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Trust: How We Lost it and How to Get it Back

by Anthony Seldon

The updated edition of the bestselling title, Trust is the first serious response to the era of post-financial and political meltdown, Dr. Anthony Seldon lays out a blueprint for regaining trust within the national...

So You Want to Be a Politician

by Shane Greer

So You Want to be a Politician is a must read for any first time candidate or anyone looking to put together and run an effective campaign at any level of public life. This accessible, practical guide offers...

The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need

by Andrew Tobias

For more than thirty years, The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need has been a favorite finance guide, earning the allegiance of more than a million readers across the United States. Now even more indispensable,...

War at the Wall Street Journal: Inside the Struggle To Control an American Business Empire

by Sarah Ellison

A tale about big business, an imploding dynasty, a mogul at war, and a deal that epitomized an era of change


While working at the Wall Street Journal, Sarah Ellison won praise for covering the $5 billion...

Trading Options as a Professional: Techniques for Market Makers and Experienced Traders

by James Bittman

The options market allows savvy investors to assume risk in a way that can be very profitable, if the right techniques are used with the proper insight. In Trading Options as a Professional, veteran floor trader...

American Landlord Law: Everything U Need to Know About Landlord-Tenant Laws

by Rhodes

  • Addresses the latest and most compelling developments in the real estate market -including the new reality of mortgage availabilities, foreclosure investments, and tenants' rights
  • More than 250,000 landlords,...

Learning to Run: A Guide to Business Process Re-engineering

by David Broadbent

David Broadbent presented a number of theories round a case study at the OMG 'BPM Think Tank' in November 2008 in Putten, Netherlands. The main points were that lots of organisations suffer from some or all...

Bank Manager and the Holy Grail

by Muhammad Yunus

Byron Rogers’ Wales is not the stereotypical nation of rugby heroes, eisteddfods and coal mining. His travels take him to an altogether stranger and more magical country. He pieces together the story of Kaiser...

Investment Banking Explained: An Insider's Guide to the Industry: An Insider's Guide to the Industry

by Michel Fleuriet

Insider guidance to the modern world of investment banking today

In Investment Banking Explained, Wharton professor and global financier Michel Fleuriet provides a complete overview of investment banking in...

Financial Relief for Single Parents: A Proven Plan for Achieving the Seemingly Impossible

by Brenda Armstrong & Dave Ramsey

The challenging spiral of financial hardship can overwhelm even the most buoyant soul. Few know this better than single parents who face the seemingly endless burden alone. As a single mom fending for herself,...

Lee Jenkins on Money: Real Solutions to Financial Challenges

by Lee Jenkins

An unstable economy.  A shaky stock market. Businesses facing huge financial losses.  People losing their homes, jobs, savings, and...hope?

In Lee Jenkins on Money, financial analyst Lee Jenkins answers questions...

Navigating the Mortgage Maze: The Simple Truth About Financing Your Home

by Dale Vermillion

Confused or overwhelmed by the "mortgage maze?" Industry pro Dale Vermillion explains the simple truth. Learn about wise mortgage financing, and how to avoid common traps that cost you thousands of dollars!

The Idea of Leisure: First Principles

by Robert A. Stebbins

People are becoming progressively happier and enjoying an ever-improving quality of life, they say, mostly because they are putting their skills and reason to work. The Idea of Leisure is based on the assumption...

Con Game: Bernard Madoff and His Victims

by Lionel S. Lewis

“While many books have been written about Bernard Madoff, this is the first to focus in detail on his victims and the story of how they became involved in the Ponzi scheme. . . . [Lewis] has written an...

Inside CEO Succession: The Essential Guide to Leadership Transition

by Thomas J. Saporito & Paul Winum

A comprehensive guide to planning for CEO succession, from the experts at RHR

As the demands from stakeholders for consummate leadership and good governance from a company's board of directors, its CEO, and its...

The City in 2050: Creating Blueprints for Change

by Maureen McAvey, Uwe Brandes & Matthew Johnston

The City in 2050 explores potential paths of innovation to prepare for the changes facing metropolitan areas over the next several decades as the world becomes more urbanized. The book is heavily illustrated...

Developing Sustainable Planned Communities

by Richard Franko, Jo Allen Gause & Jim , Jr. Heid

Get practical how-to information on designing and developing attractive, profitable, and environmentally responsible planned communities. This book includes 10 case studies of successful projects in the U.S.,...

Retrofitting Office Buildings to Be Green and Energy-Efficient: Optimizing Building Performance, Tenant Satisfaction, and Financial Return

by Leanne Tobias

Aimed at real estate industry professionals, developers, and investors, this guidebook fully explains the best practices and methods for retrofitting an existing office building to be green—increasing the efficiency...

The Agrarian Question in the Neoliberal Era: Primitive Accumulation and the Peasantry

by Sam Moyo, Utsa Patnaik & Issa Shivji

A compelling and critical destruction of both the English agricultural revolution and the theory of comparative advantage, upon which unequal trade has been justified for three centuries, this account argues...

The New Geography of Jobs

by Enrico Moretti

An economist at Berkeley looks at the major shifts taking place in the U.S. economy and reveals the surprising winners and losers—specifically, which kinds of jobs will drive economic growth and where they’ll...