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Eco Barons: The Dreamers, Schemers, and Millionaires Who Are Saving Our Planet

by Edward Humes

From Pulitzer Prize winner Edward Humes comes Eco Barons, the story of the remarkable visionaries who have quietly dedicated their lives and their fortunes to saving the planet from ecological destruction.


A Term at the Fed

by Laurence H. Meyer

As a governor of the Federal Reserve Board from 1996 to 2002, Laurence H. Meyer helped make the economic policies that steered the United States through some of the wildest and most tumultuous times in its recent...

Revolt in the Boardroom

by Alan Murray

Throughout the 20th century, American corporations were governed by autocratic, almost unaccountable chief executives. Their word was law and the only check on their power was a board of directors composed of...

The Fair Tax Book

by Neal Boortz & John Linder

Wouldn't you love to abolish the IRS ...

Keep all the money in your paycheck ...

Pay taxes on what you spend, not what you earn ...

And eliminate all the fraud, hassle, and waste of our current system?

Then the...

Cloud Accounting - From Spreadsheet Misery to Affordable Cloud ERP

by William Aiton & David Russell

"...The mounting number of angry calls signaled James and his employees were starting to lose control of the business. Their QuickBooks accounting software and practice of using spreadsheets to manage projects...

Better Leaders Ask Better Questions

by Lindsay Tighe

Join the new breed of leaders....

become a "Potentialiser"

POTENTIALISER - po·ten·ti·a·li·ser

Meaning: Releaser of amazingness in others

Your team have more potential than you realise and the chances...

Better Results Through Learning

by Michael Dolan

"Over the long run, superior performance depends on superior learning."

You need results from a workforce that is knowledgeable, flexible, efficient, and resilient. Are you and your employees continuously learning...

A Non-Random Walk Down Wall Street

by Andrew W. Lo & A. Craig MacKinlay

For over half a century, financial experts have regarded the movements of markets as a random walk--unpredictable meanderings akin to a drunkard's unsteady gait--and this hypothesis has become a cornerstone...

Computational Economics

by David A. Kendrick, P. Ruben Mercado & Hans M. Amman

The ability to conceptualize an economic problem verbally, to formulate it as a mathematical model, and then represent the mathematics in software so that the model can be solved on a computer is a crucial skill...

Electronic and Algorithmic Trading Technology: The Complete Guide

by Kendall Kim

Electronic and algorithmic trading has become part of a mainstream response to buy-side traders' need to move large blocks of shares with minimum market impact in today's complex institutional trading environment....

The Brand Who Cried Wolf: Deliver on Your Company's Promise and Create Customers for Life

by Scott Deming & Susan Hershenson


"Powerful brands command. Read this insightful book and allow Scott to share how to make your brand stand out and deliver you buckets of money!"

—Mark Victor Hansen, bestselling...

Falls Aren't Funny: America's Multi-Billion Dollar Slip-and-Fall Crisis

by Russell J. Kendzior

In this book, author Russell J. Kendzior provides a comprehensive look at one of the most pervasive yet seldom addressed problems facing our world today. The book's three parts explore slip-and-fall accidents...

The 15-Minute Landlord

by Scott Taylor

The 15-Minute Landlord brings a new, original, and wholly unique voice to those looking for help with being a successful landlord. Written for beginners and experienced landlords alike, this book introduces...

The Only Guide You'll Ever Need for the Right Financial Plan: Managing Your Wealth, Risk, and Investments

by Larry E. Swedroe

An accessible guide that outlines the key elements of an effective financial plan

From Larry Swedroe, the author of the bestselling series of "The Only Guide" investment books, with Kevin Grogan and Tiya Lim...

Early American Decorative Arts, 1620-1860: A Handbook for Interpreters

by Rosemary Troy Krill

Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library is renowned for its decorative arts collection. An indispensable guide for curators, educators, interpreters, and students of decorative arts, this revised and enhanced edition...

Training from the Back of the Room!: 65 Ways to Step Aside and Let Them Learn

by Sharon L. Bowman

From Sharon L. Bowman, the author of the best-selling Ten-Minute Trainer, comes the dynamic new book, Training from the BACK of the Room! This innovative resource introduces 65 training strategies that are guaranteed...

Distant Tyranny: Markets, Power, and Backwardness in Spain, 1650-1800

by Regina Grafe

Spain's development from a premodern society into a modern unified nation-state with an integrated economy was painfully slow and varied widely by region. Economic historians have long argued that high internal...

Solving Sticky People Problems: Using Your Supervisory Inner Sense with Employees

by Tim McHeffey

SOLVING STICKY PEOPLE PROBLEMS guides the reader through the steps of how to apply the PHP formula to address the day-to-day employee issues of managers and supervisors. The chapters are conveniently categorized...

$700 Billion Bailout: The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act and What It Means to You, Your Money, Your Mortgage and Your Taxes

by Paul Muolo

The book is an analysis of the controversial Emergency Economic Stabilization Act and explains in easy to understand language what the bailout bill means for individuals. $700 Billion Bailout answers questions...

People Planet Profit: How to Embrace Sustainability for Innovation and Business Growth

by Peter Fisk

People, Planet, Profit is the first book to truly address business growth in the context of social and enviornmental concerns. Full of inspiring case studies, it looks at the challenges faced by key players...