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Australia: Insurance Core Principles-Detailed Assessment of Observance

by International Monetary Fund

The insurance industry in Australia has weathered the global financial crisis well and was resilient to the catastrophic events in 2010/11. The insurance industry is mature but relatively small compared to the...

Modeling the Impact of Taxes on Petroleum Exploration and Development

by International Monetary Fund

We present a simple model of petroleum exploration and development that can be applied to study the performance of alternative tax systems and identify potential distortions. Although the model is a highly simplified,...

Republic of Croatia: Selected Issues

by Niamh Sheridan & B. Jang

This paper on Selected Issues was prepared by a staff team of the International Monetary Fund as background documentation for the periodic consultation with the member country. It is based on the information...

Australia: Iosco Objectives and Principles of Securities Regulation-Detailed Assessment of Implementation

by International Monetary Fund

The Australian legal and regulatory framework for securities markets exhibits a high level of compliance with the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) Principles. A few remaining concerns...

Mongolia: Technical Assistance Report-Safeguarding Domestic Revenue-A Mongolian Dta Model

by International Monetary Fund

This technical assistance report on Mongolia was prepared by a staff team of the International Monetary Fund as background documentation for the periodic consultation with the member country. It is based on...

Fiscal Rules at a Glance: Country Details from a New Dataset

by International Monetary Fund

This paper provides country-specific information on fiscal rules in use in 81 countries from 1985 to end-September 2012. It serves as background material and update of the July 2012 Working Paper "Fiscal Rules...

Investment-Led Growth in China: Global Spillovers

by International Monetary Fund

Over the past decade, China's growth model has become more reliant on investment and its footprint in global imports has widened substantially. Several economies within China's supply chain are increasingly...

Ukraine: Staff Report for the 2012 Article IV Consultation

by International Monetary Fund

Following the 2008/9 financial crisis and deep recession, a cyclical recovery took hold in Ukraine, supported by a stronger external environment. Efforts to consolidate public finances and repair the banking...

Financial Fresh Start: Your Five-Step Plan for Adapting and Prospering in the New Economy

by Shari Olefson

The bailout wasn't just for bankers. New rules and reforms offer once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for EVERYONE to put their financial houses in order.

Fx Funding Risks and Exchange Rate Volatility-Korea's Case

by International Monetary Fund

This paper examines how exchange rate volatility and Korean banks' foreign exchange liquidity mismatches interacted with each other during the Global Financial Crisis, and whether the vulnerability stemming...

On the Sources and Consequences of Oil Price Shocks: The Role of Storage

by International Monetary Fund

Building on recent work on the role of speculation and inventories in oil markets, we embed a competitive oil storage model within a DSGE model of the U.S. economy. This enables us to formally analyze the impact...

The Republic of Croatia: Staff Report for the 2012 Article IV Consultation.

by International Monetary Fund

Staff Report for the 2012 Article IV consultation, prepared by a staff team of the IMF, following discussions that ended on October 2, with the officials of Croatia on economic developments and policies. Based...

The Million-Dollar Financial Services Practice: A Proven System for Becoming a Top Producer

The Talent Masters: Why Smart Leaders Put People Before Numbers

by Bill Conaty & Ram Charan

If talent is the leading indicator of whether a business is up or down, a success or a failure (and it is) . . . do you know how to accurately judge raw human talent? Understand a person's unique combination...

Smart Talk

by Lisa B. Marshall

Have you ever lost out on a promotion? Struggled with a difficult conversation? Been put on the spot and blanked? Imagine if... were better at persuading others and negotiating for what you want.

Hegarty on Advertising

by John Hegarty

A look into what lies behind great ideas and brilliant advertising, told by one of the industry's leading players. What makes a great idea? How does one best pitch to a prospective client? What effect will new...

The Leaderless Economy: Why the World Economic System Fell Apart and How to Fix It

by Peter Temin & David Vines

The Leaderless Economy reveals why international financial cooperation is the only solution to today's global economic crisis. In this timely and important book, Peter Temin and David Vines argue that our current...

The Mathematics of Bookselling: A Monograph

by Leonard Shatzkin

The Mathematics of Bookselling is a definitive resource for book retailers looking to maximize margins and profits through the proven pricing and inventory management practices developed by Leonard Shatzkin,...

In Cold Type: Overcoming the Book Crisis

by Leonard Shatzkin & Mike Shatzkin

During the nineteen seventies and early eighties, the trade book publishing industry faced financial and philosophical problems of a magnitude unparalleled in its existence. It appeared that without undertaking...

From Political to Economic Awakening in the Arab World: The Path of Economic Integration

by Jean-Pierre Chauffour

The popular grievances that have fueled the Arab Spring since 2010 demonstrate that past development paradigms have failed to achieve the inclusive and sustainable growth expected by Arab populations. Countries...