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Negotiating Rationally

by Max H. Bazerman

In Negotiating Rationally, Max Bazerman and Margaret Neale explain how to avoid the pitfalls of irrationality and gain the upper hand in negotiations.

For example, managers tend to be overconfident, to recklessly...

The New Art of Managing People

by Tony Alessandra

When a manager establishes a friendly yet productive working atmosphere, the benefits to the whole organization are substantial. The Art of Managing People provides practical strategies, guidelines and techniques...

Innovation for change

by António Lúcio Baptista

Book structure:

1. Science, innovation and entrepreneurship Getting science out of the box

- The Valley of Death of Portuguese entrepreneurship

- European policies for science and innovation

- A Europass to...

Perfect Phrases for Job Seekers (EBOOK BUNDLE)

by Michael Betrus

Learn the right words for landing the job of your dreams

Three great books in a single eBook package!

There are three core parts to the process of landing the job of your dreams-writing a killer resume, crafting...

Unbalanced: The Codependency of America and China

by Stephen Roach

The Chinese and U.S. economies have been locked in an uncomfortable embrace since the late 1970s. Although the relationship initially arose out of mutual benefits, in recent years it has taken on the trappings...

Starting a Spiritual Business - Inspiration, Case Studies and Advice: Featuring Diana Cooper and Ian Lawman

by Charlotte Anne Edwards

Live your dream—presenting case studies, lashings of inspiration and business advice this book gives you the courage to accomplish your true purpose: starting a spiritual business.

Millionaire Real Estate Agent - Success in Good Times and Bad (EBOOK BUNDLE)

by Gary Keller, Dave Jenks & Jay Papasan

Start building your real estate fortune today! Gary Keller reveals all the secrets Two books in one comprehensive ebook package!

"Gary Keller knows the beauty of a simple path to a spectacular goal!"

-Mark Victor...

Money Anxiety

by Dan Geller

This is a behavioral economics book showing readers how money anxiety impacts consumer financial behavior and the economy. The book demonstrates the impact of financial anxiety on retail sales and bank savings....

The Millionaire Real Estate Investing Series (EBOOK BUNDLE)

by Gary Keller, Dave Jenks & Jay Papasan


The Millionaire Real Estate Investor

Anyone who seeks financial wealth must first learn the fundamental truths and models that drive it. The Millionaire Real Estate Investor represents the...

Diffusion of Innovations, 4th Edition

by Everett M. Rogers

Since the first edition of this landmark book was published in 1962,

Everett Rogers's name has become "virtually synonymous with the study

of diffusion of innovations," according to Choice. The second and


Paying For Welfare: Towards 2000

by Howard Glennerster

This is a third edition of a successful textbook that provides a contemporary account of how social services in the UK are paid for. The new edition brings the textbook up-to-date with its fast-moving subject...

Consumer Behavior Analysis: (A) Rational  Approach  to  Consumer  Choice

by Donald A. Hantula & Victoria K. Wells

Consumption is the primary economic activity in our post-industrial society. We are consumers, not producers. Consumer behavior analysis is leading heterodox marketing scholarship and innovative applied behavioral...

Changing Face of Money: Will Electric Money Be Adopted in the United States?

by Barbara Ann Good

Although the cashless society has been predicted for at least twenty years, the new forms of card-based and software based electronic money may prove to be a partial alternative to the current forms of payment....

The Myth of Black Corporate Mobility

by Ulwyn L. Pierre

First Published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Legalized Casino Gaming in the United States: The Economic and Social Impact

by Cathy Hc Hsu

Covering the entire United States gaming market, Legalized Casino Gaming in the United States provides gaming researchers, policymakers, and hospitality students comprehensive overview of the history, development,...

Nisa: The Life and Words of a !Kung Woman

by Marjorie Shostak

Married at twelve, then separated, divorced and widowed, Nisa is the mother of four children, none of whom survived. She is strong, capable of foraging on her own in one of the world's most hostile environments,...

Global Spillovers Into Domestic Bond Markets in Emerging Market Economies

by Laura Jaramillo & Anke Weber

While fiscal conditions remain healthier than in advanced economies, emerging economies continue to be exposed to negative spillovers if global conditions were to become less favorable. This paper finds that...

Financial Soundness Indicators and Banking Crises

by Matias Costa Navajas & Aaron Thegeya

The paper tests the effectiveness of financial soundness indicators (FSIs) as harbingers of banking crises, using multivariate logit models to see whether FSIs, broad macroeconomic indicators, and institutional...

Republic of Poland: Technical Note on Impaired Loans

by International Monetary Fund. Department

In recent years, the IMF has released a growing number of reports and other documents covering economic and financial developments and trends in member countries. Each report, prepared by a staff team after...

Cyprus: Second Review Under the Extended Arrangement Under the Extended Fund Facility and Request for Modification of Performa

by International Monetary Fund. Euro Dept.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Extended Arrangement: On May 15, 2013, the Executive Board approved a three-year Extended Arrangement under the Extended Fund Facility in the amount of SDR 891 million (563 percent of quota;...