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Pinterest Power:  Market Your Business, Sell Your Product, and Build Your Brand on the World's Hottest Social Network

by Jason Miles & Karen Lacey

Start Marketing NOW on the World's Fastest-Growing Website!

You thought Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter were big? Pinterest is outpacing them all. As a marketer, you can't afford to ignore this amazing new platform....

Staging to Sell: The Secret to Selling Homes in a Down Market

by Barb Schwarz

Home staging strategies needed to succeed in a down market

Whether a buyer, seller, or real estate agent, the home selling and purchasing process is fraught with potholes that can usually be overcome. But in...

How to Close a Deal Like Warren Buffett: Lessons from the World's Greatest Dealmaker

by Tom Searcy & Henry DeVries

Silver Winner--Tops Sales World's Best Sales and Marketing Book

Revealed: the winning blueprint for making deals like The Oracle of Omaha

Warren Buffett didn't become the world's third wealthiest individual...

Likeable Business: Why Today's Consumers Demand More and How Leaders Can Deliver

by Dave Kerpen

Dave Kerpen's follow-up to his bestselling Likeable Social Media gives business owners and marketers time-tested strategies for growing revenue

Likeable Business lays out the eleven strategies companies can...

The Spirit of Kaizen: Creating Lasting Excellence One Small Step at a Time

by Robert Maurer

Discover the power of KAIZEN to make lasting and powerful change in your organization

"Maurer uses his knowledge of the brain and human psychology to show what I have promoted for the past three decades-that...

Financial Peace Revisited

by Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey knows what it's like to have it all. By age twenty-six, he had established a four-million-dollar real estate portfolio, only to lose it by age thirty. He has since rebuilt his financial life and,...

Asserting Yourself at Work: eBook Edition

by Constance ZIMMERMAN & Richard A. LUECKE

Techniques for managing others while maintaining mutual respect. Asserting Yourself at Work provides business professionals with the communication tools and psychological foundation they need to perform more...

Fundamentals of Business Writing: EBook Edition

by Joseph MANCUSO & Yvonne V. CHABRIER

A ground-breaking approach to writing with a greater focus on planning and revising documents. When you complete this book, you will know how to write with clarity and style, so your ideas come across clearly...

A Manager's Guide to Human Behavior: EBook Edition

by Matthew REIS

Understanding how and why employees behave as they do is a critical skill for managers in every organization. Managers are responsible for ensuring that the organization's mission and strategic goals are enacted,...

How to Train Employees: A Guide for Managers - EBook Edition

by Bobette Hayes WILLIAMSON

Assess, design, deliver, and evaluate training that is right for every employee. As the global marketplace expands, the need for a flexible, well-trained workforce grows with it. Training employees to master...

How To Write A Business Plan: EBook Edition

by Edward T. CREGO, Peter D. SCHIFFRIN & James C. KAUSS

The key to a professional-quality business plan. This best-selling book has been updated to include crucial information on diagnosing and measuring customer satisfaction. How to Write a Business Plan, Fourth...

How to Manage Training: Facilitating Workplace Learning for High Performance - EBook Edition

by Carolyn NILSON

The knowledge, skills and guidance managers need to become true learning leaders. Now more than ever, a versatile, well-trained workforce is critical to an organization's success. Written for managers from a...

How To Be An Effective Facilitator: EBook Edition

by Charles M. CADWELL

How to keep a person or team on track and work well with diverse personalities. By definition, a facilitator is a person who makes things easy. But if you sometimes find the role to be tough-mainly because you're...

Successful Interviewing: Techniques for Hiring, Coaching, and Performance Management Meetings - eBook Edition

by Diane Arthur

The skills needed to conduct all types of business interviews and ensure legal compliance. Here is the book that can turn non-interviewers into good interviewers-and good interviewers into great interviewers....

Making Teams Work: eBook Edition


Successfully achieve business objectives through the use of teams. Why work in teams? Simply put, PERFORMANCE! Teams vastly outperform the combined output of individuals in traditional work settings. But high...

Grammar and Proofreading Course: EBook Edition


Positive, practical techniques for achieving a more professional writing style. Here are the "how to" keys of writing-from putting the first words on paper to the final polishing and proofreading. Readers will...

What Managers Do: EBook Edition

by William R. ALLEN & Harold L. GILMORE

Techniques for better planning, organizing, directing, staffing and controlling. What Managers Do, Fourth Edition breaks your job as a manager down into its components-planning, organizing, staffing, directing,...

Performance Management: EBook Edition

by Charles M. CALDWELL

Organizational success depends on the continuous improvement of staff performance at al levels. People constitute the real competitive advantage in business and industries of all types. Enhancing the performance...

How to Manage Conflict in the Organization: eBook Edition

by Gregg Lee CARTER

Gain control of tough conflict situations and transform them into a productive force in your organization. How to Manage Conflict in the Organization, Second Edition, equips you with the strategies, tactics...

Coaching for High Performance: eBook Edition

by Vivette PAYNE

Coach employees to ensure maximum performance, motivation and retention. Following a seven-step coaching process, Coaching for High Performance gives managers the tools to help their people excel at their jobs...