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Reworking Retirement: A Practical Guide for Seniors Returning to Work

by Allyn I Freeman

Now that you're retired, you finally have the chance to do a job you want to do-rather than one you have to do. Whether you are looking to earn a supplemental income or keep busy during your golden years with...

365 Ways to Live Cheap

by Trent Hamm

Use cold water for most clothes washing and save up to $63 a year. Minimize your carload and reduce your gas mileage by as much as 5 percent. Invest in a deep freezer and fill it up with meat discounted at 30...

Green Your Work

by Kim Carlson

Today, many companies are flourishing by delivering high-quality products while pursuing policies that leave the world a cleaner, better place. Those policies can help retain customers, energize employees, and...

The Real Estate Investor's Tax Strategy Guide

by Tammy H Kraemer

What's Section 1031? How does it help property investment? Who qualifies for its benefits? These are the answers serious real estate investors must know--and are the kind of issues tackled in this one-stop resource....

How to Buy Foreclosed Real Estate

by Theodore J Dallow

As foreclosures increase, so do the odds of finding the home of your dreams!

You can ride out the storm in the housing market and find great real estate at amazing values. Whether you're looking for a new home...

The Quick-and-Easy Web Site

by Paula Peters

Forget the complicated instructions and baffling techspeak found in other guides, The Quick-and-Easy Web Site gives you straightforward instruction on how to build a Web page that really delivers. It's simple....

Save Smart, Earn More

by Dennis Blitz

"Blitz writes in a conversational style that even a novice investor can understand. Believe me, his ideas and strategies will set you on the road to becoming a millionaire!"

-John Slatter, CFA, author of The...

The Happy Employee

by Julia McGovern

Reduced workforces, hiring freezes, productivity pressures--it's clear that now, more than ever, every employee counts. With 101 practical, easy-to-implement tips, The Happy Employee will help you identify and...

The Only Real Estate Investing Book You'll Ever Need

by Thomas E Coronato

A fast-changing mortgage market means opportunity for investors like you. Authors Thomas E. Coronato and Helen Coronato offer a clear path to profits through today's real-estate investment jungle. Whatever kind...

Job Spa

by Milo Sindell

Does your boss ignore you?

Is your career going nowhere?

Are you just going through the motions?

If so, you need a trip to the Job Spa. Inside, authors Milo Sindell and Thuy Sindell detail an easy-to-master...


by Gregory Bergman

There's language . . . and then there is the language of business. In today's offices, you're as likely to hear kitchen-sinked or ticker shock as capitalization and balance sheet. With the international marketplace...

Monster Boss: Strategies for Surviving and Excelling When Your Boss is a Nightmare

by Patricia King

Every day, problem bosses rob employees of job satisfaction, motivation, career advancement--and, at their most dastardly--physical and emotional health. But it doesn't have to be that way. This book shows employees...

The Way of Innovation: Master the Five Elements of Change to Reinvent Your Products, Services, and Organization

by Kaihan Krippendorff

"For the first time, someone has captured the essence of innovation and given us a truly fresh language to guide and enhance [the] process." --Verne Harnish, founder of Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO), CEO...

An American's Guide to Doing Business in India

by Eugene M Makar

Did you know that . . .

  • U.S. money pours into India at a rate of over $25 million every day?
  • India's economic growth has averaged 8.6 percent a year since 2004, hitting 9.4 percent last year?
  • At this rate, India...

Bad Apples

by Terrance Sember

Unlike other career books, this book offers managers a team-focused approach to neutralizing a not-so-pleasant or productive--working atmosphere. Instead of isolating the one problem employee, relevant teams...

250 Personal Finance Questions for Single Mothers

by Susan Reynolds

Being a single mother is difficult--especially in the cash-strapped financial environment that we live in today. With the cost of gas, food, and college all going up, how can one woman do it all?

Single mothers...

Living Large on Less

by Christina Spence

Have it All—for Half the Price

You work hard for your money. Wouldn't you like to get more for it? Living Large on Less is full of hundreds of ways to save money without drastically altering your lifestyle....

Taking Charge

by Chris Johnson

This book is about taking charge of your career, and avoiding a line of least resistance.

It's over twenty years since people first started to be told by employers, 'it's up to you to manage your own career.'...

The Everything Start Your Own Consulting Business Book

by Dan Ramsey

Consultants work in all fields. They operate from offices and from home, work for investment firms and as personal trainers, or have expertise as accountants and wedding planners. The independence, flexibility,...

The Everything Personal Finance in Your 40s and 50s Book

by Jennifer Lane

Every day, more than 10,000 people turn forty in the United States, moving toward retirement without traditional pension plans backing them up. Lacking the safety net that protected their parents and grandparents,...