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Job Design and Technology: Taylorism Vs Anti-Taylorism

by Hans D. Pruijt

Despite global competition and the need for speed, flexibility and quality, trends such as lean production and McDonaldization show that Taylorism remains alive and well in the contemporary workplace.


Outdoor Recreation Management

by John Jenkins & John Pigram

It is now widely recognized that recreation is as important as work. This revealing book analyzes leisure and outdoor recreation in terms of both their management and their wider importance to society. Specifically,...

Post-Apartheid Southern Africa: Economic Challenges and Policies for the Future

by Lennart Petersson

This volume brings together some of the best-known and highly-regarded academics in the field to present a timely and comprehensive review of the prospects for economic integration and development in Southern...

Subjectivity in Political Economy: Essays on Wanting and Choosing

by David P. Levine

This book explores the way political economy understands human motivation. In it, the author argues that the assumptions typically made by economists regarding want and choice cannot adequately lay a foundation...

Programme Aid and Development: Beyond Conditionality

by Geske Dijkstra & Howard White

This important contribution to the literature on development economics analyses the effectiveness of programme aid - i.e. aid that is not given in the form of projects. Using real world examples from countries...

Industrialization and Globalization: Theory and Evidence from Developing Countries

by John Weiss

In a refreshingly accessible style John Weiss presents a survey of industrialization in developing countries since 1945, as well as a study of the predominant theories of industrial growth in the Third World....

Nation-States and Money: The Past, Present and Future of National Currencies

by Emily Gilbert & Eric Helleiner

National currencies appear to be threatened from all sides. European Union member countries are due to abandon their national currencies in favour of a supranational currency by the year 2000. Elsewhere, the...

Museum, Media, Message

by Eilean Hooper-Greenhill

Collecting together a group of talented writers, Museum, Media, Message considers, in depth, the most up-to-date approaches to museum communication including: museums as media; museums and audience; and the...

Population, Economic Growth and Agriculture in Less Developed Countries

by Nadia Cuffaro

In 1950 the world population was 2.5 billion; fifty years later there are over 6 billion people. The demographic of this explosion has essentially occurred in the developing areas of the world. The key to understanding...

Industrial Policy in Europe: Theoretical Perspectives and Practical Proposals

by Keith Cowling

After a decade or more of privatisation and deregulation there is a growing consensus that government can have a positive role in promoting industrial development. This book explores a variety of ways in which...

The Management of Intangibles: The Organisation's Most Valuable Assets

by Ahmed Bounfour

The subject of Intangibles and knowledge management is becoming increasingly significant, particularly in the realms of finance, marketing and strategy. Intangibles are the nebulous but vital aspects of companies,...

The Values of Economics: An Aristotelian Perspective

by Irene van Staveren

In his Ethics, Aristotle argued that human beings try to further a variety of values by balancing them, stating that people try to find a middle road between excess and deficiency. The author develops and applies...

Foreign Multinationals in the United States

by Lina Gálvez-Muñoz & Geoffrey G Jones

In this volume, leading scholars in international business and business history in the United States, Europe and Japan examine the experiences of a range of firms in the United States. They survey British, Canadian,...

Macroeconomics of Monetary Union

by David Fielding

This book applies contemporary macroeconomic theory and econometric modelling techniques in order to address policy issues relating to the CFA Franc Zone, a group of francophone African Countries sharing a common...

Monetary Policy, Capital Flows and Exchange Rates: Essays in Memory of Maxwell Fry

by William Allen & David Dickinson

Maxwell Fry was known internationally for his research into international and domestic financial issues. This book constitutes a tribute to his pioneering work in so many areas, and draws together contributions...

John Stuart Mill and Freedom of Expression: The Genesis of a Theory

by K.C. O'Rourke

The arguments advanced in the second chapter of On Liberty (1859) have become the touchstone for practically every discussion of freedom of speech, yet the broader development of John Stuart Mill's ideas concerning...

Supply Chains, Markets and Power: Managing Buyer and Supplier Power Regimes

by Andrew Cox, Paul Ireland & Chris Lonsdale

Supply Chains, Markets and Power takes resource-based thinking forward by stressing the need for a dynamic and entrepreneurial conception of resource acquisition and management. This book will be essential reading...

Quality: A Critical Introduction

by John Beckford

The second edition of this best-selling textbook provides a complete knowledge platform for all those studying the development of the theory and practice of quality.

International Strategic Marketing: A European Perspective

by J.B. McCall & Marilyn Stone

This topical text expands upon existing international marketing theory and synthesizes it with colourful examples of relevant international marketing practice, drawing out key issues surrounding the role the...

Globalization and Democratization in Asia: The Construction of Identity

by Kristina Jonsson & Catarina Kinnvall

Globalization is a defining feature of our times, covering everything from economic and political issues to the spread of American culture. Its status is controversial, however with some viewing it as leading...