities and Globalization: To Market, to Market

by Ravinder Kaur Sidhu

Universities and Globalization: To Market, To Market examines the operations of power and knowledge in international education under conditions of globalization, with a focus on the three biggest exporters of...

Emotions in Organizational Behavior

by Charmine Hartel, Neal M. Ashkanasy & Wilfred Zerbe

This edition was conceived and compiled to meet the need for a comprehensive book for practitioners, academics, and students on the research of emotions in organizational behavior. The book is the first of its...

The Basic Principles of Effective Consulting

by Linda K. Stroh & Homer H. Johnson

This is a very good time for consultants. As corporations have been reorganizing and downsizing, merging and globalizing, the consulting business has been booming.

The Basic Principles of Effective Consulting...

Latin Made Simple

by R A Hendricks

Offers a course in basic grammar and syntax to the standard of GCSE examining boards. It includes exercises that give practice in all the major usages and, since the text is intended primarily for use in self-tuition,...

Capital and Labour in Japan: The Functions of Two Factor Markets

by Toshiaki Tachibanaki & Atsuhiro Taki

Toshiaki Tachibanaki and Atsuhiro Taki emphasise several institutional features in Japan which differ from those in Euro-American countries: for example, the permanent employment and seniority system in wages...

Small Enterprises and Economic Development: The Dynamics of Micro and Small Enterprises

by Carl E. Liedholm & Donald C. Mead

Micro and small enterprises (MSEs) have been recognized as a major contemporary source of employment and income in a growing number of developing countries. Yet, relatively little is known about the characteristics...

Colonialism and the Object: Empire, Material Culture and the Museum

by Tim Barringer & Tom Flynn

Drawing together an international group of scholars from a variety of disciplinary and cultural backgrounds, Colonialism and the Object explores the impact of colonial contact with other cultures on the material...

Keynes' General Theory of Interest: A Reconsideration

by Fiona MacLachlan

In Keynes' General Theory of Interest Fiona Maclachlan rehabilitates the largely discredited liquidity preference theory of interest, providing an original and rigorously reasoned restatement of the theory....

The Origins of Economic Thought in Modern Japan

by Chuhei Sugiyama

By throwing light on economic thought in the period of the Japanese Enlightenment, this book will make clear what led to the institutionalization of business and economic education, the birth of the pioneer...

Macroeconomics of Transition

by Andrzej Kondratowicz & Jan Winiecki

How successful has the transition to market economies proved in East-Central Europe? The decision by the East European countries to move to market economies was accompanied by much hypothesising and expounding...

New Directions in Economic Methodology

by Roger E. Backhouse

In recent years there has been a flowering of work on economic methodology. However there is no longer any consensus about which direction this should take or, indeed, even what the role and content of economic...

A Beginner's Guide to the World Economy: Eighty-One Basic Economic Concepts That Will Change the Way You See the World

by Randy Charles Epping

In the past decade of rapid change in the world economy, Randy Charles Epping's Beginner’s Guide to the World Economy has been the most reliable tool for keeping track of what's happening. The third edition...

Subjectivism and Economic Analysis

by Roger Koppl & Gary Mongiovi

Subjectivism plays a fundamental role in many of the leading alternative schools in economics. This work explores major methodological issues in the area of radical subjectivism and includes contributions from...

Latecomers in the Global Economy

by Michael Storper, Stavros Thomadakis & Lena Tsipouri

Drawing on the example of late-developing countries, especially from East Asia, catching up with established powers, the authors address a new formulation of industrial policy for latecoming, semi-industrialized...