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Left on Red: How to Ignite, Leverage and Build Visionary Organizations

by Bill Glynn

In Left on Red, venture capitalist and business innovator Bill Glynn reveals how visionary thinkers and risk-takers build great companies by doing the opposite of the expected. Today?s coolest and most successful...

Reforming Severance Pay

by Robert Holzmann & Milan Vodopivec

Severance pay, a program that provides compensation to workers on termination of employment, is the most widely used income protection program for the unemployed-yet it is often blamed for creating economic...

Running the Gauntlet:  Essential Business Lessons to Lead, Drive Change, and Grow Profits

by Jeffrey W. Hayzlett & Jim Eber

Change your ATTITUDE. Change your BUSINESS. Change your FUTURE.

What's stopping you from making the changes your business needs to thrive? The most dangerous move in business is the failure to make a move at...

Exporting Services

by Arti Grover Goswami & Aaditya Mattoo

The past two decades have seen exciting changes with developing countries emerging as exporters of services. Technological developments now make it easier to trade services across borders. But other avenues...

Africa Development Indicators 2011

by World Bank

Africa Development Indicators 2011 is the most detailed collection of data on Africa. It contains macroeconomic, sectoral, and social indicators for 53 countries. A companion CD-ROM has additional data, with...

Brand Failures: The Truth About the 100 Biggest Branding Mistakes of All Time

by Matt Haig

Brand Failures is the classic book by Matt Haig, updated to examine the world's top 100 spectacular brand disasters, from Enron and Pan Am to smokeless cigarettes and Bic underwear.

Brand Success: How the World's Top 100 Brands Thrive and Survive

by Matt Haig

With comment from brand managers, psychologists, academics, and other experts, Brand Success is an invaluable resource for brand managers, marketers and students around the world. For the rest of us, it's simply...

Starting a Business from Home: Choosing a Business, Getting Online, Reaching Your Market and Making a Profit

by Colin Barrow

Starting a Business from Home offers hundreds of ideas for setting up profitable and successful home-based businesses and includes practical advice on using the internet as a business tool.

Fit to Bust: How Great Companies Fail

by Tim Phillips

There will always be business failures. This timely book looks at who fails, when and how. It is often shocking how far and how fast great companies can fall.

Bid Management: Create Winning Bids and Proposals and Fund Applications; Find New Opportunities; Beat the Competition

by Emma Jaques

Bid Management will teach the reader how to think like a professional bid manager, write bids that compel customers to buy and beat the competition

Branding Your Business: Promote Your Business, Attract Customers and Build Your Brand Through the Power of Emotion

by James Hammond

Branding Your Business explains what a brand is and what it is not, how to conduct a 'DIY' brand audit and how to use marketing NLP and psychology principles to create a powerful brand

Effective Financial Management

by Brian Finch

Effective Financial Management gives advice on raising money for a business, maintaining investor relationships, accounting, reporting and communicating effectively with a wide range of stakeholders, budgeting,...

Win at Work

by Shaun Belding

Win at Work offers invaluable advice on how to get on, get ahead and succeed at work, with tips on dealing with difficult people, working in a team and making a great impression

Executive Writing Skills for Managers: Master Word Power to Lead Your Teams, Make Strategic Links and Develop Relationships

by Fiona Talbot

Executive Writing Skills for Managers focuses on writing English for international business as a key business and management tool for native and non-native speakers alike.

Make an Impact with Your Written English: How to Use Word Power to Impress in Presentations, Reports, PR and Meetings

by Fiona Talbot

Make an Impact with your Written English is an invaluable guide that focuses on writing English for international business for sales, PR, presentations, reports, minutes, manuals and the web etc.

Diversification Strategy: How to Grow a Business by Diversifying Successfully

by Graham Kenny

Diversification Strategy describes in clear detail the seven characteristics of successful diversifiers, revealing a blueprint for successful diversification based on a close examination of the practices of...

Time Well Spent: Getting Things Done Through Effective Time Management

by Lyndon Jones & Paul Loftus

Time Well Spent is an essential guide to organising life and work by avoiding procrastination, using and analyzing your time, organising your workload and workplace, handling interruptions, delegating and conducting...

International Communications Strategy: Developments in Cross-Cultural Communications, PR and Social Media

by Silvia Cambie & Yang-May Ooi

International Communications Strategy is about the cross-cultural challenges currently facing PR practitioners. Offshoring, globalisation and the rise of China and India have been triggering unprecedented change...

The Training Design Manual: The Complete Practical Guide to Creating Effective and Successful Training Programmes

by Tony Bray

The Training Design Manual is a step-by-step approach to designing and implementing a training programme.

New Strategies for Reputation Management: Gaining Control of Issues, Crises & Corporate Social Responsibility

by Andrew Griffin

This book explores the very important area of corporate communications and aims to delve into the most recent techniques and practices used in the public relations industry. New Strategies for Reputation Management...