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Organization in Open Source Communities

by Evangelia Berdou

This book contributes new insights into the organization of free/open source (F/OS) software communities by examining the links between learning, division of labour and commercialization.

The Making of the Classical Theory of Economic Growth

by Anthony Brewer

This book collects together for the first time Anthony Brewer's work on the origins and development of the theory of economic growth from the late eighteenth century and looking at how it came to dominate economic...

Sheep in the Cotswolds: The Medieval Wool Trade

by Derek Hurst

Reconstructing the medieval wool trade economy through contemporary documents as well as architectural and archaeological evidence.

Economic Developments in Contemporary China

by Ian Jeffries

This book provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of contemporary economic developments in China. Key topics include the growth of the market; the market replacing central planning; the reform of state...

Greening the Economy

by Robert B Williams

Drawing on both economics and ecology, this book offers telling insights into the confusing 'jobs versus environment' debates as well as charts a recommended path towards a more co-habitable relationship. Avoiding...

Environmental Efficiency, Innovation and Economic Performances

by Anna Montini & Massimiliano Mazzanti

This volume brings together microeconomics studies on firms' eco and economic performance both in the industrial and service sector; by considering a sector based perspective rooted mainly in the exploitation...

Computational Analysis of Firms' Organization and Strategic Behaviour

by Edoardo Mollona

Management and organization theories have, in the years, developed rich methodological paraphernalia to test hypotheses. This book addresses possible applications of computer simulation to theory building in management...

Participation in Environmental Organizations

by Benno Torgler & Maria A Garcia-Valiñas

This book analyzes the determinants of environmental participation and its consequences in different parts of the world, focusing on whose values are forwarded through voluntary activities and how far voluntary...

Bourne on Company Law 5/E

by Nicholas Bourne

Bourne on Company Law carefully examines and guides students through the way that legal rules are applied in this core commercial area. The fundamental topics are broken down throughout into short, clear sections...

From Farmer to World Leader - Delfingen

by Claudine Le Tourneur d'Ison

The story of Delfingen is not only the story of Bernard Streit who remarkably developed the company but it also closely relates to the astonishing path of the Streit family, men and women of sturdy character,...

Crisis Communications

by Kathleen Fearn-Banks

Crisis Communications presents case studies of organizational and individual problems that have the potential to become crises, and the communication responses to these situations. Helping professionals prepare...

Get a Hobby Kit and Learn Something New

by Norma Cedellos

Build family communication and togetherness by having a weekly toy game hobby night. It is so easy these days to let work, school, and the business of life rule the day, that we can easily lose touch with each...

Tips for Planning a Trip to a Nascar Race

by Maira Moreno

Are you a Nascar fan? If you are, you may be interested in attending a Nascar race. If you are like many other fans, there is a good chance that you cannot just hop in the car and go; many race fans have to...

Insidious Workplace Behavior

by Jerald Greenberg

Insidious Workplace Behavior (IWB) refers to low-level, pervasive acts of deviance directed at individual or organizational targets. Because of its inherently stealthy nature, scientists have paid little attention...

The Map - How to Out Your Local Economy

by John Rogers

The Map describes how to make the rich underused capacity of regional economies more visible. It shows how to engage individuals, businesses, voluntary groups and local government to share their underused assets...

The L.E.A.R.N.E.D. Leader - An Allegory About Navigating Change

by Stephanie Olexa

When Mike Townsend is suddenly thrown into the position of interim CEO of a specialty chemicals company after the death of the founder and owner, he is overwhelmed with the issues in an organization that must...

Can Neighbourhoods Save the City?

by Frank Moulaert & Erik Swyngedouw

Instead of a top-down approach, this book looks at the impact of bottom-up neighbourhood based initiatives. It analyses and documents a variety of innovative local urban strategies in European cities and their...

From Brand "X" to Brand Rex: 5 S.M.A.R.T. and Easy Steps to Create a Cult of Personality for Your Brand and Increase Sales

by Linda Tancs

If you've established a trademark for your business (or plan on doing so), then you understand the importance of distinguishing your product or service from others in the marketplace. Great brands impact sales...

Mastering E-Business

by Paul Grefen

Mastering e-Business presents an innovative, new teaching framework to help students gain a thorough understanding of the principles of this vital aspect of business and management.

How to Get Your Desired Dream Job

by Kelvin Godwin

This book addresses issues concerning unemployment, what to do and what not to do when seeking for a job, skills employers are seeking for in prospective employees and how job seekers can possess such skills...