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The Structured Interview

by Normand Pettersen & André Durivage

In this book, the authors present the most current knowledge and techniques regarding the selection interview. They provide a practical guide which takes into consideration numerous organizational constraints....

Democracy, Citizenship and the Global City

by Engin F. Isin

Democracy, Citizenship and the Global City focuses on the controversial, neglected theme of citizenship. It examines the changing role of citizens; their rights, obligations and responsibilities as members of...

Flexible Working in Food Retailing: A Comparison Between France, Germany, Great Britain and Japan

by Christophe Baret, Steffen Lehndorff & Leigh Sparks

This book makes use of a four country research programme, covering France, Germany, Great Britain and Japan. Investigations and interviews at store, company and individual levels paint a picture of working times...

Financial Regulation: Why, How and Where Now?

by Charles Goodhart, Philipp Hartmann & David T. Llewellyn

Financial Regulation presents an important restatement of the purposes and objectives of financial regulation. The authors provide details and data on the scale, nature and costs of regulatory problems around...

Revolution From Above: The Demise of the Soviet System

by David Kotz & Fred Weir

Controversially this book argues that the ruling party-state elite in the USSR itself moved to dismantle the old system. Topics discussed include:

* the beginnings of economic decline in 1975

* Gorbachev's...

Stabilization and Structural Adjustment in Poland

by Henryk Kierzkowski, Marek Okólski & Stanislaw H. Wellisz

The Solidarity-led government which came into power in Poland in Autumn 1989 faced two enormous tasks. First, to stabilize an economy prone to hyperflation. Second, to replace a crumbling command system in favour...

Probability in Economics

by Omar Hamouda & Robin Rowley

Notions of probability and uncertainty have been increasingly prominant in modern economics. This book considers the philosophical and practical difficulties inherent in integrating these concepts into realistic...

Environmental Management in Organizations: The IEMA Handbook

by John Brady, Alison Ebbage & Ruth Lunn

Environmental issues can present some daunting operational concerns for all types of organization, whether in the private, public and voluntary sectors. Managing them requires environmental professionals with...

Rowdy Entrepreneurs and Insecure Dinosaurs: Popular Strategies for Innovation After the End of Endings

by Murat Karamuftuoglu

Mingling popular-culture theory with innovation theory and entrepreneurship in a lively style with textual and visual puns.

The Connectors: How the World's Most Successful Businesspeople Build Relationships and Win Clients for Life

by Maribeth Kuzmeski

Learn the relationship-building secrets that lead to lifelong clients, repeat customers, and endless referrals

In today's commoditized marketplace, no matter what product or service you sell, there's probably...

Managers As Mentors: Building Partnerships for Learning

by Chip R. Bell & Marshall Goldsmith

NEW EDITION, REVISED AND UPDATED This classic guide to mentoring for managers returns with a publishing dream team-Marshall Goldsmith, voted number one leadership thinker by Harvard Business Review, joins bestselling...

Stewardship: Choosing Service Over Self-Interest

by Peter Block

NEW EDITION, REVISED AND UPDATED Celebrating its 20th anniversary in print, this is the first new edition of a classic bestseller - one of the most provocative and influential books ever written on leadership,...

Overhead Costs

by W. Arthur Lewis

Professor Lewis is to be congratulated upon being among the first economists to tackle the tricky subject of controlling the nationalised industries."Financial Times

This book analyses some of the difficulties...

Macrodynamics: Fluctuations and Growth: A study of the economy in equilibrium and disequilibrium

by Pierre-Yves Hénin

Building from the micro-foundations of economic behaviour to a full survey of macroeconomics, the book examines growth theory and equilibrium and disequilibrium approaches to provide a comprehensive survey of...

The Theory of Marginal Value

by L. V. Birck

The concept of 'marginal value' is critical to the emergence of neo-classical economics. This volume is divided into sections on:

Book I: Utility (Disutility of labour, Utility and Wants, Direct and Indirect...

Ricardo and the Theory of Value Distribution and Growth

by Giovanni A. Caravale & Domenico A. Tosato

The book presents a rigorous reconstruction of Ricardo's contribution to economic theory and a unifying interpretation of the key issues of Ricardo's research. Part One deals primarily with the problems of value...

Theories of the Bargaining Process

by Alan Coddington

The rise of game theory has made bargaining one of the core issues in economic theory. Written at a theoretical and conceptual level, the book develops a framework for the analysis of bargaining processes. The...

Theory of Economic Dynamics

by M. Kalecki

Kalecki is widely regarded as one of the leading theorists in the Post-Keynesian tradition and Theory of Economic Dynamics is one of his most influential works.

Lament for Economics

by Barbara Wooton

Does economics actually help us to understand and solve real world problems? Examining and analysing the role of economics and economic theory in the social and political life of the early twentieth century,...

Some Aspects of the Inequality of Incomes in Modern Communities

by Hugh Dalton

Divided into four parts, the book is structured as follows:

Part 1: Examines the extent to which the inequality of incomes is guided by ethical principles.

Part 2: Illustrates the growth of the theory of distribution...