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The Best Damn Management Book Ever: 9 Keys to Creating Self-Motivated High Achievers

by Warren Greshes

A practical guidebook to managing a stellar staff of high-achievers

The Best Damn Management Book Ever teaches managers, executives, and business owners how to create a staff of self-motivated, confident, high-achieving,...

Startup Weekend: How to Take a Company From Concept to Creation in 54 Hours

by Marc Nager, Clint Nelsen & Franck Nouyrigat

Tested principles for transforming an idea into a fully operational company

Startup Weekend—the organization behind 54-hour events where developers, designers, marketers, and startup enthusiasts come together...

Inside the Currency Market: Mechanics, Valuation and Strategies

by Brian Twomey

A complete resource to trading today's currency market

Currency movements are impacted by a variety of factors, including interest rates, trade balances, inflation levels, monetary and fiscal policies, and the...

How to Buy Bank-Owned Properties for Pennies on the Dollar: A Guide To REO Investing In Today's Market

by Jeff Adams

Buy bank-owned properties at fire-sale prices!

Banks and lending institutions today own more than one million foreclosed properties, more are in the foreclosure pipeline. Banks desperately want to get these properties...

Creative People Must Be Stopped: 6 Ways We Kill Innovation (Without Even Trying)

by David A Owens

A framework for overcoming the six types of innovation killers

Everybody wants innovation—or do they? Creative People Must Be Stopped shows how individuals and organizations sabotage their own best intentions...

The Business of Investment Banking: A Comprehensive Overview

by K. Thomas Liaw

A comprehensive overview of investment banking for professionals and students

The investment banking industry has changed dramatically since the 2008 financial crisis. Three of the top five investment banks in...

Options Made Simple: A Beginner's Guide to Trading Options for Success

by Davin Clarke

The sixth book in the Wrightbooks Made Simple series, Options Made Simple is an uncomplicated guide to tradingoptions for beginners. This book outlines some simple, easy to understand strategies anyone can use...

Bi-Rite Market's Eat Good Food: A Grocer's Guide to Shopping, Cooking & Creating Community Through Food

by Dabney Gough & Sam Mogannam

A cookbook and market guide from the nation’s premier neighborhood grocery store, featuring expert advice on how to identify the top ingredients in any supermarket and 90 vibrant recipes that make optimal...

Going Pro: How to Make the Leap from Aspiring to Professional Photographer

by Scott Bourne & Skip Cohen

You’ve got the gear, the training, and the technology. You’re ready to make the leap from aspiring to professional photographer. Now what?

With today’s affordable, high-quality cameras, Internet technology,...

Tuning into Mom

by Michal Clements

American mothers are household CFOs, in charge of an estimated $2.45 trillion in direct spending. They are also an important influence on other family members' buying habits. Many organizations have identified...

The Complete Guide to Buying a Business

by Fred Steingold

The clear-cut information and forms you need to buy a business!

If you're ready to acquire a business, make sure you protect your interests and get the best deal possible with The Complete Guide to Buying a...

How to Be an Even Better Manager

Advocacy: Championing Ideas and Influencing Others

by John Daly

When a group of people gather together to generate ideas for solving a problem or achieving a goal, sometimes the best ideas are passed over. Worse, a problematic suggestion with far less likelihood of success...

Unemployed, But Moving On!: Smart Job Searching in a Web-Based World and a Sucky Economy

by Cheryl Butler Long

A must-read for anyone trying to get a job in a struggling economy. Challenges common assumptions and tells it like it really is from the perspective of a street-smart employment expert who works daily with...

The One Minute To-Do List: Quickly Get Your Chaos Completely Under Control

by Michael Linenberger

Readers overwhelmed by their work and life will find relief in this new title. We've all created to-do lists before, and we've all found them lacking-things just sit on them for weeks, months, even years. This...

Best Practice in Performance Coaching: A Handbook for Leaders, Coaches, HR Professionals and Organizations

by Carol Wilson

Best Practice in Performance Coaching: A Handbook for Leaders, Coaches, HR Professionals and Organizations offers coaching models, tools, techinques and case histories, and explains how to run a coaching practice....

The Complete Guide to Mentoring: How to Design, Implement and Evaluate Effective Mentoring Programmes

by Hilarie Owen

The Complete Guide to Mentoring provides a step-by-step guide to designing, implementing and assessing mentoring schemes in any organization, to aid succession planning and talent development.

Million Dollar Referrals: The Secrets to Building a Perpetual Client List to Generate a Seven-Figure Income

by Alan Weiss

Build a million-dollar business out of untapped referrals!

Alan Weiss has taught thousands of people how to put their expertise to work through consulting, speaking, and coaching. Now, in Million Dollar Referrals...

Understanding ETF Options: Profitable Strategies for Diversified, Low-Risk Investing

by Kenneth Trester

Proven ways to increase profits while reducing risk in one of today's fastest growing markets

Finding a safe investment in today's markets makes looking for that needle in a haystack seem easy. With a single...

Hindsight the Foresight Saga


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