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EZ Occupational Outlook Handbook

by The Editors at JIST

This reader-friendly reference features engaging, one-page descriptions of nearly 260 jobs, including those in the most recent Occupational Outlook Handbook, plus new green careers.

Top 300 Careers

by Editors at JIST

Readers will explore hundreds of jobs, assess their best career fit, and learn how to find good jobs quickly. Based on current labor market information, making it the perfect go-to resource for students, job...

The Outsider's Edge: The Making of Self-Made Billionaires

by Brent D. Taylor

The secret of extreme wealth creation

The Outsider's Edge reveals the one common denominator the world's richest self-made people share. Studying the lives of 17 world-famous billionaires, author and researcher...

$0 to Rich: The Everyday Woman's Guide to Getting Wealthy

by Tracey Edwards

What does 'rich' mean to you? Perhaps a huge mansion and an overseas holiday every year? A wardrobe and entourage to rival Victoria Beckham's? Or maybe a simple, comfortable house, no debt and a healthy investment...

How to Make Money While You Sleep!: A 7-Step Plan for Starting Your Own Profitable Online Business

by Brett McFall

In this jargon-free guide, author Brett McFall shows just how easy it is to set up your own online business. You'll discover how to make money by delivering a great deal of value without a great deal of effort....

Money for Nothing: How to Land the Best Deals on Your Insurances, Loans, Cards, Er, Tax and More

by Justine Davies

Do you want to manage your cashflow better and get rid of financial stress?

Do you put finance products such as health insurance and mortgages in the too-hard basket?

Money for Nothing is a call to action to wise...

China Versus the West: The Global Power Shift of the 21st Century

by Ivan Tselichtchev

China Versus the West is an innovative book.

The author, a leading specialist on the international and Asian economy and business, presents the most comprehensive picture of the changing power balance between...

Taxation of U.S. Investment Partnerships and Hedge Funds: Accounting Policies, Tax Allocations, and Performance Presentation

by N. Vasavada & Jei-Fu Shaw

A new, lucid approach to the formulation of accounting policies for tax reporting

Unraveling the layers of complexity surrounding the formulation of accounting policies for tax reporting, Taxation of US Investment...

The Executive and the Elephant: A Leader's Guide for Building Inner Excellence

by Richard L. Daft

Lessons for leaders on resolving the ongoing struggle between instinct and the creative mind

Kings, heads of government, and corporate executives lead thousands of people and manage endless resources, but may...

The Handbook of Strategic Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communications, Second Edition

by Clarke Caywood

Praise for The Handbook of Strategic Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communications

"The second edition of the Handbook of Strategic Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communications is very...

Bound-For-Career Guidebook: A Student Guide to Career Exploration, Decision Making, and the Job Search

by Frank Burtnett

This book posits career identification, selection, entry, and progression as part of a larger developmental process—the career development process. Its information and exercises will point students in the...

Interview Answers: 10 Brilliant Answers to Tough Interview Questions

by Infinite Ideas & Ken Langdon

Interview answers is unlike the majority of interview techniques books because it steers clear of blindingly obvious advice such as not to wear track-suit bottoms or turn up drunk to your interview, and instead...

The Money Saving Mom's Budget: Slash Your Spending, Pay Down Your Debt, Streamline Your Life, and Save Thousands a Year

by Crystal Paine


Crystal Paine, who has helped busy women everywhere take control of their finances, presents her most effective strategies...

The Connection: Link Your Deepest Passion, Purpose, and Actions to Make a Difference in the World

by Anthony Silard

In this landmark book, leadership guru Anthony Silard takes a holistic view of success that makes sense in a modern world. With the proliferation of texting, emails, smart phones, and more, our home lives have...

King Larry: The Life and Ruins of a Billionaire Genius

by James D. Scurlock

From Howard Hughes to Mark Zuckerberg, the public has always been fascinated by genius entrepreneurs who succumb to their eccentricities. Now, James Scurlock engages, educates, and entertains readers with the...

Corporate Blogging for Dummies

by Douglas Karr

Establish a successful corporate blog to reach your customers

Corporate blogs require careful planning and attention to legal and corporate policies in order for them to be productive and effective. This fun,...

The Cure for the American Healthcare Malady

by MD, FACP, FACG, James H. DeGerome

Synopsis: The Cure for the American Healthcare Malady is an intelligent, logical and meticulously researched examination of healthcare by an author and physician who knows firsthand the problems we, as a nation,...

Real Estate Accounting Made Easy

by Obioma A. Ebisike

All the fundamentals of accounting and finance of the real estate industry-made easy

Providing both the theories and practices of real estate from an accounting and financial perspective, Real Estate Accounting...

Resource Curse and Post-Soviet Eurasia: Oil, Gas, and Modernization

by Vladimir Gel'man

Resource Curse and Post-Soviet Eurasia: Oil, Gas, and Modernization is an in-depth analysis on the impact of oil and gas abundance on political, economic, and social developments of Russia and other post-Soviet...

Speaking as a Leader: How to Lead Every Time You Speak...from Board Rooms to Meeting Rooms, from Town Halls to Phone Calls

by Judith Humphrey

Make every communication count—with a simple, four-step speaking model

Whether it's among colleagues at lunch or an audience of a thousand, a leader's role is to move and inspire others. It's not only the big...