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Family Child Care Money Management and Retirement Guide

by JD, Tom Copeland

Helps family child care providers gain more financial control over their lives.

The Manager's Guide to HR: Hiring, Firing, Performance Evaluations, Documentation, Benefits, and Everything Else You Need to Know

Passive Addiction or Why We Hate Work: An Investigation of Problems in Organizational Communication

by Xin-An Lucian Lu & Matthew C. Ramsey

This work examines various organizational problems that contribute to the phenomenon of passive addiction. Future technological and economic changes may lead to the emergence of active addiction, a state of...

Handbook of Health Economics

by A.J. Culyer & J.P. Newhouse

The Handbook of Health Economics provide an up-to-date survey of the burgeoning literature in health economics. As a relatively recent subdiscipline of economics, health economics has been remarkably successful....

The End of an Era-Not the End of the World: Creating Good Work as the Economy Slows

by Warren Johnson

There can be differences in opinions of when our economy will begin to slow, but there is no question that this will happen at some point. Indeed, it would be slowing now without the deficits and artificially...

Global Advertising, Attitudes, and Audiences

by Tony Wilson

Global Advertising, Attitudes and Audiences is a post-Mcdonaldization view of marketing power, consumer pleasure, and audience protest. The psychological process wherein consumers actively make sense of advertising...

Lectures on Political Economy (Routledge Revivals): Two Volumes

by Knut Wicksell

Known as the "economist's economist" for his work on creating a synthetic economic theory, Swedish economist Knut Wicksell was a controversial, but highly influential figure in modern economic thought. His contributions...

The House in Southeast Asia: A Changing Social, Economic and Political Domain

by Signe Howell & Stephen Sparkes

Explores the concept of 'house' in the context of Levi-Strauss' idea of the house as a link between kinship-based societies and class societies, developing this further into an examination of a conjuncture of...

Central Planning

by P. Hare

Examines the nature and the mode of operation of the centrally planned economy, assessing its strengths and the weaknesses that eventually led to its demise.

Foreign Trade in the Centrally Planned Economy

by T. Wolf

Analyses the main institutional and policy determinants of the foreign trade behaviour of a centrally planned economy and studies factors that affect the level and pattern of foreign trade.

The Comparative Economics of Research Development and Innovation in East and West

by Professor Philip Hanson, P. Hanson & K. Pavitt

A systematic comparison of the institutions and incentive systems governing the processes of technological invention, innovation and diffusion in advanced market and centrally planned economies.

The Non-profit Enterprise in Market Economics

by E. James & S. Rose-Ackerman

Analyses the behaviour of not-for-profit organizations under a variety of conditions and contrasts them with profit maximizing firms, other types of profit-constrained firms and with public bureaucracies.

Public Enterprise in Monopolistic and Oligopolistic Enterprises

by I Vogelsang

Public enterprises remain of fundamental importance in advanced economies, and this volume characterises them as hybrids, influenced by markets and ministries.

Models of the Oil Market

by J. Crémer & D. Salehi-Isfahani

Economists have proposed a large variety of models of the oil market and this survey integrates them in a coherent framework.

Empirical Studies of Earnings Mobility

by A. Atkinson, Bourguinon & C. Morris

Do individuals keep the same place on the earnings scale, or is there a great deal of mobility? This volume discusses the empirical studies of this issue.

Capitalist Imperialism, Crisis and the State

by J. Willoughby

How valid is the Marxian theory of imperialism? This book traces the historical development of the theory of imperialism, the internationalisation of capital and theories of capitalist nation-state formation...

Money, Accumulation and Crisis

by D. Foley

Duncan Foley provides an alternative to Keynesian and 'new classical' macroeconomics, based on the Marxian theory of capital.

The Rise of the American Business Corporation

by R. Tedlow

This title presents an historical survey of the American business corporation from the colonial era to the present day.

Urban Transportation Economics

by K. Small

This title provides a comprehensive review of the economics of urban transportation.

Urban and Regional Economics: Marxist Perspectives

by M. Edel

This title discusses the treatment of urban and regional issues by Marx, Engels and other early Marxists, and examines recent controversies in these areas.