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Performance of Manufacturing Firms in Africa: An Empirical Analysis

by Hinh T. Dinh & George R. G. Clarke

Performance of Manufacturing Firms in Africa: An Empirical Analysis sheds light on the characteristics of formal and informal manufacturing firms in Africa by comparing these firms with firms in other regions....

Successful Finance: Get Brilliant Results Fast

by Brian Brown

This is a step-by-step guide to successful finance skills for non-accountants. From managing your balance sheet to your cost centres this practical and jargon-busting guide is for anyone who wants to get to...

The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave: How to Recognize the Subtle Signs and ACT Before It's Too Late

Well Said!: Presentations and Conversations That Get Results

by Darlene Price

Turn off the PowerPoint slides...and connect with your audience.

How They Started: Global Brands: How 21 Good Ideas Became Great Global Businesses

by David Lester

Profiling 21 hugely successful global brands, this book explores how they came to have such international prominence. From Adidas to Sony, spanning four continents, these inspiring profiles uncover the remarkable...

How They Started in Tough Times

by David Lester

Building on the success of How They Started and How They Started Global Brands, this inspirational and highly topical book profiles 25 well-known businesses that started, survived and thrived during tough times...

Lead with a Story: A Guide to Crafting Business Narratives That Captivate, Convince, and Inspire

by Paul Smith

Forget facts, figures, and PowerPoint slides-well-crafted stories deliver business concepts simply and powerfully.

Start Your Own Coffee and Tea Shop: How to start a successful coffee and tea shop

by Emma Mills & Michelle Rosenberg

This is the definitive guide to starting your own coffee or tea shop, written by experts in the small business world in conjunction with Covering every aspect of the startup process, the book...

The Facilitator's Fieldbook

by Tom Justice & David W. Jamieson

Fully updated, the indispensible guide that keeps teams and groups humming along...and getting results.

The Store in the Hood

by Steven J. Gold

The Store in the Hood is a comprehensive study of conflicts between immigrant merchants and customers throughout the U.S. during the 20th century. The book draws on published research, official statistics, interviews,...

50 Best Business Ideas from the past 50 years

by Ian Wallis

50 Best Business Ideas takes a look back at the business world over the past 50 years. Revealing the ideas and innovations that have changed how we do business. From the humble post-it note that we still use...


by Paul Skeldon

Mobile commerce is rapidly changing how businesses interact and sell. This book reveals how to master m-commerce, from global markets and trends to selling and marketing through m-commerce. Plus real life case...

Bright Marketing for Small Business

by Robert Craven

A resource to help small business owners successfully market their product or service. Expert marketer and author, Robert Craven explains why it's important to be different from the competition to succeed, helping...

Survive and Thrive: A Guide for Untenured Faculty

by Wendy C. Crone

The experience of an untenured faculty member is highly dependent on the quality of the mentoring they receive. This mentoring may come from a number of different sources, and the concept of developing a constellation...

The Known, the Unknown, and the Unknowable in Financial Risk Management: Measurement and Theory Advancing Practice

by Francis X. Diebold, Neil A. Doherty & Richard J. Herring

A clear understanding of what we know, don't know, and can't know should guide any reasonable approach to managing financial risk, yet the most widely used measure in finance today--Value at Risk, or VaR--reduces...

LITE Up Your Work and Life: 6 Essentials to Expressing Your Full Potential

by Helen Roditis

LITE Up Your Work and Life will move employees and business owners through the Circle of LITE, a unique and holistic coaching model designed by Helen Roditis. Roditis based this model on her professional experience...

Innovation Economics

by Robert D. Atkinson

This important book delivers a critical wake-up call: a fierce global race for innovation advantage is under way, and while other nations are making support for technology and innovation a central tenet of their...

The Small Business Turnaround Guide: Take Your Business from Troubled to Triumphant

by Sandy Steinman

The Small Business Turnaround Guide: Take Your Business from Troubled to Triumphant, takes a holistic approach to everyday problems encountered by small businesses and their owners. The majority of books that...

The Subprime Solution: How Today's Global Financial Crisis Happened, and What to Do about It

by Robert J. Shiller

The subprime mortgage crisis has already wreaked havoc on the lives of millions of people and now it threatens to derail the U.S. economy and economies around the world. In this trenchant book, best-selling...

The Darwin Economy: Liberty, Competition, and the Common Good (New in Paper)

by Robert H. Frank

Who was the greater economist--Adam Smith or Charles Darwin? The question seems absurd. Darwin, after all, was a naturalist, not an economist. But Robert Frank, New York Times economics columnist and best-selling...