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Dollarocracy: How the Money and Media Election Complex is Destroying America

by John Nichols & Robert W. Mcchesney

Fresh from the first $10 billion election campaign, two award-winning authors show how unbridled campaign spending defines our politics and, failing a dramatic intervention, signals the end of our democracy....

Human Capitalism: How Economic Growth Has Made Us Smarter--and More Unequal

by Brink Lindsey

What explains the growing class divide between the well educated and everybody else? Noted author Brink Lindsey, a senior scholar at the Kauffman Foundation, argues that it's because economic expansion is creating...

Rational Expectations and Inflation (Third Edition)

by Thomas J. Sargent

This collection of essays uses the lens of rational expectations theory to examine how governments anticipate and plan for inflation, and provides insight into the pioneering research for which Thomas Sargent...

Story of My People: On September 7, 2004, I sold my family's textile company

by Edoardo Nesi

Winner of the 2011 Strega Prize, this blend of essay, social criticism, and memoir is a striking portrait of the effects of globalization on Italy’s declining economy.


Starting from his family’s textile...

Development Without Aid: The Decline of Development Aid and the Rise of the Diaspora

by David A. Phillips

“Development Without Aid” opens up perspectives about foreign aid to the world’s poorest countries. Growing up in Malawi the author developed a sense of the limitations of foreign assistance and from this...

The Little Book of Aviation

by Norman Ferguson

The Little Book of Aviation is a collection of facts, figures and interesting stories from the world of flight. Sad, humorous, baffling and astounding stories abound, from pioneering days of the Wright Brothers...

Strategic Value Management: Stock Value Creation and the Management of the Firm

by Juan Pablo Stegmann

Innovative strategic management solutions for today's market

Strategic Value Management addresses common problems among business managers and other professionals involved in thinking about developing and managing...

The Truth About Negotiations

by Leigh L. Thompson

“The 53 Truths provide incredible insight into the art and science of negotiating. This is a must read for sales professionals but is equally beneficial to all who wish to be better negotiators.”


Not Your Grandma's Stock Market: The Stock Market Has Changed, and Not for the Better

by Jim McTague

This Element is an excerpt from Crapshoot Investing: How Tech Savvy Traders and Clueless Regulators Turned the Stock Market into a Casino (9780132599689) by Jim McTague. Available in print and digital formats....

Why Strategic Planning Matters for Smaller Companies

by Lori Williams

Without strategic plans, smaller companies fall victim to the unexpected: subtle competitive shifts, new technologies and processes, changes in cost structure. Now, discover how to quickly create strategic plans...

Overcoming the 7 Hidden Crises Women Face in the Workplace Today

by Kathy Caprino

Every year, women gain increased prominence in the workplace. However, many professional women are facing personal crises: As they've secured more power, they've become sicker and sadder, too. Now, Kathy Caprino...

Seven Steps to Your Personal Entrepreneurial Breakthrough

by Kathy Caprino

For every successful entrepreneur, there's a moment of discovery: a breakthrough realization that you can do can really shine! Now, top coach Kathy Caprino shows how to find your breakthrough...move...

Turning Divorce Lessons into Business Lessons: Thriving in Your Work Life

by Debbie Branigan

Divorce is the most stressful life event a person can go through: even more than a loved one's death. But extensive research suggests that divorced women rate their post divorce lives as being greatly improved....

Reinvent Yourself to Re-Enter the New Workplace


Re-entering the workforce, by choice or otherwise? Don't be overwhelmed: You can do it. Drawing on her own experience, top consultant Catherine M. Lee shows how to find the courage, clear away self-imposed limits,...

The The Woman's Guide to Global Business Relationships


Why women business leaders are exceptionally well positioned to succeed in global markets...and how to get out of your "neighborhood" comfort zone and get started! Quick, powerful, actionable insights for cross-cultural...

Profiting with Iron Condor Options: Strategies from the Frontline for Trading in Up or Down Markets

by Michael Benklifa

This is the eBook version of the printed book.

Expert traders use option condors to lower risk and consistently earn positive monthly returns. Now, Michael Hanania Benklifa shows exactly how to run these trades....

Richard Templar's Rules: The Complete Compilation (Collection)

by Richard Templar

Richard Templar’s simple “rules” for achieving happiness, personal fulfillment, and success: 6 worldwide best-sellers in one brand new collection!


An amazing collection of Richard Templar’s “...

The Definitive Guide to HR Communication: Engaging Employees in Benefits, Pay, and Performance

by Alison Davis & Jane Risdon Shannon

This is the eBook version of the printed book.Written by nationally recognized HR communication consultants, this book is filled with practical tips on how to take HR employee directed communication from boring...

Why Great Leaders Don't Take Yes for an Answer: Managing for Conflict and Consensus

by Michael A. Roberto

Make better decisions! Michael A. Roberto will help you achieve deeper consensus, get past groupthink and "yes men," and achieve superior results in every decision you make -- especially your most complex and...

Business Basics: The Skills You Need to Succeed (Collection)

by Jo Owen, David M. Levine & David F. Stephan

Your complete modern management library: today’s most crucial skills and best practices for success!


From finance to strategy, leadership to communication, these four outstanding books bring together the...