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Innovation and Marketing in the Video Game Industry: Avoiding the Performance Trap

by David Wesley & Gloria Barczak

Based on their extensive research into the business and marketing strategies of the video game industry, David Wesley and Gloria Barczak consider how and why, in the search for the holy grail of high definition...

Female Immigrant Entrepreneurs: The Economic and Social Impact of a Global Phenomenon

by Daphne Halkias, Paul Thurman & Nicholas Harkiolakis

Written by a team of researchers based in prestigious business schools and universities on almost every continent, this important book begins the process of discovering why and how female driven business start-ups...

Wealth, Welfare and the Global Free Market: A Social Audit of Capitalist Economics

by Ibrahim Ozer Ertuna

Professor Ertuna maintains that the capitalist economic system is far from meeting our aspirations. He says we can, and must, contribute to the development of a better world which will serve us all. With a mixture...

The Global Business Handbook: The Eight Dimensions of International Management

by David Newlands & Mark J. Hooper

The Global Business Handbook is based on the structure of the very successful IÉSEG International School of Management's programme on international management. Concentrating on the big developments that are...

Supply Chain in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Strategic Influences and Supply Chain Responses

by Rob Whewell

Throughout history, the development and application of technology has been crucial to progress in healthcare provision. The shape that healthcare processes take will impact not only the quality of the resulting...

Talent Management in the Developing World: Adopting a Global Perspective

by Joel Alemibola Elegbe

Simply appreciating the reality that people are the bastion of success of any organization will not alter concepts about how to attract, hire, engage, develop and retain the talent they need for their success....

Mobile Telecommunications in a High-Speed World: Industry Structure, Strategic Behaviour and Socio-Economic Impact

by Peter Curwen & Jason Whalley

Written by two of the world's foremost researchers on this industry, Mobile Telecommunications in a High-Speed World not only provides the outcomes of research detailing every licence and launch worldwide involving...

Spirituality and Corporate Social Responsibility: Interpenetrating Worlds

by David Bubna-Litic

This book brings together a range of leading thinkers to consider the relations between spirituality and corporate social responsibility. With authors from four continents the volume reflects a number of different...

Finance and Society in 21st Century China: Chinese Culture Versus Western Markets

by Junie T. Tong

Finance and Society in 21st Century China considers how far the modern economy is disconnected from Chinese culture and history, and questions the common assumption that China has outgrown its reliance on its...

The New Cultures of Food: Marketing Opportunities from Ethnic, Religious and Cultural Diversity

by Adam Lindgreen & Martin K. Hingley

This book provides a comprehensive collection of cutting-edge research on creating opportunities from diversity, especially in terms of consequences for agribusiness and food businesses and appropriate marketing...

Sustainable Growth in a Post-Scarcity World: Consumption, Demand, and the Poverty Penalty

by Philip Sadler

Philip Sadler agrees with those who believe the relief of global poverty cannot be based on aid and corporate philanthropy alone. In Sustainable Growth in a Post-Scarcity World he explores the way global companies...

Managing Sustainable Development Programmes: A Learning Approach to Change

by Göran Brulin & Lennart Svensson

Managing Sustainable Development Programmes is about understanding the difficulties and complexities of large change programmes and projects in both the private and public sectors. The authors' research reveals...

Partners for Good: Business, Government and the Third Sector

by Tom Levitt

The third sector has increased its business capacity through the experience gained from a decade of providing commissioned services to the public sector. Society today expects employers to do more to engage...

Sustainability in Project Management

by Gilbert Silvius, Ron Schipper & Julia Planko

Sustainability is one of the most important challenges of our time. How can we develop prosperity, without compromising the life of future generations? Companies are integrating ideas of sustainability in their...

A Short Guide to Political Risk

by Robert McKellar

What does political risk really mean to a company who relies on operations in unstable areas for competitiveness and growth? What does it mean for a specific operation of strategic significance, and how can...

Longer Lasting Products: Alternatives to the Throwaway Society

by Tim Cooper

In this provocative book, the creation of product durability and the design of longer-lasting products emerge as an absolutely vital element in the pursuit of sustainability. Its multi-disciplinary approach...

How to Run a Successful Design Business: The New Professional Practice

by Shan Preddy

Whether you're experienced or just starting out, How to Run a Successful Design Business: The New Professional Practice covers everything owners and managers of design firms need to know.

Crime and Corruption in Organizations: Why It Occurs and What to Do about It

by Ronald J. Burke, Edward C. Tomlinson & Cary L. Cooper

This volume examines the causes and consequences of crime and corruption in organizations, and the choices we face in our efforts to eradicate these social maladies. This is the most up-to-date thinking on both...

Transformation Management: Towards the Integral Enterprise

by Ronnie Lessem & Alexander Schieffer

Transformation management, argue the authors of this inspirational book, now provides the opportunity for the application of the first significant world-wide innovation in the way we manage since Drucker put...

Managing Market Relationships: Methodological and Empirical Insights

by Adam Lindgreen

Managing Market Relationships explains what relationship marketing entails, how it is implemented, how it evolves, and how it is controlled. Readers are introduced to the buyer-seller market exchange model that...