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Political Economy After Economics: Scientific Method and Radical Imagination

by David Laibman

This re-incorporation of economics into political economy is one (small, but not insignificant) element in a larger project: to place all of the resources of present-day social-scientific research at the service...

Strategic Thinking: Today S Business Imperative

by Irene Irene M. Duhaime, Larry Larry Stimpert & Julie Julie Chesley

There are many strategy books available in the marketplace for today's student or business professional; most of them view strategy from the 10,000 foot level, while Strategic Thinking looks at this important...

Questioning Financial Governance from a Feminist Perspective

by Brigitte Young, Isabella Bakker & Diane Elson

Questioning Financial Governance from a Feminist Perspective brings together feminist economists and feminist political economists from different countries located in North America and Europe to analyze the...

Intellectual Property in Global Governance

by Chidi Oguamanam

Intellectual Property in Global Governance critically examines the evolution of international intellectual property law-making from the build up to the TRIPS Agreement, through the TRIPS and post-TRIPS era....

Reassessing the Paradigm of Economics

by Valeria Mosini

When President Reagan and Prime Minister Thatcher adopted the neoliberal doctrine as the paradigm of economics, there was no evidence that the move would have been successful, but thirty years on, the recurrent...

Economy, Work, and Education

by Catherine Casey

Economy, Work and Education: Critical Connections addresses effects of neoliberal capitalism in particular regard to work and education. The book elaborates key aspects and problems of generalized policy models...

China's Political Economy in Modern Times: Changes and Economic Consequences, 1800-2000

by Kent G Deng

This book makes an important contribution to the study of changes in China's institutions and their impact on the national economy as well as ordinary people's daily material life from 1800 to 2000. Kent Deng...

Continuing Professional Development: Lifelong Learning of Millions

by Andrew L. Friedman

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the means by which the professions across the world ensure that their knowledge and skills remain up to date and relevant to changing needs and environments. CPD...

Risk and Social Change in an African Rural Economy

by John G. McPeak, Peter D. Little & Cheryl R. Doss

Pastoralists' role in contemporary Africa typically goes underappreciated and misunderstood by development agencies, external observers, and policymakers. Yet, arid and semi-arid lands (ASAL), which are used...

Innovation and Economic Crisis: Lessons and Prospects from the Economic Downturn

by Daniele Archibugi & Andrea Filippetti

The recent financial and economic crisis has spurred a lot of interest among scholars and public audience. Strangely enough, the impact of the crisis on innovation has been largely underestimated. This books...

The Communications Industries in the Era of Convergence

by Catherine E. A. Mulligan

This book provides a unique view of the evolution of these industries, drawing out how technology and economic forces have worked together to create platforms around which different companies interact. Through...

Gender Equity and Institutional Transformation

by Diana Bilimoria & Xiangfen Liang

Women faculty's participation in academic science and engineering is critical for future US global competitiveness, yet their underrepresentation particularly in senior positions remains a widespread problem....

Mediawriting: Print, Broadcast, and Public Relations

by W. Richard Whitaker, Janet E. Ramsey & Ronald D. Smith

MediaWriting is an introductory, hands-on textbook for students preparing to write in the current multimedia environment. Rather than just talk about the differences among the styles of print, broadcast, and...

Human Resource Management in Nonprofit Organizations

by Alina McCandless Baluch

Human resource management (HRM) can aid nonprofit organizations (NPOs) in facing uncertain, changing environments of funding pressures, increasing competition and demand for services as well as internal challenges....

Corporate Social Responsibility and Global Labor Standards

by Luc Fransen

How effective are multinational companies at improving working conditions in their supply chains? This book focuses on a crucial dynamic in private efforts at regulating labor standards in international production...

Careers in Creative Industries

by Chris Mathieu

This book comprises current, original, empirical studies of career-making in theatre, music, film, TV, visual arts, fashion design, and architecture from Asia, Europe, and North America. This format facilitates...

The Heart Aroused: Poetry and the Preservation of the Soul in Corporate America

by David Whyte

In the middle of the road of my life I awoke in a dark wood where the true way was wholly lost


Like Dante, many of today's corporate workers find themselves lost in the day-to-day duties of their jobs....

The Human Element: Ten New Rules to Kickstart Our Failing Organizations

by David Boyle

Despite some of the most sophisticated computer systems known to mankind, modern life can be infuriating - and it's getting worse. But there is a growing suspicion that, despite all the investment in IT and...

Ascent after Decline

by Otaviano Canuto & Danny M. Leipziger

The Great Recession of 2009-11 was not simply a severe business cycle slowdown or even a combined credit, housing, and asset market collapse. It left permanent scars, especially on the advanced economies. In...

Skills for the 21st Century in Latin America and the Caribbean

by Cristian Aedo & Ian Walker

This report contributes to the debate about the quality of education and returns to education investment in Latin America and the Caribbean (LCR). It aims to improve our understanding of the links from investment...