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Transitions in Secondary Education in Sub-Saharan Africa

by World Bank

This World Bank Working Paper discusses equity and efficiency issues in secondary education transitions in Sub-Saharan Africa. Its main purpose is to identify and analyze national, regional, and local measures...

International Migration, Remittances, and the Brain Drain

by Maurice Schiff & Çaglar Özden

International migration, the movement of people across international boundaries, has enormous economic, social and cultural implications in both origin and destination countries. Using original research, this...

Poverty and the Wto

by Thomas W. Hertel & L.Alan Winters

Poverty reduction is deemed to be a centerpiece of the Doha Development Agenda currently being negotiated under the auspices of the WTO. Yet there is considerable debate about the poverty impacts of such an...

Safeguards and Antidumping in Latin American Trade Liberalization

by J.Michael Finger & Julio J. Nogues

Until the 1990s, the main users of safeguards and antidumping laws were Australia, Canada, the European Union, and the United States. Since then, many countries have implemented such laws, leading to a proliferation...

Moving Out of Poverty

by Deepa Narayan & Patti Petesch

"There is no peace with hunger. Only promises and promises and no fulfillment. If there is no job, there is no peace. If there is nothing to cook in the pot, there is no peace." - Oscar, a 57-year-old man, El...

The Little Data Book on Africa 2010

by World Bank

'The Little Data Book on Africa 2010' is a pocket edition of 'Africa Development Indicators 2010'. It contains some 115 key indicators on economics, human development, governance, and partnership and is intended...

World Development Report 2008

by World Bank

The world's demand for food is expected to double within the next 50 years, while the natural resources that sustain agriculture will become increasingly scarce, degraded, and vulnerable to the effects of climate...

Doing Business -- An Independent Evaluation

by World Bank

This independent evaluation of the Doing Business Indicators assesses the methods and processes used to construct the indicators, their relevance to development outcomes, and their usefulness to policy makers...

International Migration, Economic Development & Policy

by Maurice Schiff & Çaglar Özden

International migration has become acentral element of international relations and global integration due to its rapidly increasing economic, social, and cultural impact in both source and destination countries....

Alternative Remittance Systems and Terrorism Financing

by Matteo Vaccani

Governments, through their regulatory bodies, typically regulate formal financial sector players such as banks, which can leave providers working in informal remittance systems outside regulatory channels. Value...

The Media and Development

by Gareth Locksley

The media's contribution to development occurs simultaneously along five closely intermingled influences: plurality and transparency, behavioral, infrastructure and platform, economic, and trade. The media are...

Finance for All?

by World Bank

Access to financial services varies sharply around the world. In many developing countries less than half the population has an account with a financial institution, and in most of Africa less than one in five...

Biofuels in Africa

by Donald Mitchell

A new economic opportunity for sub-Saharan Africa is looming large: biofuel production. Rapidly rising energy prices are expected to remain high for an extended period of time because of the increasing demand...

Increasing Formality and Productivity of Bolivian Firms

by World Bank

Bolivia's informal economic sector is the largest in Latin America and has been attributed to many factors including the burden of regulations, the weakness of public institutions, and the lack of perceived...

Beyond Reforms

by Jose Antonio Ocampo

'Beyond Reforms' argues that economic growth in developing countries is intrinsically tied to the dynamics of production structures, to the specific policies and institutions created to support it, and the creation...

A Guide to the World Bank

by World Bank

The World Bank Group is a vital source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world. Its focus is on helping the poorest people in the poorest countries by using its financial...

Poverty and Social Exclusion in India

by World Bank

Despite India's record of rapid economic growth and poverty reduction over recent decades, rising inequality in the country has been a subject of concern among policy makers, academics, and activists alike....

Global Development Finance 2011

by World Bank

Global Development Finance 2011: External Debt of Developing Countries is a continuation of the World Bank's publications Global Development Finance, Volume II (1997 through 2009) and the earlier World Debt...

Doing Business 2011

by World Bank

Eighth in a series of annual reports comparing business regulations in 183 economies, Doing Business 2011 measures regulations affecting 10 areas of everyday business activity: starting a business, dealing with...

Global Economic Prospects 2010

by World Bank

"The crisis has deeply impacted virtually every economy in the world, and although growth has returned, much progress in the fight against poverty has been lost. More difficult international conditions in the...