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Business English

by Rosalia Covello

This Business English Course introduces different aspects of Business English, working on main language points and important vocabulary through a variety of topics.

Network Marketing 3X - Free Ebook

by Giacomo Bruno

How can I make money from scratch? A lot of people ask me this question. So I decided to create a team of serious people ready to learn new strategies, in order to generate automatic revenues.

Diary of my Happy Moments

by Diana - Avgusta Stauer

"Diary of my Happy Moments" is a unique book, that combines beauty, fashion, and emotions of very positive energy. It will share with you little secrets of style, health and beauty, told by the testimonial of...

White Paper on sustainable energy projects in Africa

by Jeremy Debreu & Claire Guibert

With almost 600 million people having no access to energy in Sub-Saharan Africa, rural electrification is a major challenge for the development of the continent.

This White Paper highlights 25 energy projects...


by Ben Sweetland

Discover why 95% of all human problems stem from a negative mind - traits such as timidity, domestic discord, business failure, bad memory, tenseness, unhappiness, worry, etc. This book shows how to use the...

Accounting, Maths and Computing Principles for Business Studies V10

by Clive W. Humphris

Now published as a portable, learning, reference and subject revision guide, students, teachers and hobbyists can have their own low-cost portable version as an eBook.

For easy reading, a comprehensive list...

An Introductory Guide to Systems Thinking

by David Kerr

The world around us is comprised of systems - organisational systems, business systems, political systems, family systems, inter-personal systems, biological systems, economic systems - the list goes on.


Running Lean: Iterate from Plan A to a Plan That Works

by Ash Maurya

We live in an age of unparalleled opportunity for innovation. We’re building more products than ever before, but most of them fail—not because we can’t complete what we set out to build, but because we...

The Everything Budgeting Book: Practical Advice for Saving and Managing Your Money - From Daily Budgets to Long-Term Goals

by Tere Stouffer

A step-by-step plan for creating a budget that makes every dollar count!

Are you looking for practical ways to stretch your paycheck? Between working and maintaining a home, saving money can be difficult, but...

Get Out of Debt! Book Three: Improving Your Quality of Life

by David Rye & Marcia Rye

As tens of millions of people have discovered, debt can be a crushing burden. It can tear down dreams and destroy lives. But debt can be avoided. With fiscal discipline and a clear plan, anyone can get out of...

An easy approach to money management. how to exploit the techniques and strategies of money management to improve your own online trading activities.

by Stefano Calicchio

What is Money Management and how does it work? Learning trading Money Management has never been so easy. For the first time a simple and accessible guide can show you the secrets used by the most successful...

The Ultimate Forex Trading System-Unbeatable Strategy to Place 92% Winning Trades (Second Edition)

by Mostafa Afshari

The Ultimate Forex Trading System has taken an easy, foolproof, practical approach to the trading using only real time or leading inherent factors (price dynamics, chart patterns and last minute traders sentiment)...

An Introduction to Nlp: Exploring What Works

by Damian Hamill & David Kerr

In this eBook, Certified NLP Trainers David Kerr and Damian Hamill take the reader through a fascinating and thoughtful introduction to the field of Neuro-linguistic Programming.

Rather than merely focusing on...

Guide to Windows 8 - Not 4 Geeks

by Christian Schönberger

Every new version of Windows is more complex than the older versions. Even if the newer version contains a dozen new wizards and other helps, an average user needs more and more time to learn how to use the...

Summary : Selling Sucks - Frank Rumbauskas Jr.

by BusinessNews Publishing

This work offers a summary for the book “SELLING SUCKS: How to Stop Selling and Start Getting Prospects to Buy!” by FRANK RUMBAUSKAS JR.

There is no need to spend your business life selling clients products...

Summary : Shaping The Game - Michael Watkins

by BusinessNews Publishing

This work offers a summary of the book “SHAPING THE GAME: The New Leader’s Guide to Effective Negotiating” by MICHAEL WATKINS.

The only real source of business momentum comes from effective negotiation...

Summary : Simply Better - Patrick Barwise and Sean Meehan

by BusinessNews Publishing

This work offers a summary of the book “SIMPLY BETTER: Winning and Keeping Customers by Delivering What Matters Most” by Patrick Barwise and Sean Meehan.

In Simply Better, Patrick Barwise and Sean Meehan...

Summary : Six Disciplines Execution Revolution - Gary Harpst

by BusinessNews Publishing

This work offers a summary of the book “SIX DISCIPLINES EXECUTION REVOLUTION: Solving the One Business Problem That Makes Solving All Other Problems Easier” by Gary Harpst.

Gary Harpst is founder and CEO...

Summary : Small Giants - Bo Burlingham

by BusinessNews Publishing

This work offers a summary for the book “SMALL GIANTS: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big” by BO BURLINGHAM.

The business media tends to focus on large, publicly owned companies: ones that believe...

Summary : Smart Pricing - Jagmohan Raju and Z. John Zhang

by BusinessNews Publishing

This work offers a summary of the book “SMART PRICING: How Google, Priceline, and Leading Businesses Use Pricing Innovation for Profitability” by Jagmohan Raju and Z. John Zhang.

Jagmohan Raju is a professor...