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Directory of Islamic Financial Institutions (RLE: Banking & Finance)

by John R R Presley

When originally published this was the first reference book to address itself to Islamic banking and finance and it offers comprehensive information on all major institutions which have commercial or banking...

CIM Coursebook 08/09 Marketing Management in Practice

by Tony Curtis & John Williams

'Butterworth-Heinemann's CIM Coursebooks have been designed to match the syllabus and learning outcomes of our new qualifications and should be useful aids in helping students understand the complexities of...

CIM Coursebook 05/06 Analysis and Evaluation

by Wendy Lomax

Elsevier/Butterworth-Heinemann's 2005-2006 CIM Coursebook series offers you the complete package for exam success. Comprising fully updated Coursebook texts that are revised annually, and free online access...

Exchange Behavior in Selling and Sales Management

by Peng Sheng & Aziz Guergachi

Exchange Behavior in Selling and Sales Management presents a pragmatic and easy-to-implement framework for the successful operation of selling and sales management. Focused specifically on the value-exchange...

CIM Coursebook 08/09 Marketing Information and Research

by Matthew Housden

'Butterworth-Heinemann's CIM Coursebooks have been designed to match the syllabus and learning outcomes of our new qualifications and should be useful aids in helping students understand the complexities of...

Unleashing Intellectual Capital

by Charles Kalev Kalev Ehin

Unleashing Intellectual Capital reveals breakthrough principles for structuring Knowledge Age organizations. It helps leaders and knowledge professionals better understand how human nature supports or undermines...

Strategic Learning in a Knowledge Economy

by Robert L L Cross & Sam Israelit

Strategic Learning in a Knowledge Economy defines unique and powerful ways that organizations can foster learning at the individual, group and organizational levels, a capability critical to both strategic objectives...

Business Development in Licensed Retailing

by Guy Lincoln & Conrad Lashley

'Business Development in Licensed Retailing: a unit manager's guide' details the indispensable skills and techniques needed to manage units within licensed retail organisations in a flexible and entrepreneurial...

Sport and Policy

by Barrie Houlihan, Chris Auld & Matthew Nicholson

Sport and Policy is the first book of its kind to critically analyse the regulatory role of the state and its impact on sport and the intersections of sport with other areas of government policy. Offering a...

Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships

by Ross Dawson

Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships, Second Edition, shows organizations how to lead their key clients into lasting, profitable, high-value relationships. Building on the powerful, tested principles...

Macroeconomic and Monetary Policy Issues in Indonesia

by Akhand Akhtar Akhtar Hossain

Following the acquisition of its sovereignty from the Netherlands in 1949, Indonesia experienced serious economic and political problems during the 1950s and 1960s, before entering a three-decade-long period...

Knowledge and Social Capital

by Eric Lesser

Social capital - the informal networks, trust and common understanding among individuals in an organization - determines major competitive advantages in today's networked economy. Knowledge and Social Capital...

A Leader's Guide to Leveraging Diversity

by Terrence Maltbia & Anne Power

Leveraging Diversity: Strategic Learning Capabilities for Breakthrough Performance is designed to help business leaders and diversity practitioners alike conquer the complexity and take advantage of the opportunities...

Dimensions of Dignity at Work

by Sharon Bolton

What is dignity in and at work?

How is it experienced differently by different groups of working people?

Are there enduring divisions of dignity: unequal access to what is accepted to be a fundamental human right?...

Change, Strategy and Projects at Work

by Roger Jones & Neil Murray

Change, Strategy and Projects at Work provides a working insight into the nature of change, the formulation of strategy and the implementation of change through projects in the workplace. It is a 'how to' book...

Learning to Think Strategically

by Julia Sloan

In Learning to Think Strategically, author Julia Sloan presents a previously unexamined account of the relationship between strategic thinking and the learning process involved - taking learning from the academic...

Advertising, the Media and Globalisation: A World in Motion

by John Sinclair

This book offers a critical, empirically-grounded and contemporary account of how advertisers and agencies are dealing with a volatile mediascape throughout the world, taking a region-by-region approach.


Managing Change

by Lesley Partridge

Learning Made Simple books give you skills without frills. They are matched to the main qualifications and written by experienced teachers and authors to make often tricky subjects simple to learn. Every book...

CIM Coursebook 08/09 Marketing Communications

by Chris Fill & Graham Hughes

'Butterworth-Heinemann's CIM Coursebooks have been designed to match the syllabus and learning outcomes of our new qualifications and should be useful aids in helping students understand the complexities of...

Eventful Cities

by Greg Richards & Robert Palmer

Processes of globalization, economic restructuring and urban redevelopment have placed events at the centre of strategies for change in cities. Events offer the potential to achieve economic, social, cultural...