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One Strategy: Organization, Planning, and Decision Making

by Steven Sinofsky & Marco Iansiti

Learn from the concepts, capabilities, processes, and behaviors that aligned around one strategy with the hard-won, first-person wisdom found in One Strategy.

Challenging traditional views of strategy and operational...

Coaching and Mentoring Employees:Helping Others Achieve Their Very Best

by Laura Stack

Mentoring has a significant beneficial impact on the life of the protégé. How can you effectively be this person for employees and help them achieve their highest visions of themselves? In this audio program,...

The Psychology of Selling:Mastering Super Persuasion for Peak Performance

by Dr. Larry Iverson

Are there things you want in life, but they've just never happened? Have you worked and struggled, and still don't have the success you thought you'd have? Do you ever wonder why some people achieve great success...

The Super Manager:A Powerful Formula for Triggering Peak Performance

by Dr. Larry Iverson

Would you like to know how to rapidly replace habits that create failure, with habits that generate success? Would you be interested in a way to overcome negative self-talk patterns that block productivity?...

In the Shadow of the Miracle: The Japanese Economy Since the End of High-Speed Growth

by Arthur J. Alexander

Japan is living in the shadow of its economic miracle. Its stagnation and decline relative to other advanced economies since the early 1990s is a consequence of business and government difficulty in breaking...

The 3 Keys to Exceptional Achievement:How to Build a Winning Mindset

by Dr. Larry Iverson

Feeling confident, enjoying your life and being successful don't happen by accident. Would knowing how to stop negative thinking be helpful to you? Do you ever puzzle over the best ways to change old behavior...

The Secret to Persuasiveness:How to Get What You Want

by Dr. Larry Iverson

Whether you are trying to influence or negotiate with your largest client, boss, spouse or even one of your children-you need to be skillful. Do you think it might help to be better at reading body language?...

Environmental Regulation in China: Institutions, Enforcement, and Compliance

by Xiaoying Ma & Leonard Ortolano

Even though China has created an administrative structure and regulatory programs to curb pollution, environmental quality has continued to deteriorate. Are polluters following the rules? And what factors affect...

Job Hunting Essentials:Overcome The 3 Mindsets That Will Block Your Success

by Dr. Larry Iverson

Would you like to know the core attitudes that success is built on? Have you ever wondered what the secrets are to setting goals, that the highly successful know? Would you like to understand how to apply the...

Instant Rapport Building:The Psychology of Exceptional Customer Connections

by Dr. Larry Iverson

Would understanding the communications that promote goodwill and the communications which turn customer off benefit your organization? Have you ever lost a customer and wondered how to bring them back? Would...

Fund of Funds Investing: A Roadmap to Portfolio Diversification

by Daniel A. Strachman & Richard S. Bookbinder

Valuable guidance on fund of funds investing

While capital markets have become more complex, investors are still looking to increase portfolio performance without increasing risk. Fund of funds investing is one...

Embracing Change:4 Core Strategies Essential to Managing Change

by Dr. Larry Iverson

Change is inevitable. When change occurs it happens on two levels, both of which can be tough to handle. Resistance to change through procrastinating, or trying to sidestep what's occurring, is absolutely normal....

The Science of Change Management:The 7 Phases of Change & Breaking Through Resistance to Change

by Dr. Larry Iverson

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and had a hard time breaking free from it? What if there was a proven technique you could use that calms you in 2 to 5 minutes-would you want to learn it? Would knowing 6 ways...

Achieving Greatness:The 3 Keys To Rapid Success

by Dr. Larry Iverson

Are there things you want in your life, but they've just never happened? Have you worked and struggled, and still don't have the success you thought you'd have? Do you ever wonder why some people achieve great...

The Book Publishing Industry

by Albert N. Greco

The Book Publishing Industry focuses on consumer books (adult, juvenile, and mass market paperbacks) and reviews all major book categories to present a comprehensive overview of this diverse business. In addition...

Adam Smith's Economics: Its Place in the Development of Economic Thought

by Maurice Brown

The conventional received opinion of Adam Smith as an isolated figure, the founder of 'modern' economics, is thoroughly mistaken and misleading. This is the central premise of this book, first published in 1988, in...

The Productivity Pro® TIP Series:Organizing Your Time, Information, and People

by Laura Stack

The Productivity Pro® TIP series focuses on improving your personal productivity by organizing three critical areas: Time, Information, and People (TIP). This series is written for anyone responsible for improving...

Productivity For Road Warriors:How to Be Productive While Working Out of a Suitcase

by Laura Stack

Not everyone has the natural ability to live out of a suitcase or do business from a laptop bag. However, with a little practice, you can learn how to make the most of your travel time. It's amazing what you...

Markets Don't Fail!

by Brian P. Simpson

Markets Don't Fail! addresses many of the popular arguments made by economists and other intellectuals against the free market. Using numerous examples as well as moral and epistemological arguments, this book...

Tourist Experience and Fulfilment: Insights from Positive Psychology

by Sebastian Filep & Philip Pearce

What makes life worth living? Many people would argue that it is fulfilling experiences. These experiences are characterised by feelings of joy and pleasure, positive relationships and a sense of engagement,...