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Innovation in Pricing: Contemporary Theories and Best Practices

by Andreas Hinterhuber & Stephan Liozu

Innovation in the area of pricing has received scant attention even though pricing has a substantial and immediate impact on profitability. This book examines how innovation in pricing can be used to drive...

Formal Peace and Informal War: Security and Development in Congo

by Zoë|| Marriage

Northern interventions into African countries at war are dominated by security concerns, bolstered by claims of shared returns and reinforcing processes of development and security. As global security and human...

Applied Health Economics

by Andrew M. Jones, Nigel Rice & Teresa Bago d'Uva

The first edition of Applied Health Economics did an expert job of showing how the availability of large scale data sets and the rapid advancement of advanced econometric techniques can help health economists...

China's Ethnic Minorities: Social and Economic Indicators

by Rongxing Guo

The majority of China's population is the Han. Till now, China has officially identified, except for other unknown ethnic groups and foreigners with Chinese citizenship, 55 ethnic minorities. Ethnic minorities...

Advertising and Psychology (RLE Advertising)

by Leslie Ernest Gill

In this volume the main interest is the study of public reaction to various advertising appeals. The advertising aspect of psychology involves the study of man's conscious and near-conscious activities. What...

Globalization and Time

by Luchien Karsten

The process of globalization has brought about countless changes in societies, communities, regions and economies across the globe. It has been analyzed from many perspectives as a result and much has been written...

Redefining Business Models: Strategies for a Financialized World

by Colin Haslam, Tord Andersson & Nicholas Tsitsianis

The world has moved on in the advanced economies where credit based financial systems coupled with malleable accounting systems disconnect capitalization and wealth accumulation from GDP trajectories and financial...

Beyond Reductionism: A Passion for Interdisciplinarity

by Katharine Farrell, Tommaso Luzzati & Sybille van den Hove

This is a book about the work of scientists in the era of the Anthropocene: where human beings appear to have become a driving force in the evolution of the planet. It is a diverse collection of empirical, methodological...

Rethinking Public-Private Partnerships: Strategies for Turbulent Times

by Carsten Greve & Graeme Hodge

The global financial crisis hit the world in a remarkable way in late 2008. Many governments and private sector organizations, who had considered Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) to be their future, were forced...

The Urban Transformation: Health, Shelter and Climate Change

by Elliott D. Sclar, Nicole Volavka-Close & Peter Brown

By 2050, it is expected that two-thirds of the world's population will live in urban areas. A large proportion of this urban growth will be taking place in the developing world, where the provision of adequate...

The Routledge Companion to Digital Consumption

by Russell W. Belk & Rosa Llamas

The first generation that has grown up in a digital world is now in our university classrooms. They, their teachers and their parents have been fundamentally affected by the digitization of text, images, sound,...

Creativity and Strategic Innovation Management

by Malcolm Goodman & Sandra M. Dingli

In a highly competitive and globalized scenario, business creativity provides the spark that fosters the development and implementation of innovation and organizational change. This book aims to explain the...

Disasters and the Networked Economy

by J.M. Albala-Bertrand

Mainstream quantitative analysis and simulations are fraught with difficulties and are intrinsically unable to deal appropriately with long-term macroeconomic effects of disasters. In this new book, J.M. Albala-Bertrand...

Multinationals, Governments and International Technology Transfer (Rle International Business)

by Edward Safarian & Gilles Bertin

This book examines the international technology transfer process and the role of both multinationals and host-country governments in that process, with emphasis on the experience of the more developed countries....

Strategies for International Industrial Marketing

by Peter W Turnbull & Jean-Paul Valla

This study considers the key strategic issues of the management of customer relationships in international industrial marketing. It is based on extensive original research by the International Marketing and...

Information and Communication Technologies for Sustainable Tourism

by Alisha Ali & Andrew J. Frew

Sustainable development is a highly topical issue and is of critical importance to tourism as the environment is of utmost importance for the continued development and prosperity of the industry. There have...

Economic Growth and Sustainable Development

by Peter Neal Hess

What causes economic growth? What accounts for the extraordinary growth in the world's population over the past two centuries? Is sustainable development compatible with economic growth?

This interdisciplinary...

Recession at Work: Hrm in the Irish Crisis

by Bill Roche, Paul Teague & Anne Coughlan

How has the recession affected the conduct of human resource management? How have HR departments and managers fared? Have leading firms taken measures to sustain and revive their businesses through innovative...

The Coal Question: Political Economy and Industrial Change from the Nineteenth Century to the Present Day

by Ben Fine

The coal industry has always occupied a symbolic place in British economic and political life, inspiring debates and arousing passions throughout the last two centuries. This account of the economics of coal,...

The Value Dimension: Marx versus Ricardo and Sraffa

by Ben Fine

The essays in this edited collection, first published in 1986, focus on important debates surrounding the central Marxian problem of the transformation of values into prices. The collection brings together major...